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  1. Viera - Yey, Nay?

    Viera are the best. And given how we still have more Ivalice content coming with the 24-mans, it wouldn't surprise me to see them as a playable race in 5.0. Tell her to go for it and enjoy
  2. Heyo!

    welcome \o
  3. What Are You Listening To?

  4. Eureka & The potential for cross-server RP?

    It's certainly doable. I've RPed with and DMed a couple of plots in dungeons and PotD in the past for friends from Faerie and Mateus. Having an external place to organize like Skype or Discord helps. Your group would probably need to be cross-server friends and already partied up beforehand though. As for the area itself, it's a bit MHW-flavored and the premise is tailor-made for explorers, Sharlayans, and Student of Baldesion survivors. Any FCs who organize specifically to help people group up and grind out elemental levels / Protean crystals, while also providing IC motivations/conceits, will get popular real fast.
  5. Balmung is closed once again

    welcome to everyone who made it in \o free pastries are down the hall and to your left
  6. The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    ghost stories
  7. The Wanderer, the Warrior and the Water Lily

    welcome back \o
  8. Completely new. Hiya!

    welcome \o 1. yes 2. most FCs are holed up in housing neighborhoods. check out their websites/discords and application processes
  9. The RP Healer Manifesto, slightly cross-posted from Tumblr

    well it certainly does read like a manifesto, so there's that
  10. New to everything! D:

    welcome \o
  11. [Spoilers] 4.2 MSQ Discussion

    It might not be Zenos. It could be a clone, a la FF7. Or an Ascian, as others have speculated. They were producing Resonant supersoldiers in Ala Mhigo, and you fight some of them as common mobs emerging from experiment tubes in Castrum Abania. A clone wouldn't be that much of a stretch. The plot taking the time to remind us of the emperor's all-eikons-must-die policy at the same time as Hell's Lid / Byakko has interesting implications. How much of the Empire knows that their golden boy Gundam-piloted Shinryu? Do they know that you're now making friends with auspices in their temple and sparing their lives, when one of the specific talking points during the peace negotiations is your eikon-slaying ability? The 4.X buildup with imperial refugees from the Ivalice raid and now Asahi's claims highlight the infighting going on in the Empire, which probably gets invaded and sorted out in 5.0. Then on to Zodiark in 6.0.
  12. Ayaka's Sketches!

    your style is pretty great. kudos
  13. Originating from any of those nations is fine. Glamours for them even exist ingame already. Play the character you like, enjoy yourself, and don't fuss overmuch about what others might think. Use the glamour sets, read up on places like Radz-at-Han and their alchemical bent, to get an idea of what someone from there might be like. Even the Echo is getting played up more in recent MSQ with Arenvald, Fordola, and Garlean science. We now know that it's not just the WoL who can fend off and survive primal attacks and tempering. The degree of Echo capability you want for your toon and how they got it is entirely up to you.