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The Crystal Chronicle <Press> - Talman Chryses - 08-02-2017

The Crystal Chronicle is hiring!
Crystal Chronicle <Press> is a Free Company that produces The Crystal Chronicle, a weekly In-Character newspaper covering player-run events and other things of interest to the Balmung RP community. The aim is to help bring the community together by informing people about what other groups are doing and helping make connections.
Being a member of<Press> usually has an IC and an OOC component -- you play the role of a certain staff member at the newspaper, and you also help produce the paper each week. We are an outward-looking FC, since producing the paper and roleplaying with the community are our main focuses. That said, we also have weekly internal RP events focusing on the art, writing, or security departments.
We are hiring for all positions! You can have a primary and a secondary job if you want to do more than one thing. Here are the different jobs:
Creative Division

  • Reporters, columnists. These people attend events, conduct interviews or do research, and write up articles. We are currently looking for someone interested in being a sports correspondent, covering events like the Grindstone.
  • Accompany reporters and take screenshots, sometimes putting together photo-journalism pieces alone. Some artists also actually draw things, but this is not required.
  • People who seek out interesting stories and events and make contacts for the paper and report back to the department heads.
  • People who work with the writers to get their work ready for publication. A good job if you have a good sense of writing style and grammar.

Operations Division

Business Department
  • These people take care of the Chronicle's accounts, legal affairs and advertising. Their main job at present is finding clients to advertise in the paper and making deals with them. This department needs staff urgently.
Security Officer
  • Eorzea is a dangerous place. These people accompany reporters and distributors to ensure their safety.
  • People in charge of distributing the paper, especially on Sundays at our main distribution event, when we walk through the streets of major cities crying the news.
Press Technician
  • The people who maintain and run the presses. An RP-only designation at present, since the head of this department does all the layout for the paper himself. Good for anyone interested in crafting or technology.

If you're interested, send me a PM, message me in game, or send a letter via our moogle courier. http://news.thecrystalchronicle.com/moogle-mail/
For more information about the company, see our website: http://company.thecrystalchronicle.com/

For the paper itself, find it at http://news.thecrystalchronicle.com/