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Take Me Under Your Wing! [Jenova] - LordD20 - 09-13-2017 02:36 AM

Greetings RP'ers, Name is LordD20!

I am not new to Roleplaying in general, I play and run Dungeons and Dragons
I am new to Roleplaying on FFxiv.

Honestly, i am intimidated by forums (because i hate being a N00b) but I'm facing my fears!
I do not know where to look to find a good Roleplaying FC, and where to find one that will accept a n00b as myself.

Can someone guide me and take me under their wing?

Server: Aether > Jenova
Character Name: Iron Solari
Race: Potato

RE: Take Me Under Your Wing! [Jenova] - Teadrinker - 09-13-2017 08:01 AM

I am not on the Jenova server, however if you have any questions about the community or random curiosities of certain aspects of RP I'd be happy to discuss them. Just shoot me a PM at your convenience.

RE: Take Me Under Your Wing! [Jenova] - Mermaid - 09-13-2017 09:24 AM

It honestly feels like Jenova's RP scene has died down significantly. I'm not actively involved in it though so someone who is please feel free to correct me. There used to be two big linkshells and I know the person who spear headed one of them, as well as a sizeable RP FC, stepped away from the game several months ago. I used to occasionally see snippets of RP in the open world or RP tags but lately I haven't. That could be attributed to people getting swept up in Stormblood though.

I still hear mention of a big RP known as "REC U". I'm afraid that's the only name I have for you. I know nothing about the FC or what kind of RP they offer so maybe see if they have a website or something?

If all else fails and Jenova RP isn't for you then I hear Mateus is the new RP server.

RE: Take Me Under Your Wing! [Jenova] - Aliona Inna - 09-13-2017 11:05 AM

Hey there Lord! My name is Aliona Inna In game, I'm with Reclamations United  <Rec-U> on Jenova. 

Nothin' wrong with bein' new to the FFXIV rp scene! ^w^ Over at Reclamations we do have many folks who enjoy roleplaying and would be welcoming to help if you there was anything you'd like to know as you move forward.  We are a Pve company with an RP element so you'll find folks from different walks of the game and Rp styles. If that is something you'd like to try out we'd be happy to have you!

We also have the Jenova Rp Connection linkshell if you would like to join in and meet with some of the RP community and other Roleplay Companies first! ^.^

I'll be on Aliona for a majority of the day if you'd like to chat or message!