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  1. Nihka

    balmung Wild Hunt

    The girl did not know for how long she had been running, but she had begun when no light had filtered down through the heavy canopy above at all and her steps had been unsure and often painful as her bare limbs met the hidden dangers of fallen branches and caught in ruts in the ground that threatened to snap delicate ankles. Now the cool of the dark had turned to the warmth of the dim, and though there was still nothing to see beyond the leaves and vines above every once in a while a stray beam of light snuck down to the ground for the flicker of an instant; a glimmer of something beyond the shrouded forest. She was hot now, sweating and panting as the unmoving air between the trunks of the great trees became harder and harder to keep in her lungs. She must rest. Nothing can run forever, neither prey nor hunter. One must give before the other. This was the law of nature. A sound hit her ears, the trickling familiarity of moving water. The girl turned her desperate sprint towards it, and beyond the next heady oak she found the source. A waterfall fed into a small pond created by a fallen tree across the width of a shallow stream. The water was cold and clear, no higher than her thighs. It was too small for fish, and she could see that it was empty, secluded behind the fallen tree. Hesitantly, cautiously, timidly she came out from behind the tree, her breath still coming in raw heaves of her chest. Her body demanded the cooling touch of the pond. Her throat begged for the water. She knew then that she could run no more and instead fell into the pond. In an instant her skin erupted in goosebumps and icy cold stabbed through her flesh and into her bones. She almost cried out but cupped her hands over her mouth to hide her voice from the woods. After a few moments the cold was bearable. She plunged her face into the water and took great bellowy gulps of the cold. When she rose up again she was not alone. A man stood at the edge of the water. He wore furs over his shoulders and his bare arms were thick with muscle. In one calloused hand he held a worn bow made of antler. His thick beard split open to show yellowing teeth as he spoke. “Aren’t you a pretty little thing?” The girl did not respond. She stood, staring at the man, her arms clutched tightly to her chest, her eyes unblinking, afraid to lose sight of him for even a heartbeat. The wood did not forgive carelessness such as that. She knew it. Careless. The man stayed at the edge of the pond clutching a tree branch above him with one hand, his yellow teeth a wolf’s grin. “A pretty pretty little thing. What are you doing out here where even grown men fear to tread, hmm?” He leaned towards her and the scent of fresh blood and tallow came with him. “Anything at all could happen to you so far from home little miss. Perhaps old Theron could keep an eye on you. It’s not safe out here, oh no. You need protection.” The girl didn’t move, as still as a stone while the man spoke. Her heart beat fast against her ribs, ribs that stuck out under her skin, gaunt and fragile. The man took a step into the water, his eyes travelling across her body and behind him the forest began to move. And then the screaming began. Leve from the Donner family of The Central Shroud. It reads as follows. “Two nights past our daughter went in search of berries in the woods and has yet to return. A neighbor said he spotted her heading into the Western Shroud. Please find her whatever her fate and bring her back to us.” Saturday, June 9th 8:30 CST Six players. 1- Edda (alt) 2- Kiht 3- Virara 4- Artoria 5- Jana 6- Alera
  2. Mystral Weaver

    [Balmung] Mystral

    I. Basic Info Characters: Mystral Weaver Primary character: Mystral Weaver Linkshells: / Primary RP linkshell: / II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Ok, except crippling ones (such as arm/leg loss, etc...) Views on IC romance: No. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Ok with it. Views on lore: Open minded as long as it stays in the universe, except for players doing unplayable races. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Say is IC, Linkshell can be both, CL is OOC. III. Other Info Country: Belgium Timezone: UTC +1 Contact info: My PMs are open, I also have Discord & Tumblr. Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Mystral_Weaver
  3. Upcoming Balmung RP Events note: the original poster here no longer maintains the weekly events. Head over to the latest post for events! -=NOTICE=- Erah'sae now maintains the Balmung RP Calendar. Direct all messages to him.
  4. Saikhantuyaa

    balmung The Spellstone Tournament

    Spellstone Tournament Sundays, 8pm EST @Fesca’s Wash, Central Thanalan ( 21.0 , 25.8 ) ~ The following advertisement is placed in every major publication in Eorzea, with colorful fliers strewn throughout the four city-states. ~ Students of magic, brothers and sisters of sorcerous might. For some time now we have heard your concerns regarding the state of magical competition in Eorzea. It is no secret that it is rather difficult to conduct a tournament of magic users. One cannot imagine why this might be the case, though I would hazard that we are a inquisitive sort, as keen to push the boundaries of our chosen arts as we are to test ourselves against our peers in the realms of spellcraft. Although one could also argue that the authorities feel a certain degree of discomfort when a group of people who can set said peers ablaze with words gather in the one location, and this tends to make for a tense atmosphere for all concerned. Our company has some experience with regulating a wide scale tournament with a cast of diverse and colourful participants, as anyone who attends the Grindstone can attest. Therefore, in partnership with our colleagues from the distant shores of the Far East, we offer those of a magical disposition a similar opportunity to test their might against their fellow Archons and Magisters, Sorcerers and Warlocks, Wizards and Scholars alike. Are you at the pinnacle of your art? Shall your foes tremble at your arcane might, or shall your flame be consumed by the magecraft of your foes? Spellstone employs a simple set of rules meant to ensure the relative safety of competitors, staff, volunteers, and spectators alike. Any who are familiar with other fighting tournaments (such as the Grindstone) will already have a grasp of these rules, but for those who have never participated in such events, we ask you to read over them very carefully before deciding whether you wish to compete! Any and all are invited to participate, from seasoned archmage to learning student of the arcane; this is a contest meant to give those of magical inclination a battleground to test themselves and their mastery, as well as foster relations between mages from all walks of life! Rules IC 1. No force that would be lethal - even without the dampening field. While injuries and pain will be sustained on the field of battle, we at Spellstone do not condone outright murder, dismemberment, or permanent harm of any participants. Remember that you are within sight of Ul’dah’s gates - Immortal Flames are on hand at any moment to deal with attempted murder and drag away the offending individual to face incarceration or otherwise. 2. No illegal magics - this includes Black Magic, White Magic, Void Magic, Necromancy, etc. Have a care of your surroundings and do not do anything that could earn you the suspicion of your peers or alert authorities to illegal actions. 3. No removing your opponent's will to fight via sleep spells or other mental manipulation. This is a contest of magical strength and prowess; if you are not going to fight fairly, do not enter. 4. No animals. 5. You will be medically cleared before beginning each round. If you have sustained injuries, they will be healed via potion or spell. You will not be allowed to move on if you deny healing and recovery-based tonics. 6. No use of ether potions or other external means to regain Aether. This is also a test in managing your resources. As specified under rule three, if you do not intend to fight fairly, do not sign up to compete! 7. No fighting with a condition that will make your participation in the tournament more dangerous ( such as an unhealed prior injury or pregnancy ). No staff, volunteers, or participants in Spellstone wish to worsen prior health conditions to the point they endanger your life. Have a care for yourself and others around you. 8. This is a tournament of magic - no striking your opponent with martial weapons and techniques. Use of melee weapons as foci or a means to direct your magic are accepted, but do not attempt to cleave your opponent in two; save that for the Grindstone. OOC 1. Treat everyone with basic respect and decency. 2. If you have concerns related to the Spellstone or its participants, bring them directly to leadership. This includes concerns relating to the "lore friendliness" of spells your opponent is using, ways to improve the event and Discord, concerns about the OOC history of other participants, special considerations your character will need, and many more things. We won't know unless you tell us! 3. By participating in the Spellstone, you agree that if your character is disruptive, staff characters will be able to overpower them and remove them from the event. This will be done ICly via features built into the spell dampening field, so that we don't force you to accept that our characters can automatically beat yours in a fair fight. 4. No gatekeeping or policing. Unless a character's player has been issued a ban by the staff, they are welcome. If you feel any characters or players who are present should be kept away, bring your concerns to the staff (see OOC rule 2). This also governs IC posturing and threatening to keep people you don't like away. Participation is optional and by participating you agree to adhere to all rules. ~ There will be a prize of 300k to the tournament victor at the end of the night - as well as an additional sur-prize for the winner, which will change every week! ~ Caveats to be aware of: All of us at Spellstone understand that disconnections can happen at any time, for any number of reasons. However, in the case of such, participants will only be alloted 10 minutes once their character disappears from the game world to log back in. Should a participant not return within this time limit, their match will be considered a forfeit and their opponent allowed to advance. This is in the spirit of keeping the tournament fair and moving forward. ~ We will be using the Grindstone approach of /random rolling for defense and offense! ~ Event staff and volunteers can be found by the Looking to Meld symbol, though a detailed list is provided below. If you wish to join a growing community dedicated to the enjoyment, participation, and management of Spellstone, feel free to join up with us at: https://discord.gg/5cHuzcV!
  5. ~Previous OOC Thread can be found here~ ~Previous IC Thread can be found here~ ~Current IC Thread can be found here~ ~Current Turns!~ ~CURRENT EVENT POST~ ~DRAMATIS PERSONAE~ Welcome to Starsfall, Once Again! Starsfall is a plot centered around the advent of a savage tribe of miqo'te - the Falling Stars - and their powerful and ambitious Nunh. Located in a cruel and barren tundra which the story has placed north of the Shroud, east of Coerthas, and in the lee of Xelphatol, these isolated and xenophobic tribals have kept to themselves for thousands of years, mercilessly slaying any who enter their lands. Disinterest in a land both clearly resourceless and aether-starved (for Eorzea) on the part of the outside world has helped ensure this insulation. The majority of the Falling Stars' interactions are with the Ixal to their east and north, and the rare hapless traveller. Now, however, this isolation is ending. The latest Nunh holds more interest in the Outside than is healthy, and has already shown himself willing to kill for what he wants... and where he goes, his fanatic tribe follows in step.
  6. Join us for a night of good drinks, good food, and—if you so desire—good business. Designed as a ‘neutral ground’ of sorts for less-than-scrupulous folks in search of a place to do their under-the-table dealings or just keep an ear to the ground while enjoying a drink and a bite to eat, The Cloak & Dagger will be opening its doors to the general public for the first time on Sunday, February 25 at 8PM EST. ⸸ Venue Information, House Rules, & Menu ⸸ Tumblr Post Located at: The Goblet, Ward 11, Plot 55—Balmung. (Last call will be at 11 PM EST.) We hope to see you there! Please note that Ebonguard and associated ventures are not associated and does not condone real-life criminal activities. Activities engaged in or discussed by members of Ebonguard or associated ventures are strictly fictional and for entertainment purposes only. The Cloak & Dagger welcomes performers to its stage! Please contact @ebonguardls for more information. The Cloak & Dagger is an RP venue affiliated with the Ebonguard criminal network LS, owned IC and OOC by “Crow” (Leonnaux Altoix). If you’re interested in helping run a monthly public RP event (be it as waitstaff, security, etc) at The Cloak & Dagger then please contact me via the Ebonguard tumblr. No lasting commitment or membership of the LS is required on the part of volunteer staff! For more information, please see this page under the ‘volunteer’ tab.
  7. Hello, hello! I’m back from a long hiatus and looking to do something with my dark knight, Rona. She is strong, solemn, stoic and always looking to do the right thing. As of right now, she is on a personal adventure in search of answers. That’s all I’m willing to disclose upfront, but she can more or less be anywhere! Her adventures take her all over. I’m looking for other adventurers, enemies, rivals, contacts, basically anything and everything to extend my reach and have some fun. You can message me here, post below or contact me at Wolfsblood#8541 on Discord. Thanks!
  8. Server: Balmung Timezone: EST (GMT -5) Focal Region: Ul'dah/Thanalan I play L'cero Nunh -- Cero of the Viper -- and the story I had been telling with him is complete. It's time to look forward to the next tale and the truth is that I really don't know what form that's going to take. I'm also back from a hiatus of about 9 months and have found that the vast majority of my former RP contacts have departed FF14. My cat and I are forced to start anew, get out there, meet new and interesting characters, establish a new network of RP folk! I won't bother defining what manner of RP I'm looking for, because I'm seeking anything and everything, from anyone, regardless of race or gender. I don't want to pre-establish expectations and would rather invite anyone -- anyone at all -- who finds themselves interested to reach out via RPC or IG. I'm looking forward to it! In the meantime, I should reiterate that I'm a Balmung player in the Eastern Standard Timezone (or GMT -5,) and that I focus my character presence in and around Ul'dah and Thanalan. L'cero Nunh is obviously a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te male, but I encourage readers not to make the usual presumptions based on his Nunhiness. I have invested a good amount of thought into a realistic portrayal of Sunseeker culture and even more attention into Cero's story itself. I can assure you, this Nunh isn't what you expect (and is completely lore appropriate.) There it is. For any interested parties, please feel free to send me a PM here on the RPC, or if you're as communicative as I am, don't hesitate to ask for my Discord. I can't wait to hear from you! But you're still here and wonder if there's anything specific I can offer for RP concepts? Well, since you asked so nicely... There is something that I think could be a lot of fun. I would like to see Cero cast in a role not unlike the dynamic between DC Comics's Batman and Joker. These two icons are as much family as they are enemies. Each knows the other better than anyone else and in truth they need one another to justify themselves. It really is a fantastic and fascinating paradigm. Of course, they're the stuff of comics with one cut as the clear hero and the other the definite villain. I don't need anything so black and white, but I think it could be a blast to find someone (or someones) with whom Cero could have that mutually adversarial relationship. This wouldn't be as simple as aggravating one another or engaging in cartoonish antics under the guise of villainy. I'm looking for a player (or players) who grasps the depth of what I'm putting down here, has a character (or characters) to fit the bill, and wants to work with me to make this story happen. Behind the scenes, this player and I would be collaborators, together ensuring that neither character is the undisputed superior and that both characters feel the pressure of the other's presence and activities. On stage, our characters should create around themselves a captivating sequence of events that delight others to witness and join in. Of course, it needn't be quite to these terms either. Maybe you play an actual villain in desperate need of an opponent, or you prefer something even more complicated than Batman and Joker and want to aim for Batman and Catwoman (personally, I find this idea to be even more compelling than Batman/Joker,) or maybe you're a natural GM and this post has inspired you. If what I've written resonates with you at all, please don't hesitate to contact me and we can talk things over.
  9. Join Teatime at 7:00 PM eastern time on Monday, October 1st at the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try Shroudrose’s specialty blends of tea! Enjoy a cup in our tearooms on the main floor and second floor (including our far eastern themed rooms), or purchase some to brew at home! You can always cozy up in our library to read or get some work done while you enjoy a cuppa. Snacks and treats will be available to compliment your tea. This event is bi-weekly at 7:00 PM eastern time the first Monday and third Monday of each month. If you’d like to learn more about our FC including details on our Information Brokering and Private Investigations services, our Recruitment, and more, please go here!
  10. Join us at 7:00 PM eastern time on the first and third Monday of each month at the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try Shroudrose’s specialty blends of tea! Enjoy a cup in our tearooms on the main floor and second floor (including our far eastern themed rooms), or purchase some to brew at home! You can always cozy up in our library to read or get some work done while you enjoy a cuppa. Snacks and treats will be available to compliment your tea.
  11. Among the streets of Kugane a strange token you may notice, out of the corner of your eye, from a nobles pocket, or perhaps conveniently placed on a nearby table, A inquisitive eye watching the shadows. Cries fill the air of a high class lounge opening up within Shirogane! Exotic acts, fancy drinks.. the place to be for any eastbound socialite! A place that accepts -all- walks of life... Come one come all into the crimson light! Though those dwelling in the shadows do delight For a haven for the unsavoury lies within So pull up a seat, and have some gin! If not the dancers then business you must spy this, For there is opportunity lying behind the Crimson Iris! What is the Crimson Iris Lounge? The crimson iris lounge is a High class lounge stylised towards hosting a adventuring/mercenary front with shadier business deals behind the guise of a reputable establishment! We offer a vast range of drinks and a environment for players to roleplay and communicate with one another, establish connections whilst enjoying the performances that will be put on at the centre stage! We have a growing range of staff to communicate and enjoy the time with, and for those who have a darker side and wish to use the establishment for its darker dealings, they are free too! They can also get in touch by asking the bar staff. Is anyone allowed in? Of course! Despite our main focus towards underworld and the more shadier characters, any and all players are allowed within to come in and have a good time! We wont bar anyone entry (Unless they cause a ruckus of course) and any walk of life is free to have fun within our halls! Where is it and what time do I go?! Our tavern is in Ward 14 , plot 18 of Shirogane, and our open night starts at 7pm EST on a Tuesday! Granted this tavern will be open a lot more of the time though if you wish to have contact with one of the staff, do whisper them in game first! Otherwise you are free to use the facilities outside of public times and use it for your roleplay! though do take in mind the bartending will be done by an NPC. Who do I contact for questions? For any questions about our tavern nights or any of our other dealings, poke either Von Sayrillont or Khayia Chemso in game for more information!
  12. Fresh sheets of parchment can be found posted upon the market boards of Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul'dah respectively. Each is thin, scribed eloquently in a bold, lilting hand. The characters appear in deep crimson ink upon its face, begging to be read: The Grindstone The Grindstone will be holding an official Blood Match tournament for its fighters every Saturday. Any and all are invited to spectate, as the events will be free to the public. We request only that those who attend are respectful of our fighters. If you are not, you will be asked to leave. In order to participate in this event for prestige, please contact Sigyn Shieldbreaker of the The Grindstone in Ul'dah or arrive no later than half-past the ninth evening bell. Up to sixteen contestants will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Any who seek to participate in our sparring matches are also welcome to find us on any other evening at the site where we will hold our competition-- Outside the city of Ul'dah in Central Thanalan in Fesca's Wash. If you are interested in joining the Grindstone Linkshell, ask for Sigyn Shieldbreaker, Dhatura Inoxia, Lizbet Sharpe, or for any available Overseer to procure a pearl. An entrance fee of FIVE hundred gil is required in order to participate-- the collective amount will be presented to the respective Champion. RULES: 1. All weapons and armor are allowed. 2. Non-lethal shots to the groin, extremities, or to the head are allowed. 3. Any use of magic whether passive, defensive, beneficial, or offensive is currently NOT allowed. 4. Death blows are not allowed. By entering the tournament, you hereby agree to the Overseers preventing you from committing such an attack by any means necessary, even if it means your death. 5. Overseers WILL be respected and treated as a temporary form of authority by all spectators and combatants in regards to the tournament itself. 6. If a winning combatant in a bracket refuses healing, they will be refunded their entrance fee and removed from the tournament. Time: Saturdays at 10 pm EST (Time Conversion) Location: Fesca's Wash in Central Thanalan. The Bridge Events: Official sparring tournament for the Grindstone. A minimum of four participants per event are required in order to hold that event. Journeyman: Free-form* (Temporarily Closed) -Fight proceeds until an opponent concedes, physically or verbally. Journeyman: Roll-based -Fight proceeds until THREE successful strikes have been placed on the abdomen, a ring-out, pinning, or physical/verbal surrender. Requirements: -All armor is allowed and may be used as extraneous weapons. -All weapons are allowed. -Accessory weapons should be moderated. -Magic is NOT allowed during matches. -Entrance fee of 500 gil (flexible). -If you intend to enter the event, please remain outside a party so that you can join a party with your opponent from tier to tier. This way if any issues arise, the Overseers can enter your party and assist as needed. -Before the event, please go to http://rolz.org/group and use your character name and room name: Grindstone-- wait for your room number which I will give you after we begin organizing ICly. For more information regarding our rolling system and IC rules, please see our directory page.
  13. 1. The Odd Things That Happen Before Things Get Serious Do you want antlings?! Because this is how we get antlings! Emergency Leve Notice: An unfortunate structural flaw has led to the partial collapse of the Nanawa Mines tunnel as an Amajina steam engine and several cars worth of cargo were en route. The engine itself is currently trapped under rubble. Stone Torches and Amajina company engineers have been dispatched to ensure the tunnel is cleared and repaired to avoid interfering with delivery timetables and possibly to avoid laborer casualties, if feasible at a minimum of expense. Adventurers are requested for security duty to ensure thieving beastfolk and Lost Hope refugees don't swipe any of the cargo while the engineers complete their task. Time: Saturday, September 8th, 7:00 PM CST 1. Anstarra Silverain (From tumblr) 2. S'imba Tia 3. Virara Wakuwa 4. Cassidy Thorne (From tumblr) 5. Will O'The Wisps Patrols of the combined Resistance-Alliance forces have reported sightings of an aetherial and ghostlike figure in the Dimwold, "akin to ashkin" in the words of one soldier. This was treated with appropriate wonder and awe until it stabbed one Maelstrom soldier through the chest unprovoked. Commander Haelstyrmm Eynnarhmsson, one of the Maelstrom's liaisons to the Alliance operations in Ala Mhigo, has requested the creature be caught or dispelled by veteran adventurers. Time: Sunday, September 9th, 7:00 PM CST 1. Jophoix Suinuet (From tumblr) 2. Tiergan Vashir (From tumblr) 3. Amh Jomalah (From tumblr) 4. Jana Ridah Notes: This story is the beginning of a potentially-long-running series of events, depending upon reception and results. Tonally, it will be pretty over-the-top and silly. Most of my plots start that way, though that tends to fall off over time as past participants can attest. It will use the HQE dice system, a conversion of the HeroQuest tabletop RPG which can be used with in-game /random to resolve conflicts. Rules for this system can be found here: HeroQuest Eorzea. We will be using the "Limited Standard" rules; your character will progress through the use of XP, but this will not carry over to other plots. New players are welcome and encouraged. Contact me here, in-game, or through my tumblr at Memoirs of a Master Merchant if you would like to try the system and need help making an appropriate character sheet. You can also join the Roll Eorzea linkshell and Discord for more assistance.
  14. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Golden Fox Trade House, the company will be hosting a 50% off sale for one night only. Come seek out exotic goods from the Far East and abroad. Not interested in shopping? The Emporium will have an izakaya downstairs where you can enjoy free tea and alcohol as a thanks to our loyal customers. When: Friday, 31st of August, 2018. Time: 8 PM EST to 11 PM EST Location: Plot 28, 12 Ward, Shirogane. Balmung Server. OOC notes: Wares available include fictional Black and white market goods. Artisan, information brokering and other services will also be available in character. For more information please look over our staff listing and white market wares here. Black Market wares will be sold under the counter. Please whisper one of our merchants when conducting such transactions. The list of our black market goods is here. Disclaimer: The Golden Fox Trade House is a free company in the mmo of ffxiv, on the Balmung server. Any illegal activities mentioned are acted out fictionally via the activity of role play online via ffxiv. GFT does not endorse, act out or have any relations to real world illegal activities and any relation to real world illegal activities, past and present, are purely coincidental or used as inspiration for fictional reasons. Drugs are bad, mmm'kay?
  15. Rosamund


    Introduction Metaphysick are a company of paranormal investigators led by a mysterious benefactor. We're a tight-knit group of friends and allies, preferring quality over quantity in our membership. An overarching plotline keeps us moving forward each week while social and one-shot events occur on a regular basis. We are mostly active during EU peak hours, i.e. between 5 pm and midnight GMT, although we do have a few NA members. Background Metaphysick was established by someone known only as 'M', with the goal of forming a professional team to cleanse Eorzea of the voidsent menace. M spares no expense in providing their employees with the tools required to do their job and generously compensates them for their efforts. Speaking only via linkpearl and keeping both methods and motives close to heart, some would no doubt be loath to trust this mysterious figure, but thus far they have proven true to their word. What We Do We are paranormal investigators based in Mist, Ward 12, Plot 35, also known as the Midnight Bastion. Our roleplay largely revolves around undertaking work for our anonymous benefactor, M. He or she is devoted to eradicating the world of voidsent; to that end, we exterminate creatures as well as capture and study them in order to improve our techniques. As we deal with combat fairly often, we use a custom combat system which has been crafted and tuned over the course of several years. Using the game's built in /random text command, we determine hit chance and other variables. Each character is also allowed personalised abilities to improve those numbers, provide support and more - we encourage people to get creative. Of course, not every roleplay session is going to end in blood; to that end, we have a system for determining the success of actions such as sneaking, bluffing and so on. Every character's skills and flaws are taken into account to keep situations realistic, so a scrawny librarian will have a harder time moving a large boulder than a muscle-bound warrior. But sometimes we just want to kick back and relax. Impromptu social gatherings and holiday parties are regular features, where you can get to know your allies outside of the field of battle. We also keep an eye on Balmung's roleplay scene and encourage members to attend publicly held events with us. Who We Want We have a small but active player base and want to keep our friendly and intimate atmosphere. As a result, we seek like-minded individuals who will participate regularly and take the many opportunities given to fit in and make themselves at home. The leadership frequently hosts events but we are happy to assist members in contributing and making their own as well. Any character with an interest in voidsent, the occult, ancient ruins or simply wanting to make the world a better place would find good company here. As you can imagine, we are predominantly good-aligned and would only make an exception for extremely well-written malicious characters. If you're unsure whether your character would work well with us, please do get in touch with Torhe Raanu or Rosamund Hale to discuss your ideas and circumstances. Please complete an application on our site if you're interested in joining.
  16. IronVindication

    balmung The Grand Tilt of Coerthas

    The Grand Tilt of Coerthas The House de Bayle and Sir Basile Feurieux - Vassal and Knight, Lord of House Feurieux Start Date: 6/18/2018 - 8:00 PM EST ---- Hosted Bi-Weekly ------------------------------------ Hosted by the venerable House De'bayle, Ser Basile Feurieux, and their Knights in Camp Dragonhead, the Grand Tilt proves to be a glorious event involving all manners of Ishgardian culture. Lords, Ladies, Squires, and Men-at-Arms all flock to the tilt in order to win glory for one’s heraldry, acquire the favor of a Lady or Lord, to witness illustrious spectacle beyond belief, or to practice mounted combat in a vicious trial by fire. The resonance of lance attacking lance echoes throughout the camp, providing an atmosphere hardly found anywhere in Eorzea. Witness then, the true pinnacle of Ishgardian fighting technique and a mixture of fanciful, but gritty vibrance. All are welcome, whether an imposing Viscount or an austere citizen. Warriors and cavalrymen from all over are yet encouraged to sign up in order to prove their prowess on the sturdy back of a Chocobo. Step forward now, aspirants who seek valour and glory, to manifest and prove your strength as Halone’s victor. All contestants shall be called forward to line up in front of the host. The lists will then follow in announcement, along with the first set of tilting combatants. Then, upon the designated time, contestants of the Joust should ready their Chocobos with protective bardings. Spectators shall be placed on the side of the field. The “field” consists of a two lanes sectioned off by a fence in which opponents will charge at each other from opposite sides. Both participants shall ride towards each other and pause to roll and then proceed to the other side. When reaching the other side, the combatants shall return to their place, which proves designated by the bannerman or squire. Requirements to participate: All participants should be armored with a strapped, closed helm, have enclosed gauntlets and breastplates, and a shouldered shield of some sort. Each contestant’s three alloted lances must be at the length of ten fulms and should have a blunted, metal tip. All contestants should be in healthy physical shape and have no injuries that would hinder their ability to joust fairly. The criteria for winning will then consist of the following rules: Whoever first scores three points or unhorses their opponent shall be the winner of their bracket. At the beginning of each match, the Chronicler of the Joust will explain the identities of both combatants while they prepare. When both combatants have emoted being prepared, the announcer will declare the charge. In order to gain a point, you must break your lance on the other opponent. Rolls will dictate whether this happens or not and opponents should emote accordingly after they have proceeded to the other side. 1-400 is a miss or a hit without breaking your lance. 401-600 is a lance break. 601-849 is a staggering lance break, which staggers their opponent and nullifies their attack (Unless they have rolled an unhorse on you). 850+ from the opponent is an unhorse. At the moment both participants connect and roll, the announcer will decide and yell out to the audience what the outcome is. When both jousters proceed past each other, they will round around the opposite side back towards their designated side and retrieve another lance. Should both jousters score the same category, whoever rolls the highest will be considered the winner and will have hit first. If both opponents break their lances by rolling 301-700, however, a point will be given to both combatants. After a lance breaks, the participant must retrieve a new lance from their Squire or bannerman. Once they have all emoted receiving new lances and adjusting for the next run, the announcer will ready the charge once more. Should an opponent purposefully or accidentally harm their adversary’s Chocobo they will be disqualified. The winner of the whole joust will be allowed a parade lap around the field in order to celebrate, advertise the heraldry of their House or allegiance, or dedicate the success to a Lord/Lady. There will be no monetary or physical prize for winning the joust, but all in attendance will see you as the most chivalrous and skillful jouster in the lists. Fame, glory, and chivalry await you at the Jousting Tournament during the Grand Tilt of Coerthas!
  17. A discussion I'd like to have is based on a question I and some friends have been asking ourselves. "Is RP on Balmung dying, or is it changing?" The reason for this question is we've noticed less RPers showing up to events like the Runestone and Grindstone and also less in the Quicksand. We're seeing more players who don't RP inside the quicksand, a lot more ERP alts but much less people there to RP. We've also noticed a rise on people roleplaying villains who are stronger than most players and require an army to defeat only for them to resurrect the next day unharmed. We're all from back when ARR was current so maybe our perception is off, maybe we are missing something. Maybe it's just a downtime due to content since none of us are heavy content-goers to say the least. So I wanted to ask you the community, do you think RP on Balmung is dying or at least decreased temporarily for some reason? Do you think it's just changed and if so how? Do you think Balmung being locked down and another RP server forming had anything to do with it? This isn't really just for Balmung either, if people from Mateus want to chime in go for it, I'd just like to hear people's opinions on the matter in a friendly well-mannered discussion.
  18. ================================================================================================================================== The Masquerade RP Tournament Sundays - 5PM EDT EC-RP Sponsored Balmung Discord link: https://discord.gg/TFjFcwh (Signing up in the Discord is required for participation) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A mammet hobbles into the tavern, hops on a crate, and then slaps a flier across the wall. The automaton takes a moment to make sure the flier is perfectly aligned, that a candle will illuminate the writing upon it, and then scampers out the bar to return from wherever it came. You approach the parchment with its heavy use of purple dye. "The Masquerade," it says, with a dark mask of lavender velvet, black porcelain and silver trim. It has a date and a time, Darksday, after the Sixth evening bell. It has an address, coordinates to what one could assume to be an overgrown garden, not far off the Arboretum in the old, abandoned Sharlayan colony... Do you attend? (credit to @enairu for the artwork) ===================================================================== Location: The Dravanian Hinterlands (X: 13.6 Y: 25.4)
  19. You spy a short red-headed Seeker doing... something. She spends an inordinately long time inspecting a wall before bursting into a sudden flurry of motion, slapping a currant-purple poster squarely onto the wall with rather more force than necessary. She gives it a satisfied nod and whirls around, wearing a huge toothy grin. "Oooh, are you interested? Here, I've got some spare flyers! The Host Club is AMAZING and you should really go to it because there are just not that many better ways to spend a few hours! Are you gonna be there? "Oh. I should explain it, shouldn't I? It's a lot like a cafe except even better! It's really fancy and our cooks are increeeedible and we have teas that are actually quite good even if you don't like tea very much like me, though if you're extra hateful of teas that's okay because our hot chocolate is absolutely perfect, it's what I usually get- <gasp> "Ah, but the main thing that makes it a Host Club and not just a fancy cafe is that, along with getting your own booth and delicious things, you also get to pick out a Host to join you! We have so many fantastic people who're there specifically to be friendly, helpful, listeny, entertaining, or whatever it is that'll make you feel at home! Um. Getting lewd with your Host is not okay though. We respect your boundaries, you respect ours, and everyone's happy, right? "It's pretty silly, 1000 gil is ridiculously cheap for such droolworthy food and caring companionship! Honestly, I'm not sure how we afford to stay running at that price. I suppose we stay open through the power of sheer determination, eager to make Rendezvous the most beloved place anyone could ask for! "Look for me when you go there- I go by Quetzalcoatl! Though you'd better arrive early, since guests pick their hosts on a first-come first-served basis, and I'm always the first one to be chosen!" Her whirlwind of animated talking finished, Quetzalcoatl waves cheerily and runs off to find another strategic poster-posting spot. இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— OoC Info இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— We're back on schedule, and we've got our Hosting bells on! The Rendezvous Host Club will be opening its doors, once again, to partake in fine food and dining with our esteemed array of Guests! We will be hosting Sunday, August 26th at 3:00 PM CST / 4:00 PM EST! The entrance fee is 1,000 gil*, and will be collected at the door. The location is Ward 8, Plot 13, (in the Goblet) and Hosts and Hostesses will be selected at a first come, first serve basis. (In other words, if the Host or Hostess you want has already been selected, then you will have to choose another, or depart until next time. The person who arrives first will get the first selection, and so on until all Hosts and Hostesses are spoken for.) Note: To avoid confusion, please line up on the lawn in the order of arrival when first entering the grounds. Please do not run in past the guard posted at the door, or your character will just be immediately ushered back out. Here is the menu that the Host Club offers! Here is a look at the dossiers that are posted outside of the Club! (Note: Not all employees may be present on the day of the opening, depending on schedules. Feel free to ask the person at the door if a particular Host or Hostess is available, if you have a particular one in mind. Rest assured though - all of our Hosts and Hostesses have their own unique merits and advantages!) As always, please let me know if there are any questions! Here's looking forward to another fun event! Be there or be a sad cactaur who misses Host Club! * Gil is IC only; no OoC gil needs to be brought or exchanged for this event. ♥
  20. This is NOT a FC or LS advertisement! Calling all roleplayers: I need YOU! Yes, you! I'm going to be starting an in-character newspaper. As you know, this is fairly significant undertaking and I'm looking for all the help I can get (even if it's just advice). This will present many roleplaying opportunities for those interested, so get your RP pants on! We'll need artists (screenshots, etc.), writers, editors, journalists and others as well. If you're interested in helping, please send me a private message; you will not be required to join a linkshell or FC, only a Discord. Thank you for your time. DM me today and let's see where this goes! Contact information: In game - X'lantah Kett Discord - JenileeD20#9861
  21. Video Link and Tumblr Post is HERE. YES. IT IS THAT TIME ONCE AGAIN. Battle At the Big Beach is back for a third installment! Everything you need to know is in the hastly-made video above, but here is some additional stuff too: This is a big party to celebrate another year of the Free Company, Silver Lily (formerly the Anemos Circle). We always celebrate with a big brawl on the beach! It’s a lot of fun and we’d love to have you with us! This year, in addition to the brawl, we are also doing the Battle of Wits from last year, where Jace will question you and your knowledge. THERE WILL BE PRIZES OF COURSE. What’s a party without party favors?! All that aside, we of course ask that you sign-up for anything AND if you want, bring some cool stuff, too! If your character cooks, bring some food! Is your character a boozy-pirate? Bring some ale for the whole class! It’s all in good fun, so come out and enjoy the summer with us! When: August 18, 2018 - 7:30pm EST Where: The Mist, Ward 3 - At the Beach! Check out the sign-up sheet here! If you have any questions, contact me here or on Discord: Jace Hunter#0001
  22. Ryuusei Tea Room What: Ryuusei Team Room - Othardian Tea Room and Baths When: Every other Sunday of the month ( First and Third Sundays ) | 7pm EDT/ 4pm PST/ 11pm GMT (Max 2 ½ hours) Where: Shirogane, Ward 11, Plot 43 (Southern Shirogane Subdivision Aethernet) Server: Balmung Server Website: Ryuusei Tea Room | @ryuuseitearoom Proprietors: Lady Kitsuno & Lady Reika Yamazaki Description: A cozy Doman/Othardian Styled Tea Room, for relaxing, enjoying company and small performances if it pleases you, and make some new friends! Come on by for a taste of Othard’s finest teas, with new flavors of tea and snacks being crafted for your pleasure, or relax in our hot tubs! (Everything is paid in ic gil, so no real gil is traded, however, donations in gil are more than welcome to help support our giveaways and events!) Come tell us a story of your adventure on our stage, or give us a small performance if you'd like- just be sure to respect our environment and ambiance if you do! IC/OOC Notes: - Please leave any weapons at the door with our attendants, they will be returned to you on your departure by our sanctuary attendants! - No violent, abusive or rude behavior will be tolerated- our atmosphere is meant to be comfortable and relaxing! If you’re looking for such RP, please take it elsewhere! We will not tolerate anyone misbehaving ICly or OOCly on the premises and the sanctuary retainers will remove and ban anyone that hassles other guests or the staff. - Please be patient, and cooperate with the staff. Since a lot of our staff will be attending to guests in conversation and service, feel free to seat yourselves if no one has done so already and they will get to you as soon as you do! - We will occasionally do giveaways, for Mog Station or In-Game items, or artwork (with raffle tickets to be paid in real gil!) We will announce when we do these, so please look forward to them! Other: The Estate is also available for hosting events for a small fee per hour (real gil) , if you require it (please contact Lady Kitsuno to discuss estate availability and days at @foxlike-ffxiv if so!) Become a donor and regular guest and you may even see your name on our personally crafted guest blends, created in your name and favorite flavors!
  23. This is a directory intended to help the sizable EU community find each other. You can submit a reply using the template at the bottom of this topic, as a looking for connections type post. If you posted in the previous version of this thread, feel free to re-post. European RP is for the purposes of this thread defined as RP that takes place in the European primetime/peak, usually the evening and early night. Roughly translated to US timezones, this happens somewhere between 2pm EST and 6-8PM EST. For additional listings by theme, see here: https://tinyurl.com/where-is-the-rp For the various listings of Free Companies and Linkshells, these tags may be used: EU: A company/linkshell that operates primarily in the EU peak. EU-Friendly: A company/linkshell that recognizes and tries to include it's EU based members by starting (some) events early. EU/NA: A company/linkshell that is a mix of EU and NA players. If you want a Free Company/Linkshell included in the list below, please reply to this thread with the relevant information; Name of your FC/LS, Server, Tag (see above), Link to RPC listing/Tumblr. FC List [Balmung] [EU] Drunken Moogle [Balmung] [EU/NA] Aeon [Omega] [EU] Path of the Rootless [Balmung] [EU] Metaphysick [Balmung] [EU] East Eerie Trading Company [Omega] [EU] Tempus Ballad [Balmung] [EU/NA] The Mayusaki Estate | Contact: Asami Hanasaki. Linkshell List [Omega] [EU] RP Network [Balmung] [EU/NA] Hugs & Cake [Balmung] [EU/NA] Witches' Wyrd Web [Multi-Server] [EU] Ballad Network Discord Community List: Helpful Tools: Time Converter Template: Main Character's Name: Alts: Server: Brief descriptions and/or links to any Wiki's: Usually online between: Intensity: (Light/Medium/Heavy or New/Experienced, whatever floats your boat.) + Anything else you feel is useful for other people to know.
  24. Palazzo Aldenard invites you to join us for a night of fancy gowns, waltzes, cocktails and hidden identities. Immersive music dimmed lighting, and expertly crafted decor will transport you from the hot dregs of summer to a whimsical ballroom of Ishgard. Come with a date or partake in a roulette and allow fate to decide your evening. Enjoy an evening of discretion and disguise, but as always, masks come off at midnight. When: September 1, 2018 at 9 pm EDT Where: Palazzo Aldenard, Mists Ward 7 Plot 15, Balmung Server
  25. Faye

    Teatime <Tea>'s RP Night

    Each Friday, we will have an RP night for the free company starting at 8:00 PM eastern time! There is no strict purpose for this event other than RPing together, so we might do everything from social RP at the house, attending public events on the server, or progressing FC storylines! Come enjoy some RP!