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    La Noscea Linkshell .‘By the Seaside’ is a linkshell for characters that frequent or live in the beautiful white cliffs and green pastures of La Noscea. The Linkshell brings players interested in world RP in La Noscea together, to attend monthly events as well to take part in each others’ events, or meet for RP connections and storylines. We intend to foster a friendly Linkshell for RP that goes beyond free companies, to promote RP in scenic spots such as Camp Bronze Lake, Wineport, Costa Del Sol, and Moraby Drydocks. Whether your character is a pirate (of sky or sea), a Maelstrom/Yellowjacket officer, a merchant traveling the dusty roads, or a visitor from a far off land seeking refuge and contacts, you’re welcome to join By the Sea and meet new people!
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    The Eorzean Elezen Society of Mateus is a group dedicated to all things Elezen - from roleplay characters to artwork, and all the long necks in between. In conjunction to the Discord server, we also have an in-game linkshell (Longneck Coalition) that functions as an OOC gathering for Elezen players and roleplayers alike. This group serves as a collective effort to help Elezen players connect with each other. While other races and visitors are welcome to join us, we are an exclusive group with slightly tighter rules and restrictions. What separates this group from past attempts? Active leadership with a long-term commitment to FFXIV, and better Discord structure and management. Peace of mind and support for Elezen roleplayers on Mateus looking for like-minded connections. This is currently for MATEUS players ONLY. (Alts welcomed, but we are not open to other servers.) For additional information, general inquiries, comments or concerns, please contact Jay’ani K’satria (Pyra#1694) over Discord or in game. Discord: https://discord.gg/ppzxm6a

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    RP Linkshell for those who want to get together and roleplay.

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    A Linkshell for my custom Xaela Tribe, the Irmegiin

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    A linkshell for all those characters ICly involved/part of the Order of the Twin Adders. Useful for connections and future possible roleplay events among members! No need to leave your FC or friends behind.

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    A linkshell dedicated to an alternative approach to RP.

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    The Warden's Reliquary is an OOC networking linkshell for tribal and semi-tribal Seeker of the Sun miqo'te role-players.