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VECTOR - Teirra - 09-13-2017 09:07 AM


Vector are a neutrally aligned specialist company who excavate, salvage and supply Magitek. Founded by two sisters who both share a fascination with Imperial technology. Teirra, a conjurer specialising within chirurgy, magical curative healing methods and experienced with Imperial equipment. Whilst Khloe is a curious teen seeking out broken machinery to repair who explores anything from abandoned outposts to the ruins of the Agrius amongst Silvertear Falls. We have various contacts throughout Eorzea from black marketeers to smugglers to businesses who are in need of our assistance. The business front is an exotic furniture and repairs shop. We have a bar too to assist with finances.

Archaeology, excavation and salvaging Magitek
Reassembly and repair of machinery parts
Professional knowledgeable advice from scientific and aetherical consultants
Buyer and sellers of unidentified components
Supplier of products that are difficult to maintain

Employment opportunities:

Agent - providing knowledge and supplying products
Engineer - to reassemble, repair and maintain machinery
Excavator - to study the history and excavate sites
Salvager - to retrieve and recover technology
Sentry - to escort, protect and guard where needed

We are a heavy role playing free company located on Balmung. Our themes include: adventure, business, crime, dark and combat. We are aim to throw events dedicated to our members every two weeks based on combat and adventure within our own company plot. We attend social events together and encourage FC members to RP with each other and engage in personal plots too. We tend to run content together and socialise outside of the game too. We have a Discord channel to communicate too and we encourage our members to add their company mates.

If you are interested in applying and feel your character fits us, please feel free to send us a message or contact Teirra Lihzeh ingame.