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[6-29-2015] RPC Chat - Melkire - 06-29-2015 06:12 PM


We have chat capabilities now.

What this means for all registered users on desktop machines is that you should see a chat bar across the bottom of your browser window now whenever you're viewing a RPC web page. Be advised that the layout differs slightly between desktop and mobile browsers.

Basic functionality on desktop is as follows:
  • "Chat" will indicate how many users are online, as well as whether they are currently viewing their browser and whether they are on mobile. Click on "Chat" to expand and view the list of users.
  • Clicking the Quote symbol with the "Chat Rooms" mouse-over will, be default, drop you into the General Chat Room. Please be advised that there are no FFXIV spoilers allowed in GenChat.
  • A small red "New" notification will pop up over a chat window/room whenever someone speaks up. A bug exists where this notification will be wiped if you move to a different RPC web page.
  • To leave a chat room and view the room lobby, click the Door symbol in the upper right-hand corner of a Chat Room to leave it.
  • We currently have General Chat, Spoiler Station, and a number of IC chat rooms for live RP purposes.
  • To chat directly with another user, click on their icon from the "Chat" User List, or click on their icon from the chat room list of users and then select "Private Message".
  • A report function exists for RPC Chat that will inform all admins and mods. Please use this when appropriate.
  • Admins and mods can and will ban users from RPC Chat for toxic behavior. This can be anywhere from a few seconds to permanently.

Please note that there are a number of confirmed bugs with the chat feature. Rest assured that we've put in tickets for the known issues. We'll have a list for you shortly.

Many thanks to our Patrons, who've made this possible with their donations. Thank you again for helping us test the new feature and document bugs as we ran into them. We hope you all enjoy the new feature moving forward!

[5 February 2017] RPC Chat Upgrade - Gegenji - 02-22-2017 11:00 AM

Just some heads-up for folks using this for the first time.

If it's working right, you should see something similar to this:

That plus sign (which I circled in red) is how you join multiple chats! Just click on it and you'll get a list of available chats - if it's a person-made one, it might have a password (identified by the chat having a little lock icon on it). Just pick whichever one you like and you'll be in that one along with the others. Just like in my example pic above, I'm in both the General Chat AND IC Tavern!

There are some things that you'll want to keep in mind. One of which I find kinda clunky.

1. You can only be in three chats at a time. If you try to add a fourth it'll tell you so.
2. To add your own chat, when you're on the chat list "page," click the little plus icon up on the top bar next to the little gear. That'll let you create your own chatroom.
3. The clunky thing. If one of the chats you have "open" is a passworded one, every time you move away from that tab and back again, you'll have to re-enter the password.

One last tidbit, if you're not seeing the chat like in the picture... try either refreshing the page or using a different browser. The chat didn't "update" its look for me until I refreshed, and another user had to switch from Chrome to Firefox.

Hope that all helps and enjoy the new chatroom! I am! Laugh