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  1. Alyria Winchester

    mateus The Crescent Lantern

    T H E C R E S C E N T L A N T E R N Welcome traveler to the hospitable household of the Crescent Lantern. Here you find yourself among brethren, comrades at arms as you forge ahead carving your own story for the annals of history. So step forward, brave traveler, to lend us your might. Whether you find yourself in the possession of a clever mind, steady hand, or a trusty ax; you will always be welcome within The Crescent Lantern's halls. ~ expert from The Crescent Codex Our Free Company is defined as a paranormal investigation agency tasked with evaluating and addressing aetherial disturbances throughout Eorzea. Under the direction of the Chief Investigator Alyria Winchester, the company members take on the more uncanny and bizarre assignments Levemetes have to offer. As is the case with investigating the unknown, many of the company's assignments turn out to be cases of misunderstanding, misrepresentation, and mismanagement. However every so often the shadow seen moving through the darkness, or the monster whispered about in hushed rumors turns out to be real. A B O U T O U R G R O U P We are a growing community of passionate roleplayers, storytellers, explorers, and raiders who developed lasting friendships over years of character driven narratives. What unites every member of our community is the shared desire to enrich our game-play experience by adding engaging story-lines to the daily level grind. With each new addition to our growing family, we offer the commitment that you will not be just another face in the crowd. Every member takes the time and care to develop a connection that not only lifts you as you forge ahead to carve your section in the annals of history, but develops a stronger community of creativity as a result. S T O R Y T E L L I N G IN T H E C R E S C E N T L A N T E R N We are not a Tavern Roleplay Free Company. We believe in establishing tabletop RPG (Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, etc) quality campaigns with engaging characters (NPCs), puzzles, traps, and world exploration. Very rarely will the story keep the players in a single area idling sitting by without an expressed purpose to the narrative. FREE COMPANY CAMPAIGNS If a campaign is designed by the Free Company leadership, the players are to be considered an Ensemble cast. A veteran member or leader of the company will be designated as the GM (game master) / DM (dungeon master) to lead the group through the challenges and interactions. These campaigns will be more than a single session and while active will occur on a bi-weekly to weekly basis. While the antagonist will always be predetermined, how the group gets to the final destination is not. Our FC campaigns will give you a chance to utilize your problem solving skills and group work ethic! PLAYER SUPPORTED CAMPAIGNS If you have a specific story you want to play through, The Crescent Lantern is more than happy to help you along your journey. Members can work with a seasoned GM (game master) / DM (dungeon master) to lead your character and participating members of the company through the story to evolve your character. If you are participating in another player's supported campaign, you are part of the supporting cast. When a member takes the time to plan and execute a personal story,please be respectful of this and do not steal the spotlight. Always remember that their plots may grant your character a moment to shine, but it is their story, not yours. B U I L T O N R E S P E C T WE ARE A MATURE COMMUNITY It is possible that story narratives in The Crescent Lantern campaigns take on mature themes such as alcohol use, violence, and other dark themes. Because of this, we are strictly an 18+ community. WE RECRUIT YOU ALONG WITH YOUR CHARACTER When you join The Crescent Lantern, we want to form a friendship with the player that can last for releases to come. We take the time to learn about your interests, hobbies, and what excites you. And where we can, try to incorporate those interests into your in-game experiences with the community. WE ARE A RESPECTFUL COMMUNITY Naming, discriminatory, shaming, defamatory statements, and personal arguments are not tolerated within The Crescent Lantern. If you are an individual who is quick to offend and attack your peers, we are not the community for you. WE ARE A CONSTRUCTIVE COMMUNITY Our members come from multiple backgrounds, writing styles, and tastes in roleplay who understand that one preference is not the best, end all be all, way for everyone. Instead we view ourselves as a melting pot of talents where every member is encouraged to learn from one another and raise each other up. WE DO NOT SUPPORT PLAGIARISM Our community is a creative community with talented writers and artists. While these members may share their talents with the larger community, we do not tolerate plagiarism of any kind within The Crescent Lantern. We expect you to request the appropriate permission from the fellow member before using any portion of their work for your character development. WE DO NOT SUPPORT DRAMA We understand disagreements may happen, but do not support drama for the sake of drama within The Crescent Lantern. J O I N U S Fill out the brief form on our webpage and someone will be in touch shortly : LINK OR reach out to Alyria Winchester in game on the Mateus Server or via Discord at Alyria#6123
  2. Alyria Winchester

    Old to RP, New to MMO Rp

    Welcome to the community! I'm not to familiar with the RP scene on Omega, but I wish you luck on your search. If you ever find yourself on Mateus feel free to drop me a line.
  3. Alyria Winchester

    mateus LF contacts and friends on Mateus!

    Hello there and welcome to Mateus! A group of friends and I just recently started new characters on the server ourselves, so depending on how far along Q’ruhka is on his journey we could join you for fun. Feel free to add me to your friends list and I can get you introduced to everyone. Or, if you might be interested, check our our new FC, The Crescent Lantern. We are new and still leveling up towards that golden level 8 achievement everyone lists in the Ul'Dah shout adverts, but we have a fun concept and a great group of folks. Good luck on your search!
  4. Alyria Winchester


    One option is to make the character on Mateus (if you choose that server) and use the free fantasia you get as a veteran reward once the race comes out. That way you can begin finding friendships and perhaps an FC for your Viera, if that is the new race, when the expansion arrives. There is still some time before Summer 2019! So many stories can be told in that time. Whatever you decide to do, if you come to Mateus . . . Welcome to the Server!
  5. Alyria Winchester

    mateus LF connections for a nomad in Black Shroud

    Hello there Bumble. A group of friends and I recently restarted on Mateus just after the Thanksgiving holiday, so we are most likely around the same level as you. Depending on the type of character you want to play I am sure we could figure out a way to bring you into our roleplay one way or another. That is, if you enjoy Scooby Doo Mystery style story campaigns. I will hit you up on Discord after my FC's first campaign event (getting our characters established) next week. P.S. I took a quick peek at the lodestone and it looks like you joined a crime organization FC. There might be some fun to be had with that!
  6. Alyria Winchester

    Looking For Contacts, FC and Anything!

    Hello there and welcome to Balmung! I know I'm coming to your post rather late in the game (is 2 weeks considered 'late' at this point?), BUT I loved your post and how upbeat you are. I think your Mai might be a great contract / possible future friend for Emi. She could really benefit from a friend who can bring out her sillier side and perhaps be a 'partner in crime' when it comes to interesting adventures. If you would be interested in having our characters meet up and see if a friendship eventually blooms contact me in game on Emiko Katsumi. I play Central time, most weekdays beginning at 7:00 PM until I pass out. Weekends I'm on and off throughout the day. Hope to hear from you soon!
  7. Alyria Winchester

    New Role Player (Balmung)

    Hello there Presbytier. In game I go by Emiko Katsumi. Welcome to the wonderful world of roleplay! Where you can be slaying a dragon one second and then attending to the simplest of tasks the next without leaving the comfort of your office chair. When I was new to roleplaying I found it incredibly intimidating, and sometimes still do (when trying to break into a new community). But, if you can get past the initial bump it is very rewarding and you can make some life long friends you never would have met otherwise. Where to start - three videos that I love for new roleplayers and often go back to myself are thehumanfloyd's Roleplaying in MMO's Series on youtube. If you want to chat more in game feel free to look me up. I'm online most nights after 7:00 PM Central and could add you to a linkshell with a few friends of mine who are wonderful and I'm sure could help you figure things out!
  8. Alyria Winchester

    Returning player, new roleplayer

    Ooooooo. . . Hello there and let me introduce myself! Feel free to call me Emi, Emiko, or Em. I recently returned to the game myself at the beginning of February, on a new character who happens to be a budding inspector / investigator along with a small group of friends. I think it would be great if we could figure out a way to connect the two characters in some way. Maybe it's a giant cat and mouse game of Emi and the FC try to undo his plots (sometimes succeeding sometimes not?). I think it would be great fun! Especially if he begins doing heavier crime plots and Emi becomes more established as an inspector. Let me know what you think! Feel free to message me here or message me in game (Emiko Katsumi)
  9. Alyria Winchester

    Hi, returning from hiatus.

    Welcome back I'm a fellow para-rper, though in all my years of role-playing in MMOs I never knew there was a term for it before beginning my journey in Final Fantasy XIV. I just thought everyone wrote paragraph responses in roleplay. Lol. Boy was I wrong and realized there are many different ways. Your character sounds interesting, and if I ever need an antagonist for a story arch. . . Or cone to think of it even an arch rival for one of my characters I will look you up. Good luck! Also, with character creation back on Balmung I expect the community to shift back to that server again. But time will tell. P.s. I'm responding on my phone so please excuse the shortness of the reply and any typos along with it.
  10. To echo what others have said. Balmung is still open for new characters and transfers. I think yesterday was the result of everyone rushing to the server to do this, that or the other after the restrictions were removed. The server can however be temporarily restricted due to the number of players logged in at a given time. . . But that's old news. :-) I did notice a new restriction. It seems you are only allowed to great 3 new characters a day. I hit a "new character limit" this morning when attempting to make my 4th alt. So keep that in mind
  11. Alyria Winchester

    [Omega] An NA player on an EU server?? It's more likely than you'd think!

    Welcome! I day if the EU server works out best for your playtime have at it! Good luck out there and happy roleplaying.
  12. Alyria Winchester

    balmung The sky's the limit!

    Hmmmm . . . I could see a business tie in here between your character and my FC. Perhaps she could be the person who we ship and receive supplies from for our tavern and "other" interests. If you'd like to discuss, OOC or IC, a possible shipment deal feel free to hit me up in game! Alyria Winchester is the name. Or message me here. We will get it figured out!
  13. Alyria Winchester


    Welcome welcome!!! With the transfer lock to Balmung I love to see new people either coming back to game or popping up from the shadows to become part of the community. I think I remember seeing your tribe thread around here somewhere yesterday. . . I have yet to read it because I was tackled with marathon RP yesterday! But let me say good luck anyway!!
  14. Alyria Winchester


    Let me echo the welcome! Mateus is turning out to be pretty solid for roleplay when it comes to the NA community (from what I hear) and unlike Balmung, character creation/transfers are not locked for the foreseeable future, so the server is just going to keep growing with new friends to make! I would suggest reaching out to get on some LFRP linkshell and put yourself out there. Maybe throw up a thread in the Making Connections forum. Then sit back and enjoy the sweet sweet RP.
  15. Alyria Winchester

    (Mateus) Greetings to the community!

    Hello and welcome to the RPC!! It is great to see that the closing of Balmung transfers didnt leave some people out in the cold when it came to RP. While I am not on that server I know there are some great folks and FCs calling that server home so Godspeed and happy RP hunting!