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  1. For decades, the Kingdom of Dalmasca has suffered occupation by the Garlean Empire, who have sought to break their spirits. The Barheim Incident. The Razing of Rabanastre. The Execution of Resistance Leadership. Despite the Empire's myriad attempts to halt the winds of rebellion, the Dalmascan people continue to endure, continue to rebel, and refuse to be broken. As the eyes of the Empire turn elsewhere, as the movement in and out of the kingdom becomes easier, the Resistance prepares for what may well be a final attempt to excise the Imperials and regain their sovereignty. While there have long been Dalmascans scattered across the star, members of the Resistance venture into each of the free territories, seeking allies and assistance while those who remain within the Kingdom seek to unite the currently scattered factions. Utilising the Crossworld Linkshell technology that's been added to the game, we have started an IC, player run version of the Dalmascan Resistance that was introduced during the Return to Ivalice raid series. Needless to say, much of our content contains spoilers for the raid series, as well as the MSQ quests. We host combat-based RP events using a custom-designed system, though the system's write up is still being adjusted. Aside from the in-game Linkshell, we're hosted on the Dark Embers FC Discord and have a Tumblr for the CWLS. Please contact any of our ranked members for an invite. Currently, while the DE-RP website is being updated, there's no application process beyond speaking to one of our ranked members and explaining your character to us. CWLS Master Ashla Manasse (Goblin) CWLS Leaders Relsar Manasse (Goblin) Claire Brea (Balmung) Leo Valera (Mateus) Jurien Ashur (Goblin)
  2. Discovered the changes to the RPC, updated some things. About to have some surgery done, so I won't be in game directly for about a month. Can be contacted here for RP via Discord or RPnow.net and other mediums while recovering.
  3. I don't normally say much here, never really have. From what I've seen of the initial GM raid, and what I've seen from petitions that were sent in, it seems to be any sort of house flipping in general. Here's what we got from a GM when one of my Alliance members asked about things the day of the last round of housing releases, during the initial GM raid while housing flippers were locked in GM Gaol: This makes it sound like any resale of any kind of estate and land is against the TOS, including FC estates/land. I would advise that any sort of resale activity involving estates/lands be considered a huge nope, and not be allowed to be discussed anywhere on the site, and I'd advise people not to solicit such on their personal sites or Tumblrs from now on. Just to be safe.
  4. Dark Embers still exists, however due to a lot of non-game related issues, we went into a hiatus state back in the beginning of April; the company itself is still around, though all of the leadership managed storytelling and social events were put on hold. Several of the members remained with the company, while a few moved on to other FCs while remaining in our small Embers Alliance. There isn't any sort of ETA on when the company leadership will be running events again, however for the moment, we have elected to move to a "Player Driven Narrative" system; while members have always been allowed to tell their own stories, and have their personal plots whenever they like, much of the time these were brought to the storytelling staff - now each individual member handles their own personal plots and events, and it's up to them to drive their stories forward. Leadership will help keep scheduling from conflicting, and advise on lore, but it's up to each player to drive their personal story forward. So, that's what's been going on with us. There are some loose ends from the three nights a week RPs that the leadership was running that will be tied up, and there will still be some storyteller surprises via our Advanced Character Worksheet (because some pieces of personal plots do need to surprise the player of the character), but the majority of RP progression will be drive by the entire company.
  5. We're still around! The holidays were rather quiet, as they usually are. The massive snowstorms were rather quiet too, as one of our members got caught with a ten hour layover in the first one, and the second one caused a couple to have to make alternate arrangements while nature unleashed wintery fury. Storyline wise, we had a nice little row with Good King Moogle Mog, which proved to be comedy as the dice were in neither group's favour for a good half of the fight - there was a moment when Whiskerwall got essentially divebombed by Woolywart, and the impact sent Woolywart vibrating away in the other direction. Critical fails happen even to the Mooglest of us... Our other outing was against a band of Crystal Braves that thought they had a better plan than their leader, and so there may have been a bit of a rather loud tussle near where the Eastern Desert of Thanalan transitions into the Southern Desert of Thanalan that left a lot of blue coats burning in the night... ...don't ask. It involved a Lalafell's favourite orb, an accidental rolling of said orb, and an Aldgoat deciding the orb was a snack...
  6. Do you mean the in game system? We don't have that activated. We do everything through our website application, and right now we're keeping that on a case by case/invite only system. You can take a look at our website and arrange to come to a couple of our social events or Open RP nights (they're typically on the calendar), and once our current list of waiting applicants get a chance to fill out the app, we can see about getting you in.
  7. While August and September were hectic for our membership, October unfortunately saw a lot of medical emergencies for us, which really threw a lot of our plans off track; we had to sideline all of our plot RPs for the month, though we did manage to have a few personal plot progression nights via our Open RP Events. Things are starting to get back on course here as November begins, thankfully. Something we did start at the end of September that we'd like to highlight, as it is going to continue for the length of our Into Ishgard plot arc, is working with the Heaven's Ward NPC group here on Balmung. During our event on September 26th, the Ember Alliance and Dark Embers FC encountered Haurchefant Fortemps and Emmanellain Fortemps as they were trying to help Ser Liainette de Haillenarte's (who has since been picked up by a player, at the time it was just the static NPC in game) forces at the Rosehouse in the Sea of Clouds breach the Vanu Vanu camp after the young Fortemps' prior folly had put the beastmen on high alert. However, what the found there was far more alarming than just nervous owlbear men... Of course, not every story block in the MSQ can be paired with a side-along story, given the nature of the way they're telling the Warrior of Light's story now. Many events in the MSQ will be things that are slipped into other events as news, rumours, or aftermath events. We do look forward to working with the Heaven's Ward when we can, however, as they're a delightful group of people. Just because we're in Ishgard doesn't mean we're leaving behind the core storyline of Dark Embers. November is getting started with our Probably Primals story arc taking its curve ball over into Thornmarch as the group finally deals with Moogle Mog; the RL set backs have made it difficult to do this large scale, out-of-game event, but we started it on November 7th, and it's in the midsts of being finished up. A sneak peak via a document of the in-game pre-meeting is already posted, while the event itself is being done via RPnow.net, a departure from using Google Documents and the Enjin Chatbox as we have in the past for out-of-game events. The Campaign setting was put on hold and is still on hold due to a medical hiatus, so Outbreak will resume once things are squared away for the architect of the system. While we do enjoy the game, and try to keep plot rolling, real life will always come first for our members. We will be having a slow down come the holiday season, as many of our members are in the US, and people do love their tryptophan fix - the weekend of Thanksgiving is an "unscheduled" weekend for the FC/alliance. We also will likely be leaving things a bit fluid right around Christmas and New Years, even though neither holiday falls on our RP event nights.
  8. Thank you. August and September were just hectic as hell. <3
  9. As most of the Heavensward rush subsided, we ran two 2.55 related RP events to begin some transitioning to the 3.0 content as an FC (though some of the Chronicles of a New Era stuff is still behind). We run sidelong or aftermath type storylines to the MSQ and Chronicles of a New Era stories, usually starting about a month and half after a patch, with the conclusion just before a new patch or just after a new patch launches to give everyone time to get through the content and for the Storytellers to disseminate the information into their plotlines and events. The first event was done as a sidelong story to the Steps of Faith events, and started in game (which was copied raw at the start of the document), but mostly was done live via a Google Document for a "chatbox" like setting due to how many monster NPCs were being encountered. This is entitled Before the Fall: The Summons (Dark Embers 2.55 RP Event), and is available to read via the original Google Document right now; it will be copied to our forums soon. The second event was done as a sidelong story to the celebratory events that took place in Ul'dah after the Steps of Faith, and took place in game. A raw copy of the event has been made in a Google Document, and will be cleaned up over the next few days. This is entitled Before the Fall: The Interruption (Dark Embers 2.55 RP Event), and will be copied over to our forums once it's been cleaned up. Our Ember Alliance recruitment will be opening before the end of the month, barring any changes between now and then. We'll post a fresh link to our recruitment information on our website once the site reopens for applications - please look forward to it!
  10. Hallo! Sorry for the very delayed reply - I haven't been on the RPC for a while due to working on a lot of updates for the free company and an explosion of offline stuff. We are closed for recruiting until after Heavensward launch. We're giving our current members some time to get to know each other and get through the new content before we begin recruiting again, as well as having some time to get used to a lot of changes we're starting to roll out. We'll be posting up a notice once recruitment of any sort begins again. We'll be starting with opening the doors for our Ember Alliance shortly after Heavensward launch, and then later we'll open the doors for FC recruitment.
  11. While this FC is still open to anyone who would like to use the tag for their NPCs (just send a tell or a PM to get invited), the core group from Dark Embers who were able to act as NPCs for other people's plots are currently unavailable as we restructure how we're doing the whole NPCs for plot thing. Stay tuned for an update about that.
  12. Wow, that 2.55 patch. We'll be having it all come into our RP on May 9th, 2015! We're giving everyone plenty of time to get through the content, and will be posting a Guide to Common Knowledge for the Main Story about two weeks before so people know what all their characters may find out in the aftermath; it's all based on what the NPCs say after everything is said and done, and wow...just wow. We've been doing some spring sprucing up around the FC/Alliance site, and have an entire sub-sub-forum dedicated to the It's Probably Primals story arc. All the transcripts from our Primal fights are found here, along with any other large scale out-of-game RPs, as well as forum-based RPs. This forum is visible to the public, so people can read over the transcripts of the fights and see the end results of our Primal fights. Our FC/Alliance growth is also visible by looking at them, as the original three fights were about 20 - 25 pages long, while the Leviathan fight was 45 pages with images; Titan took us two event nights to complete (a bit over 8 hours) while Leviathan took us three (a bit over 12). Other storylines will be getting their own forums soon as well! Stay tuned to read events from the darker storyline, Outbreak, and our new storyline, Into Ishgard and Ties That Bind!
  13. Dark Embers is incredibly active - it's actually why I have very little time to do much in the way of promoting elsewhere, actually. *laughs* I try to at least get something on our thread here at least once a month, but sometimes can't even remember to do that because I'm so busy trying to stay caught up with my lovely medical schedule offline, caught up with the game, and caught up with my FC/Alliance. Sometimes I can't leave them alone for an afternoon as they get up into shenanigans (of the good kind, but man, my sides can't take the laughter)~. I agree that looking at FC tags helps. A lot of FCs have gone to having an RP somewhere in their tag if they're RP, and while they may not be actively engaged in RP when you see them - as many RPers in this community also want to experience the game, which is awesome - they do RP and will likely be willing to talk to you about their FC. You can also try to find their FC here on the site and judge activity that way, as chances are I'm not the only one who doesn't get as much of a chance to update here because they're so busy with things in game and with their FC. I also suggest checking an FC's calendar. We try to have our activities visible now, since griefing has gone downhill in recent months (though our settings get bugged out from time to time). Most of our forums are visible to people too, and I think a lot of FCs have some form of open forums on their site you can check for activity. And really, if you see an FC with a concept you like in the Linkshell Hall...ask their leadership about it. It doesn't hurt to ask, as most FCs have initiation periods that are just as much for your sake as they are theirs. Try on an FC for size. If they're not as active as you were expecting, be honest and move on. Most people aren't going to get up in arms if you tell them the FC isn't as good of a fit as you'd hoped during the initiation period, but do say something before leaving. I feel much better when someone tells me why they're leaving rather than just up and leaving. Again, the initiation period in any gaming group is as much for you as it is for the group. Anyroad, that's my 2 gil on the matter. I hope it helps some.
  14. Dark Embers would attend if something were set up and it didn't conflict with our event nights (Sun/Wed/Sat). The question we have is whether you'd want all of our leadership to show up, or just a couple of representatives; we do roundtable leadership, so both leaders and officers are in on everything - that's currently just four people, but we figured we'd ask about it.
  15. Updated to fix formatting, and added Lin Celistine/Hyrist as a point of contact. Please be sure to have both Darkfae and Hyrist in your PMs here - it just makes things much easier for us!
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