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A Tavern settled in the Lavender Beds. We have opened up our estate to all interested in joining us to create an open and relaxed atmosphere for Roleplayers of all sorts. Everyone is welcome to join our events! Currently, we are working on planning and setting up Fight Nights for unarmed one-on-one brawls!






Free Company

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Moon & Stars Tavern Night

    The Moon & Stars Tavern is hosting our open Tavern night! The event starts at 7 PM EST and goes on until the last person leaves. Find us in Ward 8, Plot 45 of Lavender Beds on Mateus. Come and join us in creating a new and friendly open RP environment!
  3. Tavern Nights A night for booze, friends, and food. Tavern nights are where members of the FC will be present within the house to offer only the finest service our Tavern has to offer! Thursdays at 7pm EST we will have a full staff present within the Tavern and menus will be available via google docs. We hope to see you there! -Yura Here's some of the faces you'll see!
  4. Yura here with an update on our open Tavern nights! With our current staff/membership we are only able to host one tavern night a week. I would love to have more open nights but we would be in dire need of bodies willing to come in and ICly work as bartenders/waiters. We do accept people from outside the company to do so. At the moment it looks like we will be opening on Thursday evenings. I am currently running a poll to narrow down an opening time! We are also planning several events that will be held on a regular basis such as: Fight Nights A (Bard) Performance Competition March of the Merchants (A night where merchants/craftsmen can come in and display/sell their wares) And more! Along with the promise of open RP we're trying to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone, including our staff! We are currently working on a detailed drink list/guide for bartending that will be given to all of our bartenders and descriptions for our menu which will be changing every week! We're incredibly excited to be opening up to the community and we hope you'll come and join us in making an enjoyable open RP enviroment!
  5. Bar Nights

    Pictures from some of our bar nights!
  6. Tavern Night

    From the album Bar Nights

    Featuring a Miqo'te who became acquainted with one of the barmaid's weapons of choice; a wet rag.
  7. Tavern Night

    From the album Bar Nights

  8. The Tavern

  9. Stables

    From the album The Tavern

    The Tavern is chocobo friendly as well! Even your trusted companion will get a much-needed break!
  10. The Yard

    From the album The Tavern

    Even the outdoor section of the Moon & Stars Tavern flaunts a place to relax!
  11. Moon & Stars Tavern Flyer/Job Postings For those searching for that much-needed help, be it an extra set of hands or a blade, we have a place where you can post a flyer for our Patrons to see! Requirements for posting It must be for IC purposes You must leave a way that you can be contacted by those interested (ie: in-game name or your discord if you're comfortable with that) It must not be blatantly illegal You must write out exactly what will be posted/displayed If you're interested in posting something contact Yura Buhen!
  12. Upstairs (Full Shot)

    From the album The Tavern

    Currently, we have two tables set up alongside our bar for our Patrons. Those who come to visit us may also drop off 'help wanted' fliers that we can advertise to our patrons!
  13. Sushi Bar

    From the album The Tavern

    This area is also downstairs. It is for those who crave a true Hingan experience(and food).
  14. From the album The Tavern

    These small rooms are for the merchants and distinguished guests we host. While our upper level is open to all this lower level is for those willing to spend a bit more gil for good food and a nice atmosphere.
  15. From the album The Tavern

  16. The Moon & Stars Tavern We are a small Free Company that has opened up our estate for all to use in RP! We are located in Ward 8, Plot 45 of the Lavender Beds. What we plan to do: Offer an open environment for Roleplaying Host open events for all to attend Establish a friendly community among our patrons and employees Create a strong, positive social environment within the FC itself for all While we will not be requiring membership for use of our estate or the private rooms our members create for environment we are looking to recruit people into our ranks! IC Employment You do not need to be in the FC to be employed by the Tavern ICly. Simply get into contact with one of our officers and tell us what times you're interested in being active in the Tavern. We will be making a Google Document and a post here later with the times our bartenders and waitresses will be present. Yura Buhen/Syrah Nelhah will be in charge of out of company employees. Rules Be courteous to one another. Do not harass other patrons or employees OOCly Do not bring outside OOC conflicts into the tavern No metagaming/godmodding at our events Be understanding to event leaders. If they're posting slow they may be handling something else on the side Thank you for giving us a look here and we hope to see you in-game!