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    Ballad Network: is a community dedicated to the creation of roleplay events, character progression and player networking for all players within all Final Fantasy unofficial roleplaying servers. Whether or not you seek knowledge about the game lore, looking to explore or expand your character(s), becoming part of a community that tries to make a difference to all roleplayers or just looking to find authentic roleplay, the Ballad Network, aims to deliver to you a positive, friendly and family experience.

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    A active LS community of individual roleplayers hosted by Nyx Astra and Reclamation United Officers! The Linkshell usage is to keep in touch with others in the Jenova community. Broadcasting weekly events and any who are interested in having a random scene! Hosting a variety of different characters that come together every so often to share adventures and each others plots. We're really casual and silly of people! Also, most folks are willing to help anyone with content and doing our best in our abilities to answer questions about the game. We're very welcoming to new players and roleplayers who are first stepping into the scene. As a side note, we do advice all members to keep ALTs out of the LS due to breaching maximum capacity. Please contact any of the leadership for further information or interested in joining us!
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    [FAMFRIT] An OOC Linkshell and Discord dedicated to networking and event planning.

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    A community space for Roleplayers on Brynhildr to connect with each other. Hosted by the Vulpine Syndicate, open to members of any FC. Contact for details: Tawny Voleur, Bradly Tyrson, Y'lesia Lheah, Jamie Porter