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  1. LFC on both Balmung & Mateus

    For whatever reason, majority of Mateus RP folk don't use RPC. I wish they would.. Most of the OOC interaction takes place in discord.
  2. mateus roleplayer looking for a longterm partner.

    Welcome to Mateus. Good fortune to you in finding a good fit for a long term RP partner. The snipit almost draws out the white knight must protect mode.
  3. Yoh

    Welcome to RPC!
  4. new to hrpc, moving to mateus!

    Welcome to RPC and Mateus! both great communities to have a blast in. I'll echo Unnamed Mercenary, play through the story line at least once. The 2.0 story can drag on at points, but by 3.0 it is in full swing. It's just not the same going to the inn to view cut-scenes.
  5. LFC on both Balmung & Mateus

    No date as of yet, still working on the little things like menu and what not.
  6. LFC on both Balmung & Mateus

    Is Y'raemha available for hire Bard performances? Our FC will be hosting grand opening events soon and we are looking for guest performers for the event.
  7. Wanderer's Respite

    Small Inn Operated by <<DK-RP>>
  8. Brew of Kami

    Tea House operated by <<DK-RP>> members
  9. Greetings from a curious newbie

    Omega is in the European datacenter and has a decent sized RP community.
  10. [Goblin] Hey there! \o/

    Welcome! There is a wealth of information here. Sounsyy's Lore Compilations Index is a good primer
  11. Hellos from Mateus!

    Welcome to the fun! I'm somewhat new to Mateus myself. So far, I have been met with a welcoming RP community. Unfortunately, it is like pulling teeth trying to get the Mateus crowd to utilize this site. (glory be the day when they do) If you have Discord, here's some links for ya: Mateus RP Hub: https://discord.gg/Bq2wvGG Mateus RP Community: https://discord.gg/XsBTbZv 1) I try to be IC as often as possible, and make an effort to visit public events if my RL schedule allows. My character tries to pick out the Wall Flowers at public events and start up a conversation with them. 2) Go with what works for you and your character. I certainly wish I could be more descriptive about my characters actions, but I usually end up with one liners. As your comfort level grows and your familiarity to your character improves, you'll notice changes in your text. 3) Feel free to add Dagny Dalr.. New RP contacts are always welcome.
  12. discussion The State of Balmung's Lockdown

    I don't see why Grindstone would be a reason to not hold an event on that day, unless the event organizers participate in Grindstone. On Balmung, my characters don't go to the usuals (QuickSand, Grindstone, etc). They just attend FC/LS events and random events posted on the BalCal. Attend them often enough and it's the same people that generally show up. Which does present the perception of a lack of new faces, however it is merely a side effect of failing in to the same loop as the other regulars of those events. On the other server, I have to roam around and actively (IC / OOC) seek RP events. In doing so, it makes it seem like the other server is more alive / fresh (even if it is false). It tastes that much sweeter, due to the additional effort put in to acquiring it. On the bright side, RMT spam is almost non-existent on Balmung.
  13. mateus Event Calendar for Mateus

    Getting informed about new events is harder than it sounds. Especially if you're new to the server like me. I actually went down the road of creating a new Google calendar and Tumblr before I was made aware of the existing calendar. I may keep the 2nd calendar around for a bit, but I'd rather just offer that time up for assistance with the existing calendar. So far, I've just been grabbing events from the Mateus Discords that I've found: Mateus RP Hub: https://discord.gg/Bq2wvGG Mateus RP Community: https://discord.gg/XsBTbZv Mateus Server (All Purpose): https://discord.gg/YJfdGxR I wish the Mateus RP Community would be more active on RPC. It can be a bit tedious going through all of the discords. Partly, because I am attempting to stay active with Balmung people as well. P.S. There is a "View Source" button next to the print icon in the editor that should allow you to get rid of unwanted quotes.
  14. mateus Event Calendar for Mateus

    Yay! there is an existing calendar for Mateus Google calendar link: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=p7lt19migtpcugcttm72o6cr2o%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/Chicago Tumblr: http://mateusrpcalendar.com/
  15. discussion The State of Balmung's Lockdown

    ^This is the largest issue for me in the prolonged Balmung server lock. I ended up transferring a character to go play with friends who are new to the game, and help them get off the ground. Every time I log in I have to chose which friends are getting ignored (Friends new to the game vs Friends on Balmung). Although, cross server chat helps mitigate it somewhat, it is not the same as being on the server with them.