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[Hyperion] Tepe's Treasures Presents: A Murder Mystery Reborn!


Event details


Introducing a <Tepe>'s Treasures original event, a All Saint's Wake Murder Mystery! (The Madame has been murdered... again!)


An RP based event wherein you -- yes you! -- get to involve yourself in a murder mystery! Limited to 5 Suspects, and a mysterious inspector, it’s up to you to investigate clues, cross examine suspects, and figure out who did it!


Without further ado! Here are the suspects! (I may update their images with a proper dossier before the event. If so I'll make mention of this at the start of the event and before we begin, to give time to briefly review them.)

This year we're featuring 5 unique suspects, and the illustrious Inspector Aera reprising her role again! It's up to you to help her by finding clues, cross examining suspects and piecing together the mystery. (After all, how can the inspector possibly have time doing real investigative work when there's so many guests to entertain!)

The 5 suspects include employees of the Manor’s staff, and all of them have more than enough reason to do it! However, only one gets to claim the gory glory!

In reward for your dutiful efforts in bringing this murderer to justice a modest reward is being offered to those who can come up with the solution!

The prizes include 2 Fantasia, FREE Artwork from our very own Mahina (The very same artist who did this wonderful artwork.) or a portion of the estate's coffers to tune of 5 Million gil! Grand prize winner gets first pick of the three, and those who follow in your footsteps get your leftover scraps!

Get a stout liqueur and your best brain food because it’s a race against your fellow guests! The grand prize going to the first who’d made an honest guess, but beware of blindly guessing as we're going by clue rules where your first guess is also your last to be locked in!


The way this game works, is styled in a Point and Click adventure game, using RP as your finder! Each guest is allowed 24 Investigative inquiries (Of 36 total), so grab your pencil and paper to make sure you don’t miss anything!

You can investigate anything in a room, if it's not relevant to the investigation it doesn't go against your total! Yet it also means you've wasted your time!

Feel free to collaborate with your competition, but be warned only one can achieve the grand prize -- your friends could quickly become your rivals! (And then you'll have to murder them!)

Every half hour, after the first introduction guests can choose a suspect and investigate them, asking questions and trying to get down to the bottom of it. Though with a race against the clock there’s no way to investigate everyone. Even then, those who aren’t the murderer may give you clues to who the real culprit is!

At the end, you'll have 15 minutes to deliberate between each other who the murderer is. After the time is up there will be an announcement that we're ready to hear your version of the events as they unfolded! Each 'final guess' needs to be accompanied by 3 clues and why they prove (Or disprove) others, because we reward proper investigation not conjecture! The final winner is decided by who makes their final guess accurately and first! (/tell spam hell!)

The event as posted is expected to last two hours, and after the murderer is discovered a short story will be forward to anyone interested describing the actual events as they took place!


















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