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Full Version: Looking for connections!
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I'm relatively new to FFXIV and new to roleplaying in MMOs, but I've got a bit of experience with more traditional writing (roleplaying forums, chats, collaborative writing, etc.). Well, and I'd like to get into the MMO side of things with it now!

I'm playing on Omega with wildly varyying playtimes, (these days often morning to afternoon), and unless I'm grinding trough my roulettes I'm often open for RP!

My character would be a Scholar, a gridanian born Hyur that came out of wanderlust to Limsa Lominsa and now works for the Maelstrom as a healer. She has a curious and outgoing personality, and a special love towards everything airborne, skyships and ixali balloons (the rather got her some strange stares back home) and still some difficulties settling into Limsas very different culture. In regards to her scholarl status, I wouldn't assume a fairy for her, but rather working with the arcanists of the guild in Limsa. Her - maybe somewhat unusual - field of research would be aeronautics, and she'd almost religiously search for mentions of it from cultures of previous eras. (Nym, like as not^^) I'm interested in short meetups and scenes, but I'm also open for longer plots and character development! Naturally I'm also happy for any advice you can give me in regards to character creation and roleplaying in general, consider my sprout status in this applicable too Tongue

I'm also happy to just talk or make friends when time doesn't allow an RP! You can find me ingame as Ithiljiera Leah
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