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[News] The Dark Lord, Deceased! - FallenFedora - 11-12-2017 08:11 PM

Stroud Forscythe Found Dead!

 Following the recent announcement of his retirement and the liquidation of his assets, the esteemed entertainer, Stroud Forscythe - most recognizeable by his monicker, The Dark Lord of Ul'dah, was found deceased in his apartment this afternoon, the still smoking gun clutched firmly in his palm. The cause of death is presently being treated as a suicide, though there is little rhyme or reason behind it - no missive was left, nor any declaration he might have intent to depart this world. 

His last recorded act was to compile some measure of personal effects to be delivered to the eastern most reaches of Thanalan, where they were to be received by his retainer, Alternis Dementia. When inspectors arrived, they found most of these furnishings and chests burnt to cinders. When confronted, he presented sealed documents which dictated the course of Lord Forscythe's intent that such destruction be enacted. 

This leaves much to speculation, given his relatively reclusive nature. What was it the man himself hid from the prying eyes of the world he deemed worth such extremes following his death? So far, nobody has come forth to correlate the story. His body is currently being examined at length within the local mortuary before it is to be cremated per his last will and testament. 

Char Lohengrin, the one time owner of Laughing Armaments Magitek and Security Solutions - now one of many chief researchers working alongside local officials and experts to discern the workings of Garlean Technology left behind in the wake of Ala Mhigo's liberation, was contacted to join the mortician in short notice - when pressed for comment, none was offered.