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[Twintania] By the Riverbend - RP Art Party

By the Riverbend is a souvenir shop and tea parlor found within the Lavender Beds. Run by Sarah and Adelas Blackmourne, the couple strives to provide a fun and casual environment for patrons looking to have a creative and social time.


We have casual tea parlor evenings, and depending on the monthly schedule, we also hold recurring art parties for people to join.


Art parties are in-game events that welcomes people to draw, take screenshots and just hang out. In By the Riverbend, you get to do all of these in an immersive roleplay setup where you can order drinks while roleplaying with your friends. Come join us for our launch date on Sunday, February 7 starting 7:00 PM UTC!


Our facility can be found in the Light data center, Twintania, Lavender Beds : ward 14, plot 6 with 'lavender east' as the closest aetheryte.


All information regarding our services can be found here : https://bytheriverbend.carrd.co/# 



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