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  2. Kittenfish

    Opening a Can of Worms

    After the meeting this week we'll be taking care of something rather important. TBA at the meeting.
  3. Devonny Starlily

    Looking for friends in Crystal

    Hey, guys! My friends and I decided we're going to leave Siren during the free world transfers next week and migrate to a Crystal Data Center server. Ideally, we'd like a low pop server so we can maybe get housing down the road, but really, anything could work with the right group. It would be awesome if we could find a chill RP guild or a few like-minded friends to make one with. Anybody looking for RP buddies? Here's a link to my (very first!) RP profile to give you an idea of what I'm looking for: https://zoyaghiri.carrd.co/
  4. Zihry'a Xophyu A young adult looking for a friend to go on adventures with. One who is strong and courageous to help him handle the threats the world has about. being a gentle natured individual, Zir is not so fond of killing even the most basic of pests and thus usually relies on a sell sword or mercenary for the dirty work of adventuring so he can focus on whatever it is he is getting up to. Sometimes this is retrieving a lost relic but most of the time it's hunting down a rare herb, plant or creature to collect samples from for his alchemy where he tries to find new ways to create potions - salves - and other medicinal items to help those injured around him. He is quick to smile, timid by nature but friendly and soft spoken. Just a young man at the start of his life ready to step forward and meet his destiny, find a good friend and...if he's lucky...maybe even find a lover. (contact Altanii#0693 on Discord for more information) https://hya.carrd.co/
  5. Zari'to Honi

    Far From Home

    "Nothing that just didn't work itself out." Honi was the first to reply before taking Lyra's arm and pulling at her to follow. Of course he snatched up a sausage as he attempted to move them away because, well this was Honi and leading a plate of food was a sin he didn't commit often. "Going to Ul'dah was a bad idea huh..." He said over his shoulder. He was keenly aware that the Highlander seemed to have worked something out regarding Lyra and Honi found himself curious. Perhaps he would have to start asking questions of his own soon.
  6. Kaizyr

    Far From Home

    Lyra threw a thumb over her shoulder, gesturing to Honi. "And my buddy here's a Grade-A hunter, if ya catch my drift. Awful good at skinnin' his prey. Twelve be damned, sometimes I gotta wonder what happens to 'em; there ain't never any trace-a the husks after he's through." "You think you can scare me with your..." The Highlander cut his sentence off, taking a good look at Lyra. As he got a good look, his expression darkened a bit with a twinge of fear. He even withdrew a half-step. "Red bandana... Green eyes... Between Highlander and Midlander... By the Twelve. It's...!" Two burly Roe sailors muscled their way onto the scene. When they reached the tense situation between the three passengers, they crossed their arms over their broad chests. "There are problem here, mates?"
  7. until
    Server: Famfrit Where: Goblet, Ward 14, Plot 19 Day: Every Thursday Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm EST Type of RP: Casual hangout, occasional events, social, character building
  8. Kaizyr

    Hello there!

    Welcome to the community, Wricked! So you're a Miqo'te and in Ul'dah. If you want to learn a bit more of their lore/backstories, I suggest these links to start: For Ul'dah: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Ul'dah For Miqo'te: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Miqo'te and Miqo'te common name structures: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Miqo'te/Naming Also, from what I understand roleplayers on your server (Zalera) are little hard to find. However! If you search the forums with the keyword "Zalera" you might find some of them. For example: I'm also fairly new myself, but I play on the server Mateus. Other people will be more helpful, but feel free to send me a message anyway if you have questions Good luck!
  9. We're open in 30 minutes!! :D
  10. Yesterday
  11. Wricked

    Hello there!

    Hello people, I'm completely (like 99%) new to FFXIV, still a f2p account. I'm new to the game and still level 8! I love doing roleplay, especially while I level up, I have a female miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun) adventuring on (Ul'dah), I prefer mostly long term rps, but since I'm very new to the game I want to see how things goes here. There is a image of her for now. :) Any other tips/advices is appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Zari'to Honi

    Far From Home

    There was a shift in change in his demeanor and the normally very cheerful Miqo'te was rather calm, almost in a eerie sense. Slowly standing up as well, his tail twitched nervously but otherwise, Honi looked calm. "Look mate... We aren't looking for trouble... We aren't backing away from any that finds it's way to us either... Now why don't you take my tankard... it's untouched even, and just enjoy the rest of your day.... It's just I'd really hate to hear the sound of bones breaking... It's a gruesome sound that sticks with you, and when ever I travel with HER she always ends up breaking sounds arm are leg... You would think you get use to it... but at night... I swear I can hear... SNAP!" He shook his head as if he was reliving a nightmare. "Very gruesome..."
  13. Tsukiko Tanshi

    balmung Red Lantern Society - RedRP

    [[ It has been a few months, and I had a few contacting me asking if we were still open. We are! ]]
  14. MoonieLoonie

    - Moonie's Commissions - OPEN

    I am back! Hi there! I will be super forward with you guys; I am opening commissions for 4 slots to gain a bit of money for a convention this weekend! _____ _____ _____ _____ --------------------------------- All rights reserved - For more information: Aytiginn commissions You can follow me on deviant art as well ! : Aytiginn Dev Follow me on twitter: @Moonie_2_Loonie Support me on Patreon for discounts, rewards and more: patreon.com/Moonie_Loonie
  15. RaenRain

    Romance 💞

    I sent it!
  16. Halstein Mercer

    Turn your main RP char into an NPC

    Hal would be part of a quest line where the player has to stop him from blowing things up and killing a bunch of people. In the end he’d be captured by the player, handed to the authorities and summarily executed.
  17. Hey there! Thanks for clicking! I'm looking for a long term rp partner for my Doman kung-fu boy, Ren Huang. More info on Ren here: https://ren-huang.carrd.co As the title goes, expect some dark themes should you agree to collaborate with me. A possible romantic interest for Ren is also a plus but not mandatory. My character has ties to Yotsuyu's reign as viceroy of Doma and has committed a lot of murders and assassinations while serving her. While most Domans believe that he was executed following the liberation of Doma, they might be surprised to find out that he's currently running around Eorzea, alive and well. With that premise in my nd, here are some plot suggestions: 1. Someone YC knew could be one of Ren's victims in the past and they decide to get even with him. 2. Someone from Doma may want Ren dead and YC was hired to do him in. 3. YC could be a co-conspirator and served along with Ren during the occupation. Ren's not exactly eager to meet people from his troubled past. Of course, if you have any other idea besides these three, please feel free to share it with me. You can reply on this thread or send me a PM here if you're interested or contact me via Discord (Ren-kun#9587). Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!
  18. I avoid the Ul'dah hub and get quite a bit of random RP in the wild, when I put some effort in. My other source is events and LS. Lets leave aside the RP flag, because that's too easy JFDI You have to always be checking and prepared to RP, if not you wont spot it My general approach is to just throw our IC comments and from time to time someone bites Listen (watch) the /say channel to see if they are RPing, and just throw some IC chatter in, walk up etc.. Cautious? Check for RP flags Check their search info, it may say "♥WU" or similar (I often check this as you get some insight to them) You can always PM them if still reticent
  19. Kaizyr

    Far From Home

    The gruff Highlander stood up, towering over them with his full height and looking more intimidating since Lyra and Honi were seated. He ignores Honi's offer. "You think you can grab anyone's tankard like it's yours? Who do you think you are, you whoreson?!" Lyra flared and shot into a stand turning to the Highlander and standing toe to toe with him as she looked him in the eye. Even so, she had to crane her neck quite a bit since she her height just barely reached his chest. "It's whore-daughter, actually." Her expression suddenly breaks into a manic grin. "Ya lookin' for a fight, mate?" Some of the passengers glanced warily at the scene unfolding in the galley, but most couldn't be bothered. This kind of thing must've happened a lot on ferries between La Noscea and Thanalan.
  20. Leezil

    Turn your main RP char into an NPC

    "Greenheart" would be a Botanist or Alchemist questgiver, enlisting your help to design urban farming systems and fertilizers to help grow food for the struggling people of [tokyo fanfest spoilers]
  21. Kittenfish

    Zereth Awanda

  22. Kittenfish

    Cira Molkoh

  23. Kittenfish


  24. Kittenfish

    Kiyokage Mizuhiki

  25. Kittenfish

    Katherina Khaine

    After a hair cut.
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