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[Hyperion] Lucky Sevens Presents! The Casino Before Starlight

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The Casino Before Starlight

Lucky Sevens Presents! An All Saints' Wake Role-Play event!

November 4 - 10 PM Eastern - Mist Ward 15, Plot 45

‘Twas a long time ago, Longer now than it seems, In a place that perhaps, You've seen in your dreams, For the story that you are about to be told, Began with the holiday worlds of old, Now, you've probably wondered, Where holidays come from. If you haven't I'd say, It's time you begun. For the holidays are the result of much fuss, And hard work from the worlds that create them us, Well you see now, quite simply, That's all that they do, Making one unique holiday, Especially for you, But once, a calamity ever so great, Occurred when two holidays met by mistake... 

What's this? What's this? The Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club has moved to a brand new mansion location and we've already managed to mess everything up. While decorating for the season of All Saints' Wake, someone decided to go peeking through the private chambers of the new venue and now there's color everywhere. I can't believe my eyes, I must be dreaming, there is a portal to Starlight Celebration in that chamber! 

What does it mean? What does it mean? What does it mean? It means instead of terrifying bats and eerie cats we have ribbons and bows scattered all about the place! We cannot delight our guests ghoulishly while there are Starlight Saplings lining the walls and sparkleboxes strewn about the place. What can we do? Of course! I've been too close to see, The answer's right in front of me! We're going to enlist you, the fabulous high rollers of the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club, to spook away Starlight for us! Do a good job and you'll get a treat from our bag of candy and, once it's all gone, you'll be there as All Saints' Wake comes to the Lucky Sevens! I hope we're not too late...

Lucky Sevens Casino and Gentlemen’s Club--Where Role Play is the Biggest Jackpot!

Art and design by Corvid Snare https://corvidsnare.tumblr.com/

Join the Lucky Sevens discord and listen in on the evening's soundtrack via the Music channel and interact with hundreds of Hyperion's most talented role-players and content creators! https://discord.gg/RjMAh6m


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