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[28 August 2017] Cleaning - End of August - Unnamed Mercenary - 08-28-2017 07:21 PM

Per our Linkshell and Free Company Hall guidelines, the Linkshell Hall  and Free Company Hall will be cleaned of outdated posts on September 1st, 2017. (Or more realistically September 3rd or 4th to a week's notice). Any and all Linkshell, Free Company, and/or Personal Listings that do not have a recent post from the last 60 days / 2 months will be moved to the Chronicles forum for archival purposes.

If you have a thread that becomes archived, please notify a moderator/admin via the Feedback and Requests forum, post here in this thread, or report the thread for a un-archive and a moderator will handle it as soon as possible. If notifying a staff member by PM/thread, please provide a link to listing you would like to be moved.
Previous threads about cleaning will be closed. Do note that LS/FC entries may lose their special tabs (and the information in them) when placed into Chronicles because this information is only stored for specific forums.

Important: To prevent archival in the Linkshell Hall and Free Company Hall, a post from July 1st (or later) will be required. Editing of the original post will not trigger an update to the last_post date, which is used to judge activity.

Thank you!

RE: [28 August 2017] Cleaning - End of August - Unnamed Mercenary - 09-10-2017 12:39 PM

Cleaning has been completed!

A reminder that editing a post does not update its last_post marker, which is used to judge for activity. A reply is post is required, although old bump posts can be removed by request. (Please use the report function to tag them.) I saw quite a few single-post threads that were edited but unfortunately needed to be sent to Chronicles because the date was outside the parameters. Occasionally, exceptions are made if the listing was added in the previous cycle.

As stated in the main post, please notify the staff by a request thread or report if possible. While PMs, RPC Chat, and off-site means work, our response time may be slower.

Please be sure to include the following in any move requests, especially if you have separate Linkshell and Free Company listings:
Link to thread:
Move to Linkshell Hall?
Move to Free Company Hall?
(optional) Do you want a redirect from one hall to another?