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Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 08-31-2017 04:18 PM

Path of the Rootless


'Path of the Rootless' is a Heavy RP Free Company on Omega server, with crime, mercenary work and adventuring as the main focus. We often dwelve into dark, mature themes, with a penchant for the realistically gritty and anything that can pack an emotional punch. Cutthroats, stray souls, broken wanderers, fugitives and all manners of individuals mildy fitting (or not at all) society can be a part of Path of the Rootless, for it reunites outcasts and those who have nowhere to be.
Please remember that:
--> We by no means advertise or promote dark themes on an OOC point of view, we are all perfectly healthy-minded people and everything we write and roleplay is strictly fictional. Thus, we seek to gather adult and mature roleplayers who are comfortable with certain jarring topics. <--

Our RP focuses mostly in staying out of the main cities, even though they can represent a temporary stop where to rest, replenish our supplies and look for employment. 
This choice is due to our belief that Final Fantasy has a lot to offer in terms of enviroment, and often its potential is neglected or overlooked. Given how huge the world is and how wonderfully structured the landscapes are, we seek to make the best of it by threading beautiful stories across verdant lands, stormy seas and snowy mountains. 
We have recently purchased a FC house, however, that is going to work as our main Headquarters. It's a good way to accomodate our members without "losing each other on the way" while travelling. After several months of experimental journeys, we have concluded that having a point of reference where to always go back to is a good policy to mantain a solid connection between social interactions.

It is important to also point out that we are not a FC of isolationists. On the contrary, we from time to time advertise our current location to other Roleplayers (wherever we are, and wherever they are) to see if there is a chance to meet and RP. Being a low-profile group of law-breakers doesn't equal wanting to stay away from people. We do seek interaction with anyone willing to spend some time with us, be it for short-term or long-term plots. We appreciate everything.
However, this happens seldomly. 
We are a heavily storyline-driven FC, rather than a casual-social FC. This means that while we have extremely strong social bonds between each other, we feel the paramount need to have a concrete storyline in our lives, something that drives our days, establishes our goals and leads us to places continuously. 


How do we RP?

We RP both in-game and on Discord. Since we rarely linger in RP hubs, we organize ourselves to meet online at every chance we have, but we also RP a lot in our Discord channel. Sometimes being all online at once is difficult, so in order not to 'miss' on each other, we have text-RP channels on Discord where we can interact and have fun even without the obligation of being necessarily online. It allows everybody to keep up with the others and be always present and on the same page. We know that sometimes Real Life stands in the way of online activities, so our Discord RP channel make sure to never leave our members behind or cut outside the course of events.
We also give an extremely high importance to the values of fairness and realism. As odd as it may be to speak of 'realism' in a game that is called Final Fantasy, such notion can be clarified by saying that we predilect what is sensical, likely, reasonable and based on common sense. 
Thus, nothing going close to powergaming, poweremoting and metagaming is practiced or tolerated. 
Also, we were thinking of working on a rolling system, but in the end we decided to handle IC combat and fights with a mix of common sense and the occasional /random in-game rolling. We like to keep it simple and to give space to free narrative and storytelling, without too many numbers in the way.


What can you expect from us?
A group of individuals that has been roleplaying for several years and that believes in a drama-free enviroment. We are all adults, we have gone through our happy and rough times, and now we just want to have fun. We are open-minded, we laugh, we joke, we do our best to accomodate each other and collaborate. It can be easily said that we are an extremely chill bunch with a very relaxed and friendly attitude. 
We do strive to RP everyday, either in-game or on Discord, and sometimes there are tiny hints of PvE amidst our activities. However, let it be clear that we are mostly and above all a Roleplay FC. That is the paramount purpose as of why this guild was created in the first place.
Nevertheless, rest assured that you will find welcoming people in this FC who will do their damnest to make you feel integrated and part of the whole story. We give understading, kindness and reasonability but we also expect the same in return. A successful relationship is always a matter of team-work, after all! 
If you are considering joining us, however, we ask you to take your joining with a moderate amount of seriousness: since we give plenty of attention to newcomers, we are going to channel a lot of efforts in creating something that will make your introduction important and smooth. So, you are not left on your own to elbow your way into RP, but you actively discuss with the FC Leader about a possible fitting story that will tie you to the rest of us.
Since there is much dedication on our side, and much effort done towards you, we ask you to be thoughtful of it and join us only if you're really sure of your commitment, to make our efforts and time towards you worth it.


How to contact us?
You can contact Dwassyith Swanra or Xihsa'li Tayuun in-game. 
Alternatively, you can also as well add Dwassyith Swanra on Discord privately: WhatAFreak#1278
Since we can be busy with work sometimes during the daily hours, you can simply leave a Private Message here to the writer of this thread and we will get back to you as soon as possible! In order to join, we believe a talk is in order to understand our needs, expectations and views of things. You may as well consider it some sort of OOC interview, but it has limited importance. The real test comes ICly, where we all get to see if there is the needed chemistry and the right reasons to stick together. OOC communication is important, but IC flows dictates.


RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 09-05-2017 03:23 AM

 Entry 1 - Passage to Coerthas
The first day on the long road ahead had started out quite favourable as the trio of Seekers set out to follow their chosen leader to new shores. They had overcome a few disagreements amongst themselves and a truce was now in place, even if just for the time being. Their stomachs barely satisfied by what vegetation they had found on their way, the Swanra siblings Naelia and Dwassyith with a battered little R’avi Tia in tow made their way to the docks to Coearthas. Their destination beyond that yet uncertain, north was the only guideline. As far away as their sparce gil would get them, preferably to a place where no one would know their faces or ask questions regarding their background.
Upon reaching their docks they discovered that their crossing would not be as solitary as they had hoped, it seemed they would have to share their ferry with a most ominious looking man. A lone Highlander with little words to spare and a peculiar love for his spear. They set sails all the while exchanging wary glancing, yet unaware that their crossing would not go as smoothly as planned.
The Qiqirn Ratcaptain stirred their vessel Northbound, and perhaps a little too far off the coast, the landscape of the lands left behind soon vanished to a thin line on the horizon until they were surrounded by nothing but dark waters and the sky. This lead to an unfortunate encounter with a creature from the depths of the sea, nearly bringing a harsh end to their journey before it even started. The sea did not manage to claim their lives with the joined effort of the group they managed to wring their companions from the clutches of the deep and certain death. However, most of their possessions were lost to the deep. Upon docking on the frozen lands, they found a little solace in a nearby fisher village and ran into Zakuro, who got stuck with them due to Dwassyith’s charm and mere necessity. As the villagers grew more and more territorial with their scarce supplies, the group decided it was time to move on before territorial could grow into hostile. They faced the march through unknown and harsh territories with an uncertain destination.

(Written by R'avi Tia)

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 09-07-2017 04:47 PM

Entry 2 - March through the wilderness.

Braving the blistering cold and the unknown lands the group marched ever further North towards Dragonhead. None of the Adventurers had a particular eye for the picturesque snowglazed forest all around them. They were too busy trying to keep warm and moving. Unfortunate for them, they were not the only ones stalking the frozen woods. A pack of starved wolves had been following their trail for quite some time and when the groups diversion did not work they found themselves attacked. Vadim the Highlander suffered severe injuries to his leg and was nearly left to die a slow and painful death. With combined efforts the group pushed onwards after slaying the pack of beasts. Upon finally reaching their destination they nearly got rejected entry into the settlement, the Elezen guards drove a hard bargain and the group was forced to sign their lives away in order to be allowed passage through the gates. At the cost of 500 gil to be delivered after two suns.

(Written by R'avi Tia)

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 09-11-2017 06:35 AM

Entry 3 - Making ourselves at home for a while.

The initially hostile Settlement proved to actually be in need of some helping hands. And so the Adventurers soon found themselves plenty of work to get by and pay their debt to the authorities. Their stay got overshadowed by the sudden appearance of G’pandoga Zumi, a blast from the past for the three Miqo'te as she represented everything the three were running from and how she followed their tracks would remain forever a mystery. In exchange for all that was hers and additional services to pay the debts with the Inn Keeper she was tolerated amongst the group, despite being the cause of quite some agitation amongst the group of Miqo’te. Soon other lone travellers became a familiar sight amongst the initial group. And the days were filled with everyone pulling their weight to support their stay. Dwas helped with all the heavy labour required in and around the settlement, being larger built and steeled from his work at the docks back home, he assisted with chopping wood and cleaning out Chocobo stables. While his sister Naelia helped bring in the cabbage harvest for the season, Zakuro made herself useful as the new housekeeper for the Inn they were staying in. Apart from Vadim who still recovered from being gnawed on by hungry wolves, R'avi seemed the only one who wasn't earning his coin through honest work and instead took to pickpocketing the locals. However, the calming routine was soon interrupted by the arrival of another Keeper of the Moon, his sister, none other than G’pandoga Zumi had gone missing. Two days later she was found half dead some miles from the Settlement. Whatever happened to her, was yet to be found out.

OOC Information

The groups now consists of the following people:

Dwassyith Swanra - Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun
Naelia Swanra - Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun
R’avi Tia - Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun
Vadim Bloodlance - Hyur
Dorbei Kha - Au’Ra
Zakuro Ochidari - Au'Ra
Jira’to Quun - Miqo’te, Keeper of the Moon
Tye Zumi - Miqo’te, Keeper of the Moon
G’pandoga Zumi - Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun

(Written by R'avi Tia)

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - R'avi Tia - 09-17-2017 02:50 PM

Entry 4 - The Daily Grind

Throughout the past week the Adventurers have settled into a busy daily routine of work, rest and play. Earning their keep took up most of their days,  notable events were the missing and finding of Zumi, who was thought to be dead but turned out to have survived being half frozen and battered out in the wilderness. The group was further introduced to Norien, a quiet and seemingly shy Miqo’te female;  Granis, another Hyur who seemed to be just as quiet and gloomy as Vadim; and finally Simeon, the only Elezen who deemed them worthy enough to converse. While the Adventurers planned their next move, their squabbles amongst themselves had reached their peak by the end of the second week in Dragonhead, initialized by the unexpected arrival of yet another Miqo’te. A’ura Tia, an old acquaintance from La Noscea had managed to track them down and despite this treachery was allowed to stay. The need to get a move on to new locations had now become more pressing than ever and plans were swiftly set in motion to hit the road within the coming suns. 

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - R'avi Tia - 09-17-2017 02:52 PM

Entry 5 - New Prospects

With the help and connections of Simeon the Elezen, the Adventurers have managed to secure a contract that would, upon successful completion, secure them passage into Ishgard. A rampaging band of Ixali, not far from the Dragonhead settlement needed elimination. With the help of A’ura, Simeon had scouted them out the day before the actual mission, which resulted in the Miqo’te getting badly torn up and departing for warmer climates the next day. The rest of the Adventurers took on the warmongering Birdbeasts just a day later and with the joined efforts of Simeon, Dwassyith, Vadim, Norien, Zumi and R’avi, they managed to wipe out near the entire Ixali clan without any casualties and just a few wounded on their side. While they healed, the hefty reward for their task was to be collected in two suns time and the prospect of travelling on and leaving the drudgy settlement behind them left most of the group with gleeful anticipation. 

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - R'avi Tia - 09-25-2017 03:25 PM

Entry 6 - An unfortunate roll of the dice. 

After healing up from the Ixali battle, the Adventurers decided it was time to move on to the next settlement. Their last week in the camp had gone by rather turbulent and had seen Zumi leave on Dwassiyth’s request and Dorbei Kha vanish out of sight without a word. Nevertheless, these events did not put too big a dent in the overall mood.

One early morning the group gathered to travel to Camp Dragonhead, both to collect the remainder of the reward for their Ixali slaying spree and to get a much needed change of scenery. Carrying their belongings on their back they made their way out of the camp, it seemed a good day to travel and they hoped to reach their destination in the late afternoon. However, fate rolled unfortunate dice for them and their journey got intercepted not by beasts but the forces of nature itself. Masses of snow had loosened from the mountain slope. The faint rumble of an avalanche in motion was the only warning the Adventurers received before they found themselves buried under a mass of white. Their torment lasted roughly an hour, each buried with their own thoughts and fears until Knights of House Fortemps were fortunately in place to aid with digging out the poor unfortunate souls. The rest of that dreadful day was spent resting at their new destination and getting their heads around their unbelievable luck.

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 10-02-2017 09:53 AM

Entry 7 - You can run, but you cannot hide.

As with previous pit stops along the way the Adventurers have made themselves at home rather quickly within Camp Dragonhead. Being tolerated by the local Elezen House Fortemps mainly due to the fact that Simeon Siberuse was one of the Lords subjects and therefore his word weighed some when the group had asked for refuge.

The group was visited by a healer to patch them up after the injuries suffered by their aquaintance with an avalanche. And later they all found themselves some work to be useful and not as much a nuisiance to the Elezen.

It was not long though until their routine got interrupted by bad news in the form of another Miqo’te who was found breaking and entering into occupied rooms at the Camp. When incapacited by the joint efforts of Vadim Bloodlance, Dwassyith Swanra and the moral support of the rest of the group, the Miqo’te turned out to be a spy from Limsa Lominsa. Previously, Dwassyith had sent his very own sister back to see if the air was clear back home. However, it appeared now that this had been a grave mistake, as their enemies had thus learned about their whereabouts and now seemed to have a captive as well.
The Adventurers did not wait around for long, one of theirs was in danger and so the decision was made to go back and face their enemies head on. All but Simeon were in on that plan of action, and so the Elezen was left behind as the rest of the group rampaged back to Limsa Lominsa, to a yet unknown outcome.

(Written by R'avi Tia)

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 10-10-2017 08:58 AM

Entry 8 - Destroying the Ravens' Nest

The rampage to La Noscea and more precisely Summerford Farms lasted about a week. The normally tranquil farmer village was painted with the blood of the notorious gang under B’rego Nunh, who found her untimely and brutal end at the hands of Dwassyith and Vadim. The slaughter was nothing short of a massacre, fueled by the rage of their accepted leader Dwassyith and aided by the rival gang called the Boulders, the Adventurers slayed every single Raven they came across.Eventually freeing Nellie Swanra from their hold. Needless to say, the Boulders help came at a price. A future favor was asked of the group and Dwassyith had been all too happy to accept the proposal. After ensuring Nellie was in good medical care the group stayed in Limsa for a few days to rest and try to forget what they had done to save her. Blood was on their hands and that was a stain that did not wash out easily. The decision was made to go back to Coerthas in order to finish up their business there, and to ev everyone’s surprise, their new acquaintances agreed to join in. Broen, a battle hardened and rough mannered Roedagyn and Rhell, the little Miqo'te that had tipped off the rampage in the first place. After a week of frenzy, the group finally met the Commander of Camp Dragonhead to collect their reward and things seemed to calm down. If not for Simeon report some disturbing news.

(Written by R'avi Tia)

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 10-13-2017 03:28 PM

Entry 9 -Fire and Chaos at Camp Dragonhead

Just shortly after settling back into Camp Dragonhead, R’avi Tia had been informed by Simeon that his father, R’olo Tia, had been seen at the Camp not too long ago. This caused R’avi to rile up the entire group into a search party headed for Whitebrim. However, these plan got put to rest when R’olo Tia showed up the next day. The rejoicement was shortlived as Camp Dragonhead suffered an attack by a yet unknown faction just a day later. Which forced the Adventurers to a hasty, chaotic and bloody retreat into the wilderness. Not all of them made it that far, the survivors found themselves scattered into two groups. The first consisted of only Miqo'te, Dwassiyth, Norien, the little traitor and spy Rhell, their new aquaintance Xihsa’li and the two Tia, R’avi and R’olo. The second group consisted of those that had stayed behind to battle the attackers, Ginu, Simeon and Broen. It was highly questionable how long the scattered little groups would survive out in the wilderness with no provisions or their gear, along with now being wanted by powerful Elezen military forces. Their spirits were at an all time low and and while the sun rose to another frosty morning they remained huddled in the cold and shaken by the events of the past night.

(Written by R'avi Tia)

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 10-20-2017 12:20 PM

Entry 10 - For Justice

It had been a rough week out ik the unforgivingly cold and harsh wilderness of Coerthas. The weather as well as the anxiety of an unknown fate ate away at the Adventurers. After consuming mostly raw fish and a few bitter earty roots and endless marching towards the southern border, the group was at their limit. Meanwhile Camp Dragonhead had seen a significant rise in security forces due to a visit of the High Inquisitor Dylise Travanchet, who with Simeon and Broen's help, lead a small army to capture the runaway culprits. Their efforts proved successful just in sight of the southern border. A sound of horns in the distance indicated to the group that they had been spotted. The trap closed on them and the Miqo’te found themselves with nowhere to run and out of luck. Under the smug mocking voice of the Elezen Inquisitor they were marched back to their new and even less comfortable abode in the prison cells of Whitebrim. Two days of agonizing waiting ensued as the low on luck Adventurers faced a trial of justice for crimes they did not commit.

[written by R'avi Tia]

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 10-26-2017 12:53 PM

Entry 11 - Justice Served

The trial lasted for hours in which the Adventurers were given a chance to prove their innocence. Dwassyith Swanra laid down a detailed testimony of how the group had come to Coerthas in good spirits, showing that wherever they went they went peacefully and offering their hand to the citizens of the land. With the help of both Xihsa’li and Rhell he managed to convince the Inquisitor of their innocence to the atrocities committed at Camp Dragonhead. All but the Au‘ra Anayu were set free to go their way. After having survived the ordeal of being imprisoned, they decided to turn their backs on the cold lands of Coearthas for a while. The Boulders task was stll outstanding and so the decision was made to go to Limsa and meet him. The meeting with the Boulder did not go down in the Adventurers favor, not only was his request dangerous, it would also be very difficult to fullfill. Smuggling drugs into Ul‘dah was a risky business, no matter how high the payout might have been. The Boulders proposal of smuggling a highly poisonous substance within someone’s body did not bode well with the group and the decision on whether to take the task or not and under what terms was postponed a day.

[Written by R'avi Tia]

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 10-29-2017 08:12 AM

Entry 12 - Fulfilling The Promise

The second meeting with the Boulder went over quickly and it was decided to go with the initial plan of transporting the wares. Norien bravely volunteered to be their vessel and so the group made their way to Aleport to pick up the ominous little capsules that would either make them wealthy or horribly regret their decision. The general mood was gloomy at best, it seemed as if everyone had a reason not to go to Ul’dah ever again and yet they headed right for the hornets nest of a City, gritting their teeth. In Aleport, the group was met by yet another one of the Boulders hooded beggars and directed to the stall of an old fortune teller, the heavily draped and most likely drugged woman offered them the goods in a small wooden bowl. The following night was restless for most and in the morning they set sail for Vesper Bay.

[Written by R'avi Tia]

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 10-29-2017 08:15 AM

Entry 13 - The Long Road To Ul’dah 

The journey to Vesper Bay had gone without troubles, and Norien had swallowed the capsules in the morning like a pill addict. Luckily they had been nicely lubricated and now rested comfortable within the confines of her stomach.
After one last panic attack of R’avi, the group headed out towards Ul’dah, shielded by the dark of the night. Walking through the swamps towards Horizon proved to be straining as big things stirred in the dark, hungry things with tentacles, that were only held back by the meagre light of the lamps. The group was joined by two of the Boulders men, a travelling Alchemist, and a hooded, yet unknown Au’ra, who huddled up at the gates to Horizon, joining the plead to the guards to let them in. The guards appeared rather annoyed with the panicking travellers and let them pass without further inspection, much to the disappointment of the hungry tentacled snail creatures.
Horizon was passed without further trouble, and the Boulders men had been scouting ahead only to find a group of bandits lurking in the dark. The poorly equipped and rather unskilled people were no match for the Adventurers and were swiftly taken care of. A close inspection of the bodies showed that the unfortunate folk seemed to had been suffering of some sort of disease that sprouted big unusual lumps and open scabs. The high alert of the guards at the last outpost before Ul’dah proved the suspicion that something was not quite right. The group was warned of an outbreak of illness within Ul’dah and advised to not venture any further. Seeing that Norien was not doing too well and most of the group was tired and anxious, the decision was made to camp outside of the settlement for the night and head for Ul’dah the following day.

[Written by R'avi Tia]

RE: Path of the Rootless [PotRP] - Dwassyith Swanra - 11-01-2017 10:17 AM

Entry 14 - The Hounds of Ul‘dah 

The last part of the journey to Ul’dah went smoother than anticipated. Due to the rumors of a plague going round the poor folk, people were in a rush to get out of the City. This proved advantageous to the travellers who were warned but not denied their entry into the City. With the help of Rhell they found their way to Pearl Lane and asked for the Green Flower as instructed by the Boulder. The City engulfed them with temptations from all sides as well as bad memories for most of them. However, as Norien, their vessel, grew more ill by the minute the group was urged forward by the Boulders men. The Green Flower was met deep in the bowels of the City, in the only place the citizens of Ul’dah could find eternal rest. The catacombs. The reason for Noriens sickness was quickly discovered, one of the capsules had broken, thus their payout was cut accordingly. Had it not been for the bold haggling of Dwassyith, the group would’ve left with a lot less gil than they had been initially promised by the Boulder.
After the business was commenced, the travelers treated themselves to a proper accommodation. The next day was spent gathering information and meeting up potential new allied such as the Green Flower, named Doyi and Ead, another associate of thr Hounds. Both of them promising contacts to have and nurture.

[Written by R'avi Tia]