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    Why, hello, there...

    As a fellow Balmung newbie, welcome! I will share my dubious advice that has gotten me rolling here. You have MANY PATHS to glorious Arr-Pea. I suggest you, #1, make a wiki page for your character(s). #2, make a post in the 'looking for connections' forum here. #3, look through aforementioned 'looking for connections' and poke people you are interested in playing with~! #4, look through the Linkshell directory for IC and OOC RP communities that fit your interests. (There are some general-purpose ones that are often used for players looking for connections/RP event announcements) #5, look through the FC directory for FC's relevant to your interests. Not necessarily to join (but I highly advise it) but they often run events open to public, or open to people who get in touch with them- if your character can fit into their story somehow. #6, look at the calendar here! It's rife with events running all the time. #7, if you're okay with walk-up RP, make sure your search comment includes that! It's a really small amount of space to write much, but use something akin to [broody duskwight seeks chiropractor] or whatever fits your fancy. Just having [RP with me plz] works, but is a bit harder for walk-ups to begin because... uh... they don't know how to start. #8, drink lots of coffee until your entire being vibrates with caffeine and you can astrally project yourself into the game for glorious RP. Good luck, have fun, be safe, look both ways before you cross the street, and I hope to see you around!
  2. Roh

    What Are You Listening To?

    I've abused the repeat on this song so... much. Ack x.x
  3. Roh

    Tumblr Information

    Eey, this is super helpful. I just found so many blogs to follow~ Thank you! If you are still adding to the list, I'd like to chuck mine in the ring as an OOC FFXIV blog~ https://marshmallow-lfg.tumblr.com/ - Titled: marshmallow_Fluff
  4. Kid from smarty pants family is comparably dumb. Angst and competition ensue. Kid sets out to make a name for themself in Big City by being a Potion Person. Doesn't make name. Obtains alcohol. Becomes almost 30 with no mate or kids. Cries at home a lot and sorta turns into a prickly asshole. May or may not sell unregulated alchemy stuff to seedy characters to make ends meet.
  5. Roh

    GreenTea&Moogles LS

    This sounds exactly like what I've been looking for. I'll bug one of you as soon as I can ~ yee <3
  6. Roh

    Your Character's Drunk Personality

    Iku becomes the somewhat overbearing caretaker of everyone she's drinking with if she's pushed past the point of tipsy. Despite the fact that she's most likely the least qualified person to be held responsible when she's intoxicated. If one of her companions decides to stray from the pack and perhaps chat up a stranger, woe be unto them. Five feet somethin' of stumbling, frazzled mess, careening around a corner to confront a stranger who is unaware the hell they've accidentally stepped into. She'll aggressively inquire as to their intentions and whether or not they know how lucky they are to be in the presence of such a wonderful person. This continues until the would-be acquaintance flees, or her friend forcibly removes her/distracts her/somehow convinces her to not fret. If the drunk-o-meter goes any further at this point, she will end up slumped against the victim of her protection, telling them all about how much she worries about them when they're out doing dangerous things, or that they don't realize how brilliant they are, or other little tidbits of concern and affection that she daren't say in the cold light of sobriety. In the morning, bleary-eyed, she will remember fragments of her behavior and most likely swear off alcohol "forever". Yeah, right.
  7. Aah thank you, I wasn't sure if little quirks like that seemed disjointed to put in an otherwise basic outline. And I agree, she definitely should! Two blunt beaker-bearers, painting the town red~!
  8. After a lot of feverish googling, I managed to whip up a rudimentary outline for my budding Miqo'te character. Critiques, words of warning, fire, brimstone, or scorn are all welcome. ... Critique preferred though. Fire hurts. http://i.imgur.com/qxZ9GNe.jpg[/img] Iku Roh ( ï kû -ɾ ó )* The Basics Iku Roh makes a living selling the standard fare of medicinal, utilitarian, and aesthetic alchemical commodities. In her spare time, she occupies herself with personal side-projects that tend to be outside the usual interest of the Alchemists Guild: Perfumes, potions and elixirs with often rather impractical uses, but nonetheless something entertaining to pursue. Her curiosity does not, however, trump her instinct on self-preservation. She rarely tests her questionable creations on herself, and instead opts to hire test subjects. They are well informed of the risks. (To the best of her knowledge, at least.) Iku prefers to be called by her surname in unfamiliar company (or in those she has authority over) and will respond very positively to being called Madam Roh, Mistress Roh, or simply Madam/Mistress/milady, etc. She won’t whine about her short stature, but often wears boots or high heels to compensate. …and she’ll surreptitiously move to stand somewhere with the higher ground if she’s around those taller than her. (She’s not a fan of being literally looked down to.) The lily white locks she sports aren’t a fashion statement, but resulted from a somewhat explosive mishap in the lab. That, along with other similar incidents , has left her with an array of curious, useless, physiological quirks. Generally, she is introverted, but not shy. She doesn’t shrink from confrontation and socialization, but won’t often seek out raucous parties and the like. Very dominant-leaning: she is a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t tarry with walking on eggshells or kowtowing to others demands. She is protective and doting to those who are close to her - but will not often act altruistically for a stranger. … To be continued! _____________________________ I've been mulling over placing her age higher, as I don't want her to be perceived as immature- but I also don't want her to be too surefooted in her direction in life. (angst, angst) - Not to mention, lifespans in Eorzea, while similar to typical humans, might lend themselves to rapid maturation. What with all the constant facing of their own mortality. Anywho, if you're reading this, thank you for taking the time to peer at my ramblings. I really appreciate it. (Also, my apologies if this belongs elsewhere- Still getting a lay of the land here.)
  9. Your character wiki page is really beautifully laid out. And the art you have for her is stunning. ^^
  10. Ee, I feel so extremely welcom'd'ed. ~ Thank you for the pointers!
  11. Thank you, it's been very welcoming here so far. ^^ Eey forum RP sounds great, it's more the pace I think I could pull off too. Once I get some shenanigans set up, I'll give ya a poke~ Oh my god, you fantastic dork. I'm sitting here bleary-eyed, pre-coffee, and I had to blink a couple times before I realized that you had it formatted in a code box, and that I hadn't just done something stupid to my browser. Lordy. Anywho, thank you for the pointers! I'm pretty excited to start eking out the aspirations and shenanignas. Yiss, I will corner the market on people jonesin' for some Ether Clinical Trial RP. My calling has revealed itself! That's good to know though, I've seen a lot of botany characters, I'm surprised their crafty counterpart isn't as popular. (And sankyou for the welcomings. ♥) Mm, I've no qualms with putting big ol' disclaimers when I do muster the courage to fling my prose at someone. But you're right, the best thing to do would be to... do it. And maybe not fret so much. Heh. And that's a good note, thank you. I was sorta eyebrow-wiggling at the idea of alchemical things that maybe are not 100% canonical, but I'm sure people aren't that picky about it. Right? <.<;; Aah, I had noticed little notes about matriarchy in the naming conventions. I wasn't sure if that was reflected in their culture, or just a naming quirk- definitely will look more into it now. Also thank you I am now enamored with the idea of getting potions for my POTION GUN. https://youtu.be/qf3WTUsQhpA?t=1m47s Code box because it keeps embedding it w/o the timestamp ;;w;; (< Contains an F bomb, in case sensitive ears are about.) This is going to sound super dumb, but I hadn't even considered creepily peering at reading over other peoples RP. That sounds... actually, super helpful. My goodness. ._. I'll be sure to poke you if you're around and I have some burning questions. Thank you for the welcomification!
  12. Welcome yourself! Maybe we can pool our resources and manage to concoct one solid character, through sheer force of will and lots of coffee.
  13. Heh, it may not be sanctioned by Yoshi-P but it's about as RP-server-y as it gets for this game. And thank you for the welcomin'.
  14. I stumbled down an internet rabbit-hole, discovered that FF14 has an *amazing* RP community. That I want to join. Now. Today. Even though I have zero* RP experience. I apologize in advance for the drivel you will be victim to if you land yourself in my presence. But, you were warned, so... weh. :V --MMORPG background ♥ Too many. Too often. Due to memory overload, I can only really remember GW/GW2/WoW/Black Desert/Wildstar/Aion and... don't judge... Archeage --RP experience ♥ Zero.* --Character ideas/info ♥ I'm partial to Miqo'te, and I have no shame in hopping on the catgirl bandwagon. I'm leaning towards a non-combat-centric character, with a dominant/matriarchal personality, possibly focusing on an occupation like alchemy. (Possibly lab-rat/guinea-pig RP, because I'm a jerk.) Very open to suggestion, but I also am just dipping my toe in and might go a completely different direction. I'm not very familiar with FF14 lore (or FF in general. I know, I'm a bad nerd. plz give wrist slap.) so backstory will be a challenge to work out. --How did you learn about the coalition? ♥ Googlin'. --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? ♥ I'd like to be a heavy RPer, but I'm aware of my own limitations so most likely, Medium-light. --Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc) ♥ I do work stuff to pay for college stuff to try and get a degree to do programming stuff and maybe get my weeby ass a game deve gig. I'm pretty forthcoming if you are actually curious about my lifestuff, but I think I've prattled on long enough. So, SALUTATIONS AND WHATNOT. *I don't count shameful years in highschool spent one-line RP'ing on Gaia. We don't speak of those dark times.