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Found 7 results

  1. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    I can't login anymore! What happened? There are a couple things that might've happened here. You had multiple accounts on RPC that used the same email. Anyone who had multiple accounts on RPC with the same email will find that the new email-based accounts here have merged all their secondary accounts. Which every account was oldest was the one that was made primary. You may need to reset your password! You registered after our final save. We were able to snapshot data from February 11, around 11AM-12PM. If you registered after this date, your account was not carried over. Please re-register. Is it just me or does the site crash or go offline a lot? It's not you. It's me. I've been working on tweaking the server config for performance and features and have to restart servers now and then. Occasionally I break something to x_x The old site is gone! What happened to my posts? All content should have been migrated, however there may be some formatting issues that the converter couldn't catch. You can find RPC's old site at https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/mybb/ and any old links you may have bookmarked should continue to work. Where did my avatar image go? During the conversion from our MyBB site, avatars were not carried over due to a limitation in the converter tools. RPC staff can help you retrieve an image if you'd like to reupload it for use again. I was a patron on RPC but it doesn't show any more. What gives? Let Unnamed Mercenary know in a PM, chat message, or some other mean. I'll cross-reference from the old site and get your name updated! Chances are, you had an older account that your patron name was merged into and that removed your group access. Why are my Linkshells and Free Company listings are missing? The new Linkshell Hall and Free Company Hall pages are built off InvisionPower's new "Clubs" feature. They allow users to make full sub-communities on the RPC! While we can't migrate a listing from the old halls directly, we can migrate your old list's thread into a club forum. What happened to my Gallery images? They aren't gone! We promise. RPC previously used a gallery software called Coppermine, with some delicate code that bridged the gallery to upload using your credentials. We've converted and transferred all images over to the new gallery, but we'll need to manually re-assign your uploads to you. We understand that this is not ideal and ask for your patience and understanding in the matter. If you'd like to help us out, you can send us a list of which photos were yours with links from the new gallery and we'll get the linked to you so they show up in your profile. The editor is quirky. Yes. Yes it is. If you're trying to make a line break, you can use HTML or shift-enter if you don't want paragraph block spacing.(The enter key is now a line break and not a paragraph.) For advanced users, you can technically edit fully in HTML. We use CKEditor now. If you want a certain plugin, we can try getting it integrated. I noticed a post that looks weird. There are BBCode or formatting issues. RPC's previous forum made use of a lot of custom and nonstandard BBCode. Users are encouraged to update their posts to make them pretty again. The new editor will access BBCode, but you cannot convert formatted text back into BBCode. Users are able to post with some basic HTML tags now, however! If you need any assistance, please contact the staff! Internal links will need to be manually updated. If you spot something that seems out of place, please report it. The theme is very...bright. We're working on making the theme easier on the eyes. If you have experience with Invision Power board themes, please contact Unnamed Mercenary. Users should be able to select an IPS4 Dark theme now as well. The css hasn't been check yet, but it should give a very simple black and blue appearance better for evening viewing. The site feels kinda slow. Are you sure it's better? The sluggish performance is partly to do with the migration procedures and shouldn't be permanent. (But may last until the server bill's paid again.) We used a lot of processing getting everything moved over and should build up speed as things are cached and stored away again. I keep getting asked if I want to allow notifications. Why is the site nagging me? It loves you. IPS keeps more active connections to the server to help update you on content faster. The new RPC site is excited to notify you about all sorts of things! Notification popups are handled by your browser. Most should give you an option to blacklist the RPC if you no longer want them. Be sure to check out all of the notification settings here, as the defaults may not be the best for you! https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/ips/index.php?/notifications/options/ I was doing something on the website that took a while and suddenly the page became filled with garbage text. Did something go horribly wrong?! This is tricky. And to give a basic explanation, some of the webserver code might not have had a good time trying to process your request. We're working to tune the server config so that this doesn't happen. If you can provide details like what browser you were using, the page you were and, and what you were trying to to do, we can check to see if something happened at that time. So far, this most often appears when uploading larger images to the gallery. You can sometimes resume by reloading the page. Edit 2018/04/18: We've upgraded to IPS 4.3 - Technical Details Users can now make read-only club listings for the FC and LS halls. These are viewable to any, but require invite/membership to post. The Gallery now supports anyone-can-use albums. The general categories will now allow uploads if you don't want to make a personal album. Users who already have albums can adjust the settings.
  2. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC Surpases 100GB of data

    Hello! Our webserver's storage has reached a new milestone. (And actually got full). I'm working to expand the storage now, but until then, uploads to the site may cause an error. This thread will be updated when the maintenance is complete.
  3. On the weekend of March 3-4, RPC will be undergoing some server maintenance and the site will need to go offline. The maintenance is starting on Saturday morning, 8 AM PST. While we expect everything to be back up and running quickly, there may be unexpected downtime if any complications arise. A full backup of the database will be taken, and all other data will be snapshotted. A maintenance page for the forums will be posted during this time when the webserver is running, but not yet ready for traffic. This will affect both the forums and the wiki.
  4. Chapter 7: Operation Frozen Vigil The sound of a lone quill scratching against parchment as Headmistress Klara Vyne signed her name. She looked over the paper once more and nodded in approval, her gaze moving up to the two men in front of her. One was a young elezen who wore a mark signified by a bell and the other a much older hyur man with a white beard, his tunic bearing the mark of a rook. “Thank you for your assistance in these patrols, Miss Vyne.” The older man gave a smile, his eyes wrinkling as he did so, the years of faithful service as a guard in Falcon’s Next apparent on his face. “I hope that this will help open doors for future cooperation between your academy and Houses Dzemael and Durendaire of Ishgard.” Klara stood as the two men prepared to leave, bowing politely to each as the bowed to her. “I look forward to forming an alliance between us. I will brief my students on the mission and they will gladly carry out the task. After all, there is nothing like learning hands on.” The man again smiled, “I always say..never woulda learned a thing if it hadn’t been for my old man takin’ me out on patrols with him. Most valuable lessons I learned were out on those treks. At any rate, we’ll need to get going. It’s a long journey back and we’ll want to try and beat the next round of snowstorms. Farewell, Miss Vyne. We’ll be seeing the lot of you real soon.” And with that, the two men left the office. Klara looked down at the paperwork in front of her. The sigil of the two houses stamped onto the document next to her own signature. She tapped her chin thoughtfully before getting straight to work on posting the mission overview for interested students. Attention all students and staff: It is with great pleasure that IPA is announcing our next mission. We will be accepting applications for willing and able students, BLAZE members, and staff to partake and oversee Operation Frozen Vigil. Those who wish to apply may pick up an application form at the office of the Headmistress. Those who are chosen for this mission will be informed and will be required to attend mission briefs and strategy sessions in addition to their normal classes. No work will be excused for participating in this mission.
  5. In the coming weeks, I'll be beginning the task of updating our wiki installation to a more current version. during this process, the wiki may need to be taken offline while files are updated and extensions are tested. Unlike the RPC forums, we cannot easily roll back changes or keep an old wiki up along with a new wiki side by side. A snapshot of the database will be taken after the site is brought offline to ensure that all changes are saved. I'll also be implementing a newer login bridge using a more secure method. Saving the wiki's database will ensure that if absolutely needed, we can roll back to all of the text content, however if something were to possibly go wrong during the upgrade steps, images may be a little more tricky. If the wiki is your only place for storing any art, screenshots, or other media, please make a backup of your files. While we don't foresee any issues, the RPC's current wiki software recently hit end of support status and many extensions will likely need to be updated in the process, like the ones that create tabs. To make a backup of your wiki page content (does not include actual files) that can be re-imported in the event that anything goes wrong, you can go to https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/index.php?title=Special:Export and export your wiki, including edit history into an importable XML format. (Saving all the wikicode from the editor also works in most cases.) I will update this post as more information comes out. Barring any immediate issues that would need to be taken care of sooner (login bridge that we use right now not working, severe security issue, something breaks, etc), this is planned for when the RPC is updated to IPS 4.3. due out around late February / early March timeframe.
  6. The Free Company Hall here has been replaced by the new Linkshell clubs section. You can find per-server designations on the headers above or go to All Active Free Companies here. Per the cleaning rules, threads in this section will slowly be archived in the Chronicles section.
  7. The Linkshell hall here has been replaced by the new Linkshell clubs section. You can find per-server designations on the headers above or go to All Active Linkshells here. Per the cleaning rules, threads in this section will slowly be archived in the Chronicles section.