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Polaris FC <POLAR> - Rayleigh Wyrmsflight - 08-12-2017 07:55 PM


Cactuar Welcome to the Polaris FC thread!Cactuar

-About Us-

Polaris <<POLAR>> is recruiting! With Stormblood well underway, we’re looking for a handful of new souls to join us for the upcoming shenanigans as we run trip and fall into the new expansion. As a casual social-RP fc we run the full gamut of game content, from hangout times on the FC house lawn to dungeon diving to primal…dying and, of course, roleplay. Above all else, however, our focus will always be on each other and to that end the only thing we ask is that you bring your good self online to hang out with us. Well, that, and that you follow The Rules.
Our rules are found in detail >here<. Keeping things light-hearted and fun for everyone in the group is our goal. 

The rules are there to ensure that happens. It comes down to all the usual basics of respecting one another, refraining from offensive language, and inclusivity regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or any other factor.


Yes, we are ALSO a roleplay company! Out of character, anyone is welcome to join. Roleplay is not mandatory at all. We’re very much on the light rp end of things here. If roleplay is not of interest for you, feel free to skip this bit.

As an in-character organisation, Polaris is a privateering branch of the Rebena Te Ra trading company, open for all who seek a life without borders from the highest peaks to the deepest depths and all places betwixt. The company, advertised through flyers and word of mouth, will take on jobs from simple haulage and intercontinental shipping, to item acquisition and the odd spot of mercenary work. All above board - according to the company’s official stance, at least.

If you’re interested in joining the company IC then please contact one of our officers to discuss that! But please remember that ultimately we are a very casual bunch so don’t expect highly structured and frequent RP events.
Otherwise, Polaris is waiting for you! Come join in on our fun garbage times!

-How to join-

If you’re here for recruitment, CLICK HERE!
Our current active officers are Sabik Delanor (Discord Sabik#2783) and Rayleigh Wyrmsflight (Discord Rayleigh#7583). Feel free to contact us for questions, recruitment, or any other discussion you need to hold regarding the fc. 

Hope we see you all soon!

RE: Polaris FC <POLAR> - Kilieit - 08-12-2017 08:05 PM

Hey look, it's my FC!