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  1. Albino Xaela?

    There's not really any lore on this that I'm aware of. Albinism doesn't seem to be a thing in FFXIV--white hair, fair skin, and blue/violet/pink/red eyes all seem to be fairly normal, don't seem to come with the accompanying side effects of albinism (such as sensitivity to the sun, blindness, etc.) or at the very least, are not treated any differently or remarked upon. I'm sure a Xaela with white scales, though, would be a point of confusion and perhaps some controversy IC. Feel free to come up with any headcanons you enjoy!
  2. until
    Join Teatime <<Tea>> at 7:00 PM eastern time on Monday, March 19th at the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try Shroudrose’s specialty blends of tea! Enjoy a cup in our tearooms on the main floor and second floor (including our far eastern themed rooms), or purchase some to brew at home! You can always cozy up in our library to read or get some work done while you enjoy a cuppa. Snacks and treats will be available to compliment your tea. This event is bi-weekly at 7:00 PM eastern time the first Monday and third Monday of each month.If you’d like to learn more about our FC including details on our Information Brokering and Private Investigations services, our Recruitment, and more, please go here!
  3. New player looking for Roleplay!

    Hello there, I'm glad you managed to managed to make it onto Balmung while the server was open! Sorry to hear about your friends, but it's great you're sticking around and still interested in RPing here! It sounds like your character would get along swimmingly (or butt heads) with my character, C'therin, a former prostitute and pickpocket, now working for an organized crime group, who shares Adler's love for drinking and tinkering with machinery. I also, of course, have the array of other misfit characters listed in my signature available tfor RP ahaha. We seem to have similar play times, so I'd be glad to RP sometime!
  4. Emotional distress from RP

    Honestly, the best thing for both of you may be to "retcon" the entire RP, or in other words, say it never happened. She can merge her characters together and keep RPing her character in a sense. You can either keep RPing your character, or make them into a new character altogether, and that way she won't be changing aspects about your character like trying to make him gay when he was not. It'll be a fresh start, you both have freedom to do what you want with your own characters, and there will be no IC baggage constantly reminding you of the things you're trying to get over OOC. Also, it is not okay if you asked her to stop sending you things about her RP and her characters and she just shrugged and continues to do it. Don't ignore that. Be firm and remind her you aren't okay with that, tell her you won't tolerate it, block her or tell her off or stop responding to her entirely if she continues. It's not all right for her to disregard your feelings and your boundaries like that.
  5. Balmung is closed once again

    Rest in peace.
  6. An Idea I had.

    Typically, people don't RP the Warrior of Light aka the character we play progressing through the storyline. Most people don't consider the things we've done in game to be feats accomplished by their character because, well, along with being pretty OP it gets conflicting when more than one person wants to say their character has been the one responsible for killing the same person/primal/whatever. That's not to say it doesn't happen or you can't do it, but that style of RP is a lot more common to tumblr FFXIV RP than it is in game RP. Conjurers are mages who borrow the power of the Elementals. You could consider them a bit druid-like, considering their abilities deal with natural elements, and if they disrespect the Elementals they could simply be cut off from their ability to cast. If you want to take it a step further, Hearers are conjurers who can hear and communicate with Elementals.
  7. Hello! New to Balmung!

    Hello there, welcome to Balmung and the RPC!
  8. An Idea I had.

    From this line, I presume you're looking for feedback in that regard, so... The only evidence we've really seen of dimension hopping have been very powerful beings. While I respect you wishing not to make her Mary Sue-ish, this is perhaps the one case where it would be applicable, and that conundrum is why I personally think it's best to avoid playing characters from other worlds on Hydaelyn, though ultimately that's your decisions and your right. I would also caution that having a character from an entirely different world could make it difficult for characters to relate IC and therefore might create a bit of a hurdle OOC to find cohesive RP.
  9. Reaching out!

    Hello there, welcome the RPC and I'm glad you've decided to give RP in FFXIV a try! Feel free to say hello if you ever want to RP!
  10. Emotional distress from RP

    1. For some people, the grass is always greener. They may like RPing with you for a while, but for some people something more enticing comes along and they have no issues dropping their current RP and partners. It sucks, but that's life. While some people go about it more insensitively than others, there's nothing wrong with people pursuing whatever they think will make them the most happy and satisfied. 2. There's nothing you can do to stop it, really. Sometimes people just screw you over in RP like they can in any facet of life. Make sure you have a feel for someone's personality OOC before you have your character develop any strong feelings for theirs. Don't invest too much in another person and their characters and don't get too attached. Be slow and careful about progressing IC relationships, especially things like marriage and pregnancy. Don't base your storyline or character around another person's character(s). Try not to get too emotionally invested in your RP or your friendship with your RP partner. Learn to look for red flags: people who are flaky or finicky, people who hyper fixate on the romantic and sexual aspects of RP, people who want your story and your character's relationships to progress very quickly, people who are prone to drama, people who seem to have an OOC fixation on you or your character, people who will begin to spend less time with you when something else catches their interests, etc. In my experience, those are some of the signs of RP partnerships that won't last or will have some sort of drama pop up. 3. Tell her to stop. No less, no more. It really sounds like she's just trying to get a reaction out of you, which is shitty. Tell her to quit, don't tolerate that and don't humor her with anything else.
  11. Healing.. I'm sorry...

    Maybe don't do that particular example, dragon's blood had some pretty specific effects in FFXIV's lore and I wouldn't really call them "healing" ones LOL Otherwise, there's not much to add that hasn't been said. It's your RP, you can use healing magic however you would like, and while I would recommend staying within the game's lore, there's still some wiggle room there. I usually let the RPer of the wounded character decide how much the healing effects their character because, well, what am I going to do, sit and argue with them about it? However, I do try to imply what I think is believable and what I believe my character's abilities actually do via the RP, i.e. I might emote that the wound is closed and have my character then caution the injured person they will need rest for a few days or they might further hurt themselves.
  12. Emotional distress from RP

    I've been there more than once, and I know that it sucks. I'm sorry you're going through that. For me, I can get bored with one-on-one RP universes or ones only between a few friends. It loses the open world feel I love about MMO RP and just feels like I'm RPing into a vacuum. It's possible she feels the same and enjoys the draw of this new RP server much more. Moving your characters onto this server and being more active is something to consider if you do want to spend more time with her. But despite her refusal to say it, it does sound like she's lost interest in your RP for whatever reasons she may have. Ultimately, it's her choice how to spend her time, and there's nothing you can do about it but try to respect it and not let it go to you personally. I also don't think RPing a dramatic breakup is the way to go. That's a heavy scene to do when there's already OOC hurt feelings involved and it's likely to cause some bleed or otherwise make things harder on you. My advice is to move on and have your characters move on, as well. As Franz said, don't wait for her to tell you she's done. She's had her chances and she hasn't said it, but she seems to have very clearly lost interest, or at least, isn't putting in enough time and effort to make you happy and feel you're getting quality RP. You gave her the opportunity to talk about her feelings and she didn't take it, so don't wait on that. Find some new people to RP with, or take a break from RP. When RP partners ghost me, I assume their characters have been absent just as they are. I can't delay my RP and my character's life for them, especially without them properly communicating with me that they're busy or need a break and how long that will take. When my character feels it's been long enough and is able to process to the end of her relationship, she considers herself single. Or when a new love interest comes along and she feels she's ready for something new, she moves on and starts a new relationship. Don't wait around for this person. If she is busy, or if the "new and shiny" appeal of this server and the RP partners she's made on it wears off and she decides she wants to RP with you again, she can contact you, and then you two can work something out (or you can tell her "too late, you had your chance"). But don't put your RP on hold and wait around for that, especially since that day may unfortunately never come. You shouldn't let yourself be kept on the back burner, especially if you don't even know if you're even wanted there.
  13. I think it's worth bringing it up to him OOC, as uncomfortable as it may be. Otherwise, you'll probably continue to feel unhappy about the RP and awkward about avoiding the person, and if he notices you trying to keep your distance, it may lead to the hurt feelings and potential drama you're trying to avoid, anyway. It doesn't have to be anything harsh, just, "Hey, I've noticed you keep bringing things you've learned about my character OOC into the RP, I don't think there's any way your character could know all those things about mine and it's to the point it couldn't just be coincidence, so it's making it difficult for me to know how to respond to the RP." If you don't want to bring it up OOC, as others have mentioned, I think it would be good to lampshade the bizarreness of it IC. I know if someone knew all of Faye's favorite things with no good reason, it would not be out of character for her to make some smarmy remarks about them stalking her, being a mind reader, etc. Maybe they'd get the hint OOC, or at least maybe it would give their character some reason to back off IC.
  14. Immersive RP vs Avatar RP vs Self RP vs ??

    I don't think there's really any specific, widely known term for that. The closest thing I can think of would be "self-insert RP" as Merc mentioned, and though many people who enjoy such things are trying to reclaim the idea as something positive, a lot of people do attach a negative connotation to the idea of self-inserts. I think you'd be best off just describing what you prefer like you did here--though it may not be convenient, not everything does or needs to fit neatly into some sort of understood label. I think it's good enough that you know and acknowledge what you're looking for and are up front about it, because to be honest, I would be highly uncomfortable knowingly RPing with someone coming from that mentality and probably opt to avoid it altogether.
  15. Sea Breeze Bazaar

    Come see Shroudrose Teahouse at the Sea Breeze Bazaar! We will be giving away free samples of fresh tea, as well as selling our delectable baked goods and loose leaf blends of tea to brew at home!