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  1. Balmung is closed once again

    It'll probably open again after some bot-banning.
  2. RP Servers

    Try Mateus. Balmung was open for a while, but it's been re-labelled congested again and that means no new characters and no transfers.
  3. Balmung is closed once again

    Correct. Unlike other MMOs, creating a character in FFXIV will always first check if new characters can be created on that world, regardless of if you have existing ones.
  4. New to RP in FFXIV

    Hello! Welcome to the RPC! There are a few servers that are publicly known for having more or less "sustainable" RP on them, which currently includes Balmung (NA datacenter/the oldest/biggest), Mateus (NA datacenter/second largest), and Omega (EU Datacenter). However, we know RP exists on other servers such as Faeri, Jenova, Siren, and others, but you'd likely only find maybe a single linkshell or a few people/groups. Only Balmung is completely locked at the moment. (Congested servers cannot even be tranferred into). It'll probably open up again once Square Enix is able to nuke some of the RMT bots/accounts. If you're generally active in general North American timezone hours, I'd suggest trying to get into Mateus. The server should be open typically in the early morning and just after maintenances. (Think like 3am-6am Pacific time). Otherwise, I'd recommend checking out our Linkshell and Free Company sections from the navigation bar on the top of the site. (Or the navigation button in the top right if you're on a mobile device). You might also find some resources for RP by using the official site's Lodestone search page looking for Free Companies or Linkshells with "Roleplay," "role play," "role-play," or "RP" in their titles/tags.
  5. An Idea I had.

    [staff message] We've relocated this topic from RP Disccussion to Character Workshop, as it appears to be focussed on a character design/concept as opposed to world-hopping or lore supporting world-hopping in general.
  6. new to hrpc, moving to mateus!

    Hiya there! Unless you need to access an area that's outside the first game's content (3.0 or 4.0 maps), I'd suggest playing through the game at least once for story/lore. A lot of RP in my experience takes place in common maps and in housing areas, which you don't need to be lv50+/progressed in the story to access. Likewise, people aren't going to shun you for being new or having a low level character. (Especially if you're actively leveling up!) As a side note, if you've got any questions about the RPC Site/Wiki, feel free to hit me up! We recently did a large site upgrade and some of the features are still being tweaked around. Some older threads will probably contain links over to the previous site, fully accessible on https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/mybb/ and some of the large posts may have some nicer formatting over there that our conversion got stuck on. (Noteably, the Lore Index).
  7. RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    At this time, we can only add in one module of each time. I've heard this may change later, but I haven't seen an option for it on the admin side configuration either. Unless the character sheets are purely FC/LS-only material though, something like a catch-all thread inside the club with links to Making Connections or Player Directory threads for your members might work? Otherwise, maybe something like a Character Sheets thread where each member makes a post they can edit as needed? Club Owners/Leaders/Mods can hide/unhide posts as needed, the same for splitting/merging posts! This is one of those import quirks. Ideally, everyone should be uploading into the cateogry directly, but it seems to -really- want to make an album. Normally I'd fix this by making a single category for all images, but then it'd break the gallery feed on the main page which only pulls from categories. I'm still looking for better alternatives! Edit: What I could possibly do is turn off album creation for the generic categories (Artwork, PG13+, Screenshots, Other) so that people only get prompted for that if they want to add something to User Galleries.
  8. Emotional distress from RP

    On a side note, if you're currently on Phoenix like your postbit says, they do have a few RPers on the server! I'd check out this group: There's also an EU-oriented discord to help players organize and find each other, although mostly Omega-oriented. It does have some phoenix players in it and they might know some more resources time-wise!
  9. Emotional distress from RP

    Also same. I was playing 1.0 at work and got a few people into FFXIV when the game relaunched. Then a couple of the people I'd introduced in went off to RP and later got me into RP. Again though, even if it's not RP-related, the game should be fun for you. If it's not, then a break is probably the better action that trying to push something if it's not sticking well.
  10. Emotional distress from RP

    Dude. Full stop. Don't wait for that. I know it sucks, but plenty of us have been in this position and waiting for a maybe isn't going to make things improve. Been there, done that. I have seen those exact words. If she was your only source of RP, try an alt. Reach out to other unrelated people. Don't hinge your characters' stories on any one person because they come and go, even if you see them in game all the time. Sometimes the creative fire run outta fuel. Tossing in kindling won't keep it going. There might be an awkward period while things rebuild. But that's what I'd recommend you to do.
  11. Emotional distress from RP

    RP with other people. Your [possibly former?] partner's time does not belong to you, nor does yours belong to them. While it sucks if someone doesn't necessarily communicate if they're no longer interested in RP or possibly RP with your character, a big dramatic breakup may not be the best way to go. Sometimes things just sorta...fizzle out. And then people start feeling obligated to spend their fun time doing something unfun, like trying to write words to appease another person. (I've been there. I've seen it done to me. And it usually ends up being a situation where nobody is motivated to write/continue.) Your friend may not be someone who does well with a spotlight on her/her actions. I'd suggest moving on now and if she wants to RP some time later, to consider it then. People can be great friends IRL and not-so-great RP partners. (And the opposite. And both. And neither.) Perhaps some space is what you both need?
  12. RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    Theme option's on the very bottom of the page. You might need to hide the chatbar to see it (I personally do not, but others have reported they did.)
  13. Suggestion for Site/Forums

    There's a darker theme available, but the theme is still very much WIP and will likely be further edited or outright replaced with something else at a later time. Please see this thread in the announcements section for more information! This thread's also handy.
  14. A public warning about the /echo command...

    Echo commands usually mean that whatever is typed after is "echoed back" to just the user. SE included them for things like macro timers. They're also great for testing things without actually doing them. At the same time though, because we can easily change the color of chat text, they're incredibly easy to use to make faked logs of any kind. This is why logs and screenshots of logs should be taken with a grain of salt. (Or perhaps, have multiple people log/screenshot if trying to verify something, as that would increase the likelihood of it being legitimate.)
  15. RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    I need to check in on this. ...it should be pulling from -any- activity, unless the regular clubs display only shows for topics. Then that might get a little harder to pull information from. (It should be doable nonetheless because there -is- an activity feed, but seeing how/where that gets its information will require additional research.) Edit: A simple test shows that other modules aren't bumping it like they should! Let me see what I can do about that. In the meantime, adding a topic section and a bump thread can help in this regard. Edit2: I poked IPS support and this is apparently working as intended. I've submitted a feature request for a better activity bump, but we cannot count on that happening. :< Currently, the tabs mirror the modules we have on the main forums. It should be possible to hook new ones in, but they'd have to be global options for all clubs. We do have a plugin that does a little of this currently in place, where you can override the default club view with a more feature-complete "home page" post instead of a simple description text-box. It's not enabled by default, but can be turned on from the home page item inside the "manage club" menu.