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  1. Maelstrom Command

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Just put in a character sheet! Look forward to it!
  2. Master list of FC & LS themes

    In Game Theme(s):Information trading (Item and information procurement/Mercenary work) / Tavern/Resturant (Open to public) FC/LS Name: Thaliak's Eye <> Contacts: Yvon Edmont, Kokomo Edmont, Mir'a Ain, M'aiku Yokho Website: http://thaliakseye.tumblr.com/ Housing (type): Lavender Beds, Ward 8, Plot 5
  3. Thaliak's Eye

  4. The Tonberry's Blade (New story in the works)

    I'm open almost every day, so any time is fine for me
  5. New to the RP Scene

    I'm on too Whenever is fine
  6. New to the RP Scene

    Of course! I enjoy helping people get started when I can. I'd be interesting in RP with you all, too
  7. The Tonberry's Blade (New story in the works)

    This sound very interesting! I'm game!
  8. I'd love to do this. Yvon is a sellsword with very loose morals.
  9. Alizarin Order (FC & LS)

    Is the Legion still recruiting?