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A Note from the Campaign Master

Hello!   Alyria Winchester here and I will be the Game Master for this campaign. I am so excited to bring this story to FFXIV and help introduce all of the founding members of The Crescent Lantern to each other. In my experience, strong guilds begin with a strong foundation; so choosing to begin our company this way, through campaign where we establish friendships and relationships, is the best option in my opinion for The Crescent Lantern's beginning.    Ideally this story will unfold over four roleplay sessions and a month of Eorzea time. Giving each character ample opportunity to set up smaller individual RP sessions within the overall narrative. These additional sessions are paramount to solidifying these new IC relationships and achieving our ultimate goal. To form a solid core of active members that will help new recruits quickly immerse themselves in the overall FC story and begin interacting with the group as a whole.    So as we forge on and if you are interested in joining The Crescent Lantern Free Company, feel free to reach out to me in game or via Discord at Alyria#6123. Even if we are partway through the story, with enough lead time we can absolutely work any new faces into the adventure. For now, enjoy this snippet of our upcoming event on Tuesday!   THE LEVE ASSIGNMENT Received from : Quicksand Levemete Category : Sympathy Description : The Forgotten Springs reports successful trade shipments to and from the desert oasis have dwindled over the previous month. While they do keep a stockpile of supplies and their talented hunters can bring meat from the harsh deserts, their supplies are becoming thin without the prosperous trade with the city. Based on reports from locals and gate guards the caravans go missing somewhere between Little Ala Mhigo and the Minataur Malm. Previous caravan escorts reported loud growls, strange lights, and aggressive elemental sprites in the area shortly before attack. Upon taking this Leve, you will be teamed up with other seasoned adventurers to escort the next scheduled caravan through the Southern Thanalan Desert from Little Ala Mhigo to a successful arrival at the Forgotten Springs. Upon completion of this Leve you are to report back on the source of these strange occurrences or missing shipments. 

Alyria Winchester

Alyria Winchester


Lunar Rose Academy's first school trip!

Hello everyone! On Friday the 23th of November, we will have our camping trip! Join us as we all go together and have various activities! We will have for instance:    A Test of Courage! Do you think that you can handle the spookiness that is inside of the Haukke Manor? Go with groups of 4 and explore to your heart's content. (Or theirs~) Set up tents, campfires, tell stories, get to know each other better, and have a great bonding experience. For those interested, a special training will be held for those who follow the combat and magic training classes. Hone your skills in this special course!  And learn how to survive in nature! Gather your own food, or fish for your food, it's all up to you. Learn how to track animals, and so much more!    Are you interested in joining our little camping trip? Let us know! (This is our first school event, so we hope you enjoy it, and of course, if you have questions or maybe something we should add, let us know. ^^) We want people to gather between 7 PM EST, and 7:30 PM EST. At 8 PM EST, we will gather our things and leave for the campsite.
For more Info, add Masao#2913 to the discord, our join our discord group!  https://discord.gg/fe3rNcC

Masao Aniko

Masao Aniko



What do we become when we lose our way? Are we truly lost or are we merely a plaything of the Fates, little more than leaves upon the fickle winds of Time? Who do we become when everything we are can no longer be?  I don’t have the answers. I likely never will.   My life as I knew it ended when one of Nidhogg’s brood tore me out of the sky. I knew it was over as the wyrm’s great jaws hew through sinew and bone, destroying the very hallmark of a dragoon’s way of combat. I didn’t wake until some days later; chirurgeons and healers alike lamenting their inability to restore my legs to their former glory. I’d be able to walk, slowly, but I would never again embrace the air.   I fell into despondency; not only had I failed my brothers-in-arms, but I had failed my country. I felt nothing but shame, humiliation at having been taken out of the fight so early in my career. The Dragonsong War came to an end – and I had nothing to do with it. What little solace I could find was discovered in the Scholasticate. If I could not fight dragons, then I would at least study them so as to know them better than any. It was little comfort, but it was better than nothing. Better than cloistering myself off in my room as I tried futilely to will the strength back to my legs.    Once, I was the pride of my family, but now my parents barely look at me out of shame and discomfort. There was no future for me here; no future for me in Ishgard. I had nothing more to give. I don’t know why I decided to leave, save to spare my parents their continued grief. All I know is that there is a path that lies before me that I am unsure if I want to tread…

Elaine Laurent

Elaine Laurent

Welcome to: Lunar Rose Academy!

Welcome to the academy. You might have heard of it? A Medium house that teaches various students about various subjects. Today, we will be taking a closer look towards the yard of the school. Let’s start! Here, we see the front of the school. A staircase leading students towards the start of their lessons, hard work and perhaps even more knowledge then before. This is where the journey starts. Here we have the training area for students who wish to take up combat, or even magic casting. The two training dummies are perfect for practicing your skills, and to make them perfect. Of course, you might want to ask a teacher to assist you… And here we have the relaxation area. If combat or magic casting is not your thing, you can take a moment to sit here, chat with other students or take a break from all your hard work. If you bring your own chocobo, you can even stall it here to rest, and to be fed. Not to worry, our staff takes care of them like they would their own children. And here is a secret bathhouse. But don’t tell anyone. Sshhh~. This little house of warmth and relaxing makes all of your worries and stress disappear. Just be sure to not let another student, teacher or staff catch you naked in there. That would be kind of awkward, right? And that was it for the front yard! Join us next time as we go inside of the house and explore the various floors of the school! I hope you enjoyed our first tour.    

Masao Aniko

Masao Aniko


Classes for this week.

Hello everyone! Here are the classes for this week:
  November 5th (Today) - 8PM Eastern/Kai'to Kahjeia/Writing Refinement November 9th (Friday) - 9PM EST/Dr. Titor Jaraba/Intro to Alchemy November 7th (Wednesday) - 7PM Eastern/Doctor Yousuke Saito/E-MED 101 November 10th (Saturday) 7PM EST/Ayane Mayuzuma/Aether Control   Hope to see you guys there!

Masao Aniko

Masao Aniko


The opening of Lunar Rose Academy!

The school is opening its doors! For everyone to see, we introduce the headmaster, and teachers. As they all do their own word, and officially open the school. For everyone who attends, and who joins the school, there will be a special surprise yet to be announced!   We hope to see you there!  

Masao Aniko

Masao Aniko


About the Arashi-gumi

Who are the Arashi-gumi? 
-The Arashi-gumi are a hingan-based crime syndicate (yakuza) lead by Nohni Vhaze (Cho Kutsuki).

What are their goals? 
-The Arashi-gumi’s focus is the extortion and illegal trade of rare hingasalts, minerals, and herbs from the Hingan regions of Othard. 

When were they established? 
-Relatively recently. 

Where are they located? 
-Uranami Onsen, Mist District of La Noscea.

Why do they exist? 
-With war threatening upon the horizon of Doma’s recent perceived “betrayal” to the Garleans by summoning a primal; the proprietress of Uranami-Onsen has had her trade stifled by increased taxes and darker personal rumors. Unfortunately such actions have forced the Onsen to seek other less legal methods of trade. Meanwhile, Uranami-Onsen itself remains as a legitimate and working business. How do I join them? 
-By contacting Nohni Vhaze, Ira'to Zeerrha or Oswin Mercer in game. Please note that information presented here is not common IC knowledge. 
*Graphics by Oswin Mercer

Respecting Elders:
-Respect the Oyabun and your Lieutenants. Do not mouth off, insult or otherwise disrespect your employers’ and their ranking file. 

Respecting your Brothers: 
-Treat your fellow Kyodai and Shatei with respect not doing so breaks our brotherly bonds. Infighting and disharmony  is strictly forbidden and will result in sharp penalties for all those involved. Nakai and Kokyaku are the lifeblood of the Onsen, do not treat them lesser. Without our staff and honored patrons; we do not exist. 

Petty Acts of Crime & Murder:
-Do not steal, commit robbery, shoplifting, trespassing, wantonly murder, or harm innocent civilians. We are better than this. Petty crime draws unwanted attention to our family and will not be tolerated.

Indecent Acts & Cowardice: 
-Remember the honor of our family. Do not involve yourself with indecent acts. Do not act with cowardice. Honor above all. 

Concerning Drugs: 
-Do not partake of illegal drugs, spice, moko, somnus, etc. Do not deal in drugs. This dishonors our family, sullies the mind and soul of our brothers. 

Offer Succor to those in Need: 
-We are to provide succor& aide to those who are in need. The innocent among both Eorzea and Othard are welcome to find shelter among us. The unrighteous shall not be suffered to live for harming innocent lives.

Act with Honor… Always:
-When you become an initiate of our family, you are expected to uphold honor and these rules. You wear our name as your’s, do not sully it. Should you dishonor the family you acknowledge that punishments may ensue. 

-Infractions may range from a sharp word, to a meeting with the Oyabun, to that of a more serious punishment such as privileges removed, etc., rarely it may involve yubitsume. 

Concerning Yubitsume 指詰め: 
-Yubitsume, otherwise known as “finger shortening” is a hingan ritual that is intended for those in violation of incredibly serious ‘crimes’. It is a ritual that expects the violator to atone for their offenses. It is said to “show sincere apology and remorse”. These acts are to be expected without the demand of the Oyabun. 
As explained on yakuzahistory; 
  Under the yakuza code there are two general forms of yubitsume. The first is shinu yubi, or “dead finger”, which is performed when a yakuza commits some sort of offense. The offender severs his finger with a tanto (a Japanese short sword) and offers it to his oyabun (boss) wrapped in a white napkin and placed in a box as payment for said offense. The second is iki yubi, or “living finger”, which is performed to avoid a conflict. In this scenario, the yakuza severing his finger is usually not responsible for the offense committed, and is offering his own finger as a means of conflict resolution. Since the direct offender does not offer the iki yubi, it is seen as a form of extreme and sincere loyalty.
  (This said please do not go cutting your pinkie off without talking to one of the officers… This act is intended for incredibly rare cases).
Source for Yubitsume:
Q'nakareh Yhisa &  https://yakuzahistory.wordpress.com/yubitsume/




FC Estate!

The Nest -- Trading Post -- & Outside Gathering Areas have been more or less completed!!

ONWARDS to getting the open rooms finished and everyone's apartments! Half way there lovelies keep up the good work!

Evil Vixxen

Evil Vixxen


Open your eyes and dream-- with friends!

Hello Everyone!   We are continuing our vouch program! After being accepted into the Free Company, you can vouch for an RP partner, friend or loved one(s) to join with you. We are looking for RPers and content players from The Americas and EU to become a part of the team. The Cabal is an entity for freedom of expression and teamwork.




Still recruiting!

Looking for new members of all types! Just contact me here or in one of the Balmung discord servers if you have any questions about inter-FC events, or are interested!




Ebonguard Mega-Update!

This post crossposted from the Ebonguard tumblr. Hey~o; your neighborhood friendly bird here with lots of news! As it may have been noticed, both inside and outside the linkshell, things have been pretty quiet. But we’re working hard to change that, and this is the first step! In a way, this is a sort of ‘relaunch’ of the LS, and by ‘relaunch’ I actually mean ‘we have stuff in order and we know what we want to do and how we want to do it, so we’re going to go forward and do our best to bring out the best in this cool thing we already have.’ There are no big changes in the strictest sense of the word ‘changes,’ but in an effort to get things moving a bit more, we have decided to take some ideas for a spin! THE APPLICATION PROCESS For a long time when the linkshell was started, we didn’t have anything beyond our Google Form application. As much as we like the concept of interviews, which we implemented later, we don’t really have the manpower or motivation to do a sit-down chat for every single person who wants to join, so we’re going back to just having the application.  This should make things much faster and remove the possibility of meaning to do things and then forgetting because life came up (because now we just need to look over what we’re given and give a yes/no.) CRIMES OF OPPORTUNITY Crimes of Opportunity are a new thing that Ebonguard is going to do going forward. These are basically crime-themed RP prompts! They are kept intentionally vague and are meant for anyone (regardless of whether they’re a member of the LS or not) to be able to take and use however they see fit. The prompts can entail formal jobs or they can simply suggest a scenario or situation that could be used as a backdrop for something else. The first Crime of Opportunity will be posted on Thursday, July 19, and from there will be scheduled to post every two weeks! We welcome community suggestions and input for these prompts, so, if you have an idea you want to throw out there then by all means contact us @ebonguardls! LONG-TERM PLOTLINES (EBONGUARD SCENARIO) The Scenario was put on hold due to a combination of life (summer classes are a pain!) and low activity, but it will resume sometime early August! The first event in the current arc (and the last one that was played) can be read up on here! While long-term plotlines are intended for the members of Ebonguard, people who want to take things for a spin are more than welcome to get in touch!




Entry 40 - Back to Black

After days of nightmareish exhaustion, one of the marked ones - Norien - revealed through sensitive deduction that the now possessed Franisbel was heading north, to Coerthas. Begrudingly, the group gathered to follow on the tracks of the outwordly, reality-wrecking presence. Its wake was recognizeable, for it laid death and misery wherever it went, its' passage was unmistakable. 
They reached an abandoned, worn-down village in the hostile frozen land. What they found was a sight that would have stuck with them till the end of their days; corpses were piled up on tall pikes like pork chops on skewers, all around the village's perimeter. Just nearby, an insane overweight priest was chanting all kinds of horrors to summon a sickening creature; amidst howls and horrifying screams, the abomination grew as a sewn-together agglomerate of all sentient species' limbs, alongside animals. It was a living terror, screaming with rage and agony. The group faced it, in a low-drawn battle against the foul creation of an impressive sturdy resilience. The priest seemed immune to all kinds of attacks as well, ravenous and delirious as he was, he moved out of the scene to disappear, and answer the call of his master. 

Following the priest led to an underground location, where a ritual was taking place. The marked members of the Rootless suffered the most vivid nightmares, to the point of feeling mentally crippled. In the gloomy underground, possessed Fran was attempting a ritual with the priest and a pregnant girl known as The Becoming. A ritual of invitation where Atuteran was supplied an "empty" mortal vessel in order to manifest its form and full power in the mortal world. The child had to be willingly offered by the mother and given to him from her arms. Her life force is given in the process as a kind of reverence. With Maya and Norien subjugated by the mark's influence, Dwassyith, Xihsa'li and Kami had to stop the ritual - and it happened barely, and just in time. The Becoming had been stopped, retreating into a temporary defeat and leaving Fran's vessel free to regain its own conscience. 
In an underground prison of the church, the group found Baelser Voranti, the author of the book focused on the legend of Atuteran.
  The following days were spent in Ishgard, where the group had been stuck under the hammering force of a blizzard. Only after the weather got cleared, they could depart for the final journey to put a stop to this once and for all: Ala Mhigo and the ancient temple of Atuteran was waiting for them. Voranti was set on performing the risky ritual called "The Anchoring". By reversing the ritual which once created the infernal Voidstone, Baelser hoped he could imbalance its nature and destroy it. Even before they began, things went wrong. Kebbe, being marked, was affected by the Demon and sent into madness. As the ritual began, binding Xihsa'li, Maya, Fran and Baelser himself into a difficult, magical struggle, she attacked with fierce ferocity in order to claim The Voidstone. Even as she was subdued by her mate, Norien  lost her will to the power of the mark.
In a bout of madness, she entered the circle in order to give herself to her God, therefor heralding a second Becoming. As the four mages fiercely struggled with the difficulties of the ritual, the Demon came forth and took her for its own.
The end was near and hopelessness clung to their minds, when Baelser eventually managed to seal the last seal and unmake the stone. As it was destroyed, the Demon was sent spiraling back into the void, but not before it could end Baelser's life.

Entry 39 - From The Void

In order to pay the debt with Estelle Robillard, the Rootless were sent as an expedition to Ala Mhigo to retrieve the armor of an ancient Ishgardian hero. It was rumoured to be located into the depths of an old temple, of which they had very little information. Upon entering, they noticed there was something off with the place; the atmosphere was oppressive, gloomy and there were dead animals scattered around the place. A feeling of dark desperation shrouded the expedition, as they ventured further inside. The trouble began when nearly everybody started hallucinating; the place had a way to awaken their deepest and most intimate fears. Some had bouts of violence towards their very companions, other felt the urge to suicide, others lost sight of what they truly wanted to do and shot wild fire with their weapons. A falling boulder detached from the ceiling and severed the bridge connection that linked the expedition between the deepest recesses of the temple with the outside world. 
As they ventured into the innermost chamber, it became blatant that the corruption came from a glowing red ruby stone, soon known as 'The Keystone'. It whispered and seduced everybody's mind into a cruel enthrallment. Xihsa'li was about to get it, but Kebbe did it first, and through an obscene show of power, the entity hidden inside the Keystone took over her body, speaking words of conquest in an unsettling, booming voice. 
The armor pieces were at last found and retrieved, but to the price of having Kebbe possessed by an unknown presence of unimaginable power and depravity.

Under Dwassyith's request, Kami refrained from taking her home back in Limsa Lominsa and, instead, sought shelter in Gridanian whereabouts. At the manor of her former tutor, an Elezen man by the name of Veanomort, the Voidsent-possessed presence of Kebbe turned the premises into a nightmareish place very quickly. Kami and Maya suffered the weight of constant mind-attacks, while the servants of the house showed the oddest behaviour with no shortage of wicked violence. The Voidsent was wrecking chaos into everybody's mind.
Kami requested assistance, and Dwassyith in Limsa Lominsa gave the order to collectively move out and head to the manor of affliction and misery in Gridania. 

Once arrived, they felt the same oppressive atmosphere as the harrowing day in the temple. They got welcomed by an exhausted Veanomort, whom gave them free entrance into his abode, under the agreement that Dwassyith and his collaborators would follow the Conjurers' instruction to the letter. Inside the manor, a man called Vallerin was at the head of said Conjurers' entourage. He suggested that Kebbe's newly arrived friends would establish a 'connection' with her by holding hands around her. This way, the bond would be strenghtened, increasing the chances of removing the vicious parasite.

Joining the room with the voidsent meant, once again, visions of nightmares. The malevolent entity entered the minds of Dwassyith and Khada, seducing them into suddenly assaulting Xihsa'li and robbing him of the ever so valuable Keystone, where the Voidsent came from. It wanted it back. Maya and Norien also had an almost cripplingly bad time, as the Voidsent toyed with their deepest fears and desires, twisting and turning them around as fictitious realities.
Then the demon decided to twist Vallerin's disciples limbs, making legs turn backward and blood splatter of the ground. It killed them all, but left Vallerin alive to witness the atrocity. 
Then, when it seemed like everything suddenly stopped and Kebbe felt 'free of the presence', it turned out that it had possessed Franisbel. She took the Keystone out of Xihsa'li's hands all of a sudden, Dwassyith attempted to stab her to stop her, but she felt nothing at all, and sent everybody flying against the walls. Then she took her prize and left.
Kebbe was finally free from the repugnant presence, but the group had lost another one in exchange, with no clue about where 'possessed Franisbel' went, and what the Voidsent's next step would be.

Of Lore Seekers and Ascians

The researcher Nisah plasters advertisements wherever she can for assistance in solving a string of thefts involving irreplaceable relics. The advertisements gather many interested in helping for either profit or personal reasons. All interested meet at a tavern when Nisah is waiting, and discuss their interest and what the job might entail. After agreements, and a few drinks... a down payment is given to those who agree to help, and well as a linkshell, and our story begins.   The next time the group meets is again in a tavern, though in a different area then last time. The group sits down to discuss their next move... though, they are interrupted by even more people wanting in on the job, and the group grows even larger still. The group discusses about the possibility of luring out the thieves, and finding the answer that way. They agree, and assign various roles to the crew, gathering a caravan and supplies for a proper facade... They then decide on what day to follow through with their plan, and the group parts again for the time being, each member making their according preparations.   Finally the day came. And the plan was put into action. The group met at Mor Dhona, then proceeded to their rented caravan, glamoured to look much more valuable of course. However, the group had ended up agreeing, only using fake supplies could end up having the plan go sour. So they did mix in some actual valuable items to entice their unwelcome friends even further. While walking down the road, the group posed as guards or merchants of the caravan... and sure enough, the plan lured out the thieves! However, they were surrounded! The group prepared for battle, and while it was a bit back and forth, finally the tide began to turn in the groups favor! But then... things changed. The one Pugilist had been suspicious from the beginning, but their attacks didn't seem to injure him yet... they slowly did break something. His glamour. The petty thief was much much more than a petty thief in truth, but a powerful Ascian! The group's leader, Nisah, quickly ordered the group to flee... but some were cornered, and had to fight their way past. However the Ascian was charging some sort of dark spell, and Wes leaped into action! In a flash of darkness the Ascian was gone... but they had grabbed Wes to bring along for the ride. The group was devastated at their loss... not sure what to do next...   The group eventually retreated to Mor Dhona, though tired and upset at what had happened. Nisah collapsed to the ground saying that there was no obligation for the group to help further, but if they did she would surely pay them. Most of the group agreed quickly to continue helping, but others were not so eager... Eventually, when Nisah calmed, they arrived at a Tavern in Mor Dhona, and began discussing who was staying on for the ride, and who was not. And what they were going to do next.... However they weren't alone and were approached by strangers overhearing the mention of Ascians. And while the group at first didn't trust them... eventually with the strangers explanation, they group agreed for the strangers to join them, and the group had grown yet again. Eventually agreeing to continue their plans soon, the group split apart for some well deserved rest.   With a plan the put together the night before and a fierce determination, Nisah, Ever'ard, and Briaya traveled to the location that Wes sent them with the destruction of his linkpearl. Briaya had paid off Aro and Chakha to aid in the rescue and the three of them set bombs inside the bandit base, luring the majority of them into their trap with help from Nisah's Ruby Carbuncle. They valiantly fought off what forces remained, some sustaining injuries, and managed to capture the bandit boss alive. They found Wes, beaten up and tired and took him to Camp Drybone to recover. The prisoner was taken to Mor Dhona where he awaited trial for his crimes.

Entry 38 - Glass for Glass

The meeting with Captain Glass was tense. Parties had met, and through a mutually respectful but ever-so-wary dialoge, an agreement was reached. Dwassyith asked for collaboration and peace, alongside a private island to be cleaned and conquered by Glass himself and his people. The price for such demands followed in clear terms: the Black Hand would have needed to supply the nefarious captain with huge cargos of glass alongsde batches of fertile women. 
  Peace had finally been reached, but mantaining it would have been the real challenge. The Black Hand set off to strike deals with glass-makers from the sandy lands of Thanalan, even though Ul'dah and its' fervent Brass Blades were all but comfortable with the criminal Lominsan presence in their country. In fact, the underworld and upperworld began twisting and turning with seething rage and talks of revenge for the large-scale massacre that had happened several days prior the conclusive encounter between the coastline forces and those of the sea. 

General Information

General Information What is an Onsen or Sento?:
An Onsen or Sento is an outdoor or indoor hotspring often attached to a Ryokan; an bed and breakfast inn. Guests may take use of either public or private bathing within the facility. Onsen are traditionally outdoor hotsprings while Sento are indoor hotsprings. Both are a place of social enjoyment where people come to relax and heal. Please consider all rules when visiting Uranami Onsen. We hope you enjoy your stay and our amenities.

General Sign In: When attending to Uranami Onsen, please check in with the front desk for instructions and to receive your bathing towels. There is no limit of time spent in the public bath. Our resident namazu staff can easily inform you of our rules and assist you where you may need assistance.

Reservation Sign In:  Please sign in at the front desk for access to the wellness room or private sento rooms, these may be booked for one (1) hour slots and are first come first serve. (Excel sheet can be found here:  http://bit.ly/UOSign) *Please be aware it is up to Staff/Officers whether or not these times are available. These may be overruled due to the fact folks might not be around.

Hours: Sunrise til Midnight
6 Days a week. Closed Lightsday-Firesday *(Monday due to typical Server Maintenance. According to XIV Lore; there are 8 days in a week.)

General Public Use: 3000g. Unlimited Time.  Includes one (1) beverage & one (1) meal.
Private Onsen Use: Discussed individually based on time
*Please note that when there is no Player-Staff around PCs are not expected to pay OOCly. Infact there will be no OOC handling of gil, only IC transactions. If you really wish to tip us you are welcome to do so.

Suggested Use:  After washing, we first suggest that guests enjoy a time in our hot-wood sauna, applying a salt scrub that is provided to your skin. Once you are finished take some time within our cold spa, enjoying the cold dynamic. After you have relaxed within our cold spa finish off with a long soak in our hot spring!

Bath Temperatures:  Our dry Sauna is set at 284°C (140°F). Our Hot baths range from 34°C - 41°C (100-110°F) Our cool/cold baths range from 20°c-30°c (68°-86°F)   Salt: There is salt provided to you to apply to your skin when enjoying our sauna room.

Water & Tea: Water and Tea are provided to you at no additional charge. Please enjoy and stay hydrated.  Please dispose of cups after use.   **ALL PHOTOS represented here are royalty free stock images.



Onsen Etiquette

Onsen Rules Mixed Baths:  Mixed Baths are only allowed in reserved private sento rooms or on specific days set by Uranami Onsen. Denizens that participate in Mixed Baths absolutely MUST wear bathing swimsuits or yugi which are garments that are designed for bathing. There is no exception to this rule.

Showering:  Before entering an onsen, each guest is expected to wash and thoroughly rinse themselves before joining the hot-baths. There are bathing stations which you may use, including stools, buckets and toiletries. Please feel free to use the amenities. Make sure you completely rid yourself of dirt and soap before entering the spring.

Concerning Swimwear:  Swimwear is required during Mixed Bath sessions regardless if in public baths or in private sento rooms. During same-sex bathing; a swimsuit is optional.   Towels:  Guests are allowed to bring a small towel with them into the onsen, please only use the provided handtowels. You are welcome to use these as a small cover between the bath and spa if you so choose. Further we encourage spa-goers to place their damp hand towel on their head as it is quite comfortable! Large towels are only used to drape around you from the hanger in the onsen to the changing area.

Smoking : Is not permitted in public baths. Please consider visiting our izakaya on our first level.

Sexual Activities: Are absolutely prohibited in any part of Uranami Onsen, private or public. Please be aware this is your only warning. Should any member of staff find a guest participating in such actions you will be asked to leave and will be escorted from the premises. (OOC Note: We are not an ERP guild.)

Safety:  Please do not submerse your head into the spa. Horseplay and Running in the bath are absolutely not allowed. Do not splash, disturb other spa-goers or create exceptional noise. Social chatter is welcomed and encouraged! Should you begin to feel dizzy or light headed please consider taking a break. It is easy to get overwhelmed or overheated and black out if you are not used to the warmth and minerals in our baths.
  Izakaya Rules 
-Respect the izakaya staff
-Do not be belligerent 
-Pay your tab
-No fights
-No slamming tankards on the tables

**ALL PHOTOS represented here are royalty free stock images.




Summer Menu!

We are truly awful at remembering to come by this community site to keep this "group page" updated, but I'm here to say that yes, we're still cookin'!   Come by on Sundays to see what we can serve up for you.     Also, we are looking for a few new employees to help us keep things running smoothly.  We hired a namazu, but he drinks his wages in tea...   Come find us on tumblr at https://dewdrop-inn-xiv.tumblr.com/ for more information!

We now have a tumblr!

We now have a tumblr! visit the link below if you want to check out tavern night updates, event screenies from our storylines, and more!   https://crimsonirisbalmung.tumblr.com/

Entry 37 - First comes Promises, then the Lies. Last comes Gunfire.

The concrete sign that the collaboration between the Red Hibiscus and Kallius sat badly on someone's stomach arrived soon enough: one night, the Red Hibiscus got sieged all of a sudden by unknown numerous troops of goons. Destruction and slaughter followed in a battle that involved the entirety of the building, between the armed violent invaders and the residents posing a strenuous resistance. In the conflict, Gaubert lost his life by the hand of the flamboyant grunts leader Glavant, and Kebbe got shot, causing her to go bed-ridden once more.
Once the onslaught met its end and the Hibiscus got successfully defended, a surviving lackey got interrogated to understand who was behind the daring attack. It turned out that Miamoli had striked an alliance with Glavant, the Elezen gunslinger who got away with death through a timely exit.
  Immense outrage led the Black Hand to pack up for an immediate trip to Thanalan. Dwassyith's goal was to cut off the wealth-making joints belonging to Miamoli, so to choke her profits routes. Forces divided into several groups, as the Hibiscus residents took care of a speakeasy hub and a drugs-making laboratory. The retaliating attacks were successful, if not for the fact that on Maya's side, some witnesses managed to survive during the mass-slaughter that she caused - much to everybody's surprise. The reverberating echo of the mini genocide would have undoubtedly spread like an oil stain thorough all corners of Thanalan in the following days.
Most of the drugs manifacturing materials had been sent back to Limsa, so that the Black Hand might have reproduced them in their own labs and thus, claiming the monopoly of the Sapphire and Cherry narcotics.
  Only a night passed, before an informant reached the Black Hand contingent that was hiding and resting in the Invisible City. Miamoli and Glavant had been spotted leaving Ul'dah, rumours had that they intended to take an airship together and leave the nation for good.
Without wasting a minute longer, everybody moved out in a rushed chasing of the two hated enemies. They were found moving together on a vertical platform clinging to a mountain side, which worked as an airship landing. 
In perfect Glavant-style, the treacherous Elezen left behind Miamoli and his guards to fight against the vengenful group and once more got away, through a swift departure on the airship. The arduous conflict between the tiny Au Ra's forces and the Black Hand saw injuries to be distributed on both sides, ending eventually with the capture of the notorious head of the Hounds gang.
  Two days were spent travelling back to Limsa Lominsa with their new living prize, whom however wasn't spared of numerous torments. 
The messenger of Captain Glass got informed that it was time to deliver the good news and arrange a new meeting with the leader of the Blackfog Clan.

5/11 Update!

In light of slowness getting back on applications I’d like to offer an apology (again)! These past few weeks, the semester has been eating my life. I am (was) a first-year college student, so figuring out finals-season has been somewhat of a learning curve considering that I go to school on the east coast and class schedules had to be adjusted a few times due to inclement weather so, uh... Knowing what was going on at any given point in time has been a little difficult! Additionally, a lot of our officers have been similarly busy, and between life, academics, and work, there are a good number of applications that have slipped through the cracks.   I’m going to be doing my absolute best over the course of this upcoming week to get through applications, in order of their submission date. I will also encourage the other officers to do the same as much as they’re able, so if you get a random poke on Discord and you have applied to the LS since the start of the new year, then chances are pretty good it’s one of us!!    So so so sorry again! Crow   P.S. After outstanding applications are taken care of, keep an eye out for a huge recruitment update!




Just a small update

Just a small update to say we're still active. Recruitment is currently closed and our open night have gone on hiatus until next month. If you wish to buy any Golden Fox Black Market wares or are looking for information trading services or any shady type artisan skills,  we're always at the watcher's eye black market every third sunday on the month, starting at 9 pm est. We're also happy to organise rp during the week since the store is icly open most of the time. Feel free to contact myself IG to arrange a time.    -Kasumi Gakunin, proprietress of the Golden Fox Trade House.