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[IC] Bounty of Nature [ Ajil mini-event ]


Khantyer Dotharl

Event details

Find your boots and gardening gloves (or just show up in clothes to get dirt on) and join in on a mini-excursion into the wilds (and somewhat tamed lands) of Vylbrand!
What's the Time and Place?:
      The Khuudas Trading Post (ICly, it has been renovated!)
 Ward 15 plot 26 (Or 'Friend' Yesulun Qestir in game. The house teleport is on!)
 Start: 6-8pm CST or later! (There may be a bit of RP ahead of time, but expect the start to be at the designated time.)

What are we doing?:
      Learning about the various local plants and their benefits.
Taking a look at collectibles and nodes
And a picnic!

What do you need?:

 Gathering clothes! (If you don't have any, a basic smock will be provided)
Either Botanist or Miner unlocked! (Leveled to 15-20 is preferred but not necessary)
An IC willingness to learn! 

See you there! ♥

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