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Differences and similarities between you and your character - 13uddy - 08-03-2015 01:49 PM

There were a few comments in other threads about how a character may be different or similar to the person playing them, and I'm curious if there are any major differences or similarities between your character and yourself.


I think the two biggest similarities are that we both survived being very ill as children (I'm a cancer survivor and he was very weak and ill due to injury, dangerously high fevers, infections and other things) and that we are both fascinated with the mythology and folklore of our worlds.  

We also have a shared weakness for sweets.  Granted, I do have some self control, but sometimes I may tell myself I'm only going to eat one or two squares from a bar of chocolate and end up eating half the bar (if not all of it).  

And then there is a somewhat similar sense of humor and general outlook.  We both know things are or can be bad, we just try not to let it get us down.  We aren't saints, but we would rather make someone laugh or smile instead of making them feel bad or starting an argument over something trivial.


There are several minor ones, but stuff like "he can walk without assistance" or "he can hear" don't really count to me.  

He loves spicy foods.  Technically, I do enjoy spicy foods, I just can't have them due to my ulcers and other stomach issues.  To be honest, this is a fairly common trait with my characters since I wish I could eat spicy foods without ending up in the hospital or just feeling very uncomfortable for days after.  I'm living vicariously though them this way.

He hates strong alcohol, mostly because he has a very, very low tolerance, but he also hates the taste.  I, on the other hand, don't have a preference.  I don't drink very often (mostly due to the same reason I can't have spicy foods), but I'm not that bothered by the taste of hard liquor.  I actually enjoy the taste of some on their own rather than mixed with something.

He's also a fair bit superstitious.  Nothing too extreme, but there are a bunch of little things he believes that are usually nothing more than rumors or old beliefs.  I can't honestly say that I'm not, but I'm not even close to the same degree that he is.

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Aaron - 08-03-2015 03:01 PM

Deleted for a better version

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - cuideag - 08-03-2015 03:20 PM

1. Sense of humor
2. Love of snark
3. Everybody's cute
4. Doesn't know what to do with kindness, gifts, etc.
5. REALLY BAD at sympathy
6. Happy drunk

1. Much more violent than me (I ain't about to kill anybody, yeesh)
2. Puts a whole heck of a lot more effort into her appearance and carriage than me
3. Much more open about her sexuality
4. A lot closer to her family/loved ones... or tries to be, anyway, with often catastrophic results.
5. Much more aggressive in a lot of areas in general than I am
6. Looks that can kill vs. .....panda bear?? potato??????? WHAT AM I

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Unnamed Mercenary - 08-03-2015 04:10 PM

A love of food
Decent alcohol tolerance
Hiding issues
We try to stay collected in heated issues

Franz is nearly a fulm (a foot) taller than I am
Franz is actually in shape and wants to keep it that way
WAY more prone to violence
Franz can fight
I'm not homeless or unemployed

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Kellach Woods - 08-03-2015 05:14 PM

We're both pan.

Das it mane.

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Asmodean - 08-04-2015 07:18 AM

Respectful until you prove you do not deserve respect.
Strong work ethics
Calm and resourceful
Suffer from bouts of insomnia

I am not a Warrior nor think killing is every the right choice.
I have no pets due to lack of funds and doubt I would be able to take good care of them.
Asmodean has lost both his parents where I lucky still have both of mine
Asmodean has some faith in the twelve while I am an agnostic Atheist
Asmodean is a skilled piano player. I can only dream Cry

I'm sure there is more but currently lack of sleep make thinking hard. >.>

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Corelyn - 08-04-2015 08:15 AM

- Corelyn is far, far, far more intelligent (than just about anyone, but that includes myself)
- Corelyn has a far better ability to retain information without needing references
- Corelyn has far more focus
- Corelyn is female; her player is male
- Corelyn is pansexual; her player is heterosexual
- Corelyn dyes her hair and has piercings
- Corelyn is in shape, to a degree
- Corelyn doesn't have any physical disabilities
- Corelyn served in the military
- Corelyn has a massive phobia of the undead
- Corelyn is not entirely human (Garlean pureblood being its own race, I assume)
- Corelyn prefers sweet foods; her player prefers anything and everything, but mostly salty
- Corelyn is far more self-centred
- Corelyn is actually fairly attractive (hurhurhur); her player is a bum

- Both have an undying love of machinery, technology, and the like
- Both wear corrective eyewear
- Both are naturally blonde
- Both have problems with anxiety and paranoia
- Both make an honest attempt to do good
- Both feel as though they are "more intelligent than a lot of people"
- Both encounter a fair amount of issues because of the above
- Both have a difficult time understanding strange customs, especially harmful ones
- Neither like wasting time'
- Neither are particularly good with prolonged social exposure without breaks

- Dail'a is in incredible shape
- Dail'a doesn't have any physical or mental disabilities
- Dail'a is proficient in many forms of martial combat
- Dail'a tends to be incredibly cocky and confident
- Dail'a likes giving people fun nicknames
- Dail'a has near-perfect vision and generally better senses overall
- Dail'a is incredibly tough - can shrug off or withstand most heavy wounds
- Dail'a is a wandering, homeless adventurer who lives out of inn rooms
- Dail'a is a miqo'te Keeper of the Moon - fangs, tail, ears - all that to go with it
- Dail'a has a very thick cockney
- Dail'a doesn't care enough to learn what he views as irrelevant at the time
- Dail'a can and will break things or hurt people when angered by them
- Dail'a has a nearly unending appetite
- Dail'a has no concern for consequences if he feels he can avoid them
- Dail'a is covered in tattoos

- Both want to do the "right thing" - whatever that seems to be at the time
- Both tend to be assholes and love messing with people
- Both will cut it out the moment someone is legitimately upset
- Both have an undying love of cats
- Both utterly despise formalities, regarding them as fake and somewhat insulting
- Both are fairly easy-going, choosing not to care about much
- Both use the above as a mechanism to not worry about everything and everyone
- Both have explosives tempers and will nerd rage, scream, yell and stomp around
- Both love food and will eat damned near anything and everything - especially salty stuff
- Both love it when things go "boom" - EXPLOSIONS!
- Both have ridiculous and often immature or bizarre senses of humour
- Both have blond hair and blue eyes
- Both are incredibly sensitive to bright lights and high-pitched noises

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Rosamund - 08-04-2015 08:22 AM


1. We both tend to worry. A lot.
2. We want to see everyone getting along.
3. We have a bit of a temper. Blush
4. We're both scared of ghosts (which don't exist...RIGHT?)!


1. I hate fish and beer.
2. I hate thrill seeking.
3. I hate lying and keeping secrets.
4. I don't steal!
5. I can read and write properly (I hope!).

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Gegenji - 08-04-2015 08:47 AM

There's plenty of major differences that are obvious - not being a Popoto in real life, for example - as well a many nuances I could point out (hair and eye color, overall height, etc.). However, I'll throw together a vague list of similarities and differences across my three characters, of both actual and (possibly) humorous things.

We both...
- Want people to be happy and have fun. Blush
- Worry a lot.
- Are very loyal.
- Love hugs!
- Like fizzy drinks and don't drink alcohol.
- Know how to fight a little, but nothing extraordinary!
- Have done quite a bit of traveling!

I'm not...
- Anywhere near as fit.
- As good at making friends and talking to people.
- As knowledgeable in metallurgy (i.e. next to none).
- Nearly as dim-witted (I feel like I am sometimes, though!)
- Anywhere near as adorable.

We both...
- Wear glasses.
- Are roughly in the same age range.
- Enjoy thinking tactically.
- Are awkward in social situations (though for differing reasons).
- Are good at math!
- Don't like not knowing stuff.

I'm not...
- Anywhere near as egotistical and self-centered.
- As mean to other people (I hope... Sad ).
- As intelligent (as he's supposed to be, anyway).
- Good with history.
- Any sort of leadership material.
- All that fond of tea.

We both...
- Dislike people who break the law (especially bad drivers, for me).
- Are often told we're being too loud when we don't think we are. :<
- Are more likely to be reactive than proactive.

I'm not...
- Of such a Black-and-White viewpoint on everything.
- Old.
- Strong or intimidating or have anywhere near his level of presence.
- Able to cook nor as critical of cooking.
- A drinker of alcohol.
- Able to ride a horse around with my arms crossed.

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Kiur - 08-04-2015 08:59 AM

While is true I put a bit of my soul into every character I make... Kiur and I couldn't really be more different.
She has neurological damage, I don't (Would I know if I did? OHOHOHO).
She can fight, I can't.

We're both gay, though. So I guess there's that.

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Kurt S. - 08-04-2015 12:29 PM


-Gender. (Well yeahh)
-Knows how to fight.
-Can cook.
-Only has one parent.
-Subject to biweekly 15min breaks.
-Waaaay more broken emotionally.
-Has actual firearms experience.
-A year older than me.
-Doesnt always have wear glasses.
-Tailor weaving skills.
-Is actually employed...sort of.
-Has actually been in a relationship (only to see that ship burn and sink so many times bwahahaha)

-Travels the world (though just se and e asia for me)
-Stupidly persistent.
-Taste in food...namely drowning it in spices.
-Pet doggie dog
-Close to the family
-Tech savvy (me with electronics, her with the engineering)
-No car.
-Prone to making stupid decisions.

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Sylentmana - 08-05-2015 01:39 PM

-Both have a strong interest in ancient civilizations.
-Both love reading.
-Both are more introverted.
-Neither of us put much stock in religion.
-Both have little regard/respect for those often considered our "betters" unless they earned their wealth/position in a fair and honest way (nobility, the very wealthy).
-We hate being told what to do and will often do the opposite out of spite.
-We both have a strong interest in botany.

-I don't consider myself stupid, but Q'ilora has a genius level intellect.
-I have a short temper, but Q'ilora is slow to anger and can remain calm in most situations.
-I have a short attention span, but she can remain focused for long periods.
-Q'ilora has a bit of a sadistic streak when it comes to her enemies.
-She isn't afraid of conflict though she doesn't actively seek it. I avoid it at all costs.
-She holds grudges, but I prefer to just drop the issue and avoid it and often the person.
-I'm prone to panic in dangerous situations, but she can remain calm and often seems unfazed if not amused.

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Qhora Bajihri - 08-05-2015 06:10 PM

- emotional volatility (mercurial)
- experience with loss that's significantly affected mental state (hers is far more extreme)
- preference for solitude
- love of travel (but she actually gets to indulge and I just dream), lots of childhood traveling
- teetotaling
- minimum spirituality, but not non-existent

- Qhora refuses to have a family
- Qhora's killed people, and will probably continue to do so
- Qhora can fight
- Qhora has significant criminal history - I have zero
- Qhora's an orphan
- Qhora's into science, or at least alchemy, and it's never been my cup of tea
- Qhora likes fishing, yaaaaaawn - I like fishing in-game, but RL fishing is the worst

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - Caspar - 08-05-2015 09:08 PM

There are some things similar and some things different. Generally I try to play a character as different from myself as possible in at least one theater. However there usually is some internal characteristic or focal point that I find innately sympathetic, or I will have trouble really grasping their character well.

Regarding Virara, she is as non-mental as she can force herself to be. I tend to mull over things and second-guess myself constantly; Virara never does this by conscious intent. Virara is insensitive and I've been accused of such, but I actually do generally feel pretty bad about making someone upset. The way I act on Balmung is actually super different than how I act in other places; I'm trying legitimately to be a lighter, softer me, because I've observed that people here can be very sensitive, and I don't want to bother them. Virara might honestly not care if she is indifferent to a person. She apologizes, but it is out of obligation and training, not true regret, unless it is to someone close to her. Virara values honesty, and so do I, but combined with her extreme insensitivity, she is liable to tell someone something crushing as long as it's true, which I've avoided doing before, to some degree of regret. I am naturally cynical, while Virara only plays at it; she worships a person with monomaniacal focus, and I cannot do that by my very nature because I doubt everyone. Virara is at once both more controlled emotionally and less controlled; I tend to fret over small things she would ignore, and at the same time she is not in touch with how she feels, so when she feels something intense, it is uncontrollable, whereas I have a sense of restraint she lacks.

I feel like my core is weaker, but more solid, in terms of self-esteem. Virara cannot look inward much or she will lose control, whereas I am self-absorbed, so I look inward constantly; nothing is going to disturb or surprise me. ^_^'

Big difference of course: Virara and I are both dense when it comes to signs of affection, but Virara has an excuse and I'm just stupid, lol. XD

RE: Differences and similarities between you and your character - 13uddy - 08-06-2015 12:11 PM

(08-05-2015 09:08 PM)Caspar Wrote:  Generally I try to play a character as different from myself as possible in at least one theater. However there usually is some internal characteristic or focal point that I find innately sympathetic, or I will have trouble really grasping their character well.

I can't speak for anybody but myself (and possibly my best friend since she agrees with this), but no matter how hard I may try to make a character that is completely different from me, something still seeps in.  Even if it is something minor, like maybe they have a weakness for cute baby kittens and bunnies (which is hilarious when I'm playing a "bad" character), or maybe we just happen to have a similar like or dislike of something (anything from an object, a food, a color and so on).