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Frithgilt [Brynhildr] - ɴᴘᴄ - 09-12-2017 06:31 PM

As Bryn is, for the time being, a Preferred World, I suppose it falls on me to revive this just in case any of the new or itinerant souls are looking for roleplay connections.

From the originator's post:

Quote:In response to the oft-present peril through the occurrence of disaster and the resulting threat of attack, sabotage, or other hostile action by the Garlean Empire, Beast Tribes, Horde of Nidhogg, and 'notably dangerous monsters', it is the express will of the free adventurers of Frithgilt to provide necessary protection, relief, and assistance for citizens and property of the Eorzean mainland and Vylbrand. In the event such disaster shall occur or become imminent so as to require such protection, relief, and assistance, we voluntarily set forth to provide such aid in cooperation with one another.

Frithgilt is a roleplaying Linkshell organized as an informal auxiliary of the Immortal Flames. Though it is founded upon an ancient Highlander tradition, it is not restricted in any way by race or creed. No formal memberships or oaths are imposed, and no particular allegiance in required, though service to the Ul'dahn Grand Company is appreciated. An adventurer's interest in the general welfare is all that may be asked, and the aid provided does not necessarily need to take one form over another.

Frithgilt is intended to be an in-character vehicle for activities such as FATEs, The Hunt, and Levequests, but can also be extended to gathering, supply and provision, and exploratory missions.

Our present support directive is the safe repatriation of Ala Mhigan refugees. There are a great many ways that you can help.

If you're on Bryn and are interested in a Linkshell invite, ping me here or at the links in my signature. Thanks for reading and {Have a safe journey!}