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Mateus-Moon & Stars Tavern Fight Night


Are you ready to throw some punches and maybe earn some gil in the process?

The Moon & Stars Tavern is hosting a fight night just for you! We have a 300k gil prize for the one who proves themselves to be a master of unarmed combat!


This will be a roll-based, tournament style event. No magic/magitek/weapons are allowed and we ask that those who do participate in fight night do not aim to kill their opponent. 


  1. You must use the rolling format we present to you.
  2. No lethal blows.
  3. No weapons/magic of any kind if you're fighting.
  4. Respect the event overseer. It is their event and what they say goes.
  5. No harassing staff members about the roll system.


We use the roll system to keep this as fair! Anyone can win! (Our Event Overseer will host an example round before the IC fighting begins and there will be a post up on our forums regarding the system.)


Find us in Ward 8, Plot 45 of Lavender Beds on Mateus.

Come and join us in creating a new and friendly open RP environment!

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