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  1. Edited to make the topic a wee bit more simple and to update what I'm looking for! Also thank you kindly for the words, Thunder!
  2. Mana Lily

    Reworking my Yard

    I think that sounds nice! You could put in some trees and stone pathways too that stem out from your door and to the benches. It sort of would give the feel of people reading their books outside by the fountains or underneath the nice shade of a tree. You could also do a pond or perhaps a cluster of flowers to add to the serene feel. ^^
  3. Mana Lily

    Emotional distress from RP

    As the other two have said, you need to take several steps back from this and take care of yourself. Some great piece of advice I was given awhile back when I was going through a hard time was that you have to stop waiting and hoping for what might never come and move forward with how things currently are. It sucks. It always does, but the healthiest thing for you to do is to seek RP with other people. If your friend is saying they want to RP with you, but do not make the time to do so then you can't be expected to simply wait around. There's nothing wrong with RPing with other people and it will help over time. If you're fearful that time apart will make your friend stop contacting you altogether, then that perhaps speaks for imbalance in the relationship. You don't want to be the person who is constantly reaching out and bending to make things work- you will just continue to feel worse and tire yourself out. It's scary and sad when things don't work out, but you will hurt less in the long run if you think about what will be best for you.
  4. Note: I’ll be back from my vacation tomorrow, so if it is easier, feel free to contact me in-game. I usually am on Mana Mizu when I’m not RPing on my other characters. Please feel free to poke me even if I haven’t listed a possible connection idea if you’re looking for something. I’m sure we can work things out. : D
  5. Greetings and thank you for taking a gander at this topic! As the title states, I am looking for a few contacts for my character to help not only give her connections to the wide world, but perhaps give her some more substance to her background as well. Her nickname is “Six” and she’s a bit different than what I am typically comfortable with playing for a character, but I am both excited and nervous to bring her fully into the FF RP community. So what makes her a bit different for me? Well, she has a more colorful background than I typically give to my characters. For one, she’s spent a great deal of her life in the hands of the Garleans as an experiment. I know that can set off alarm bells for some, but contrary to implications, she is not stronger for it nor does she have experimental abilities that benefit her. In fact, she has an acute weakness from it now. I’d be happy to elaborate to any who are curious or still interested. Otherwise, Six is a Miqo’te who knows incredibly little about the world, as her life has been in a facility for far too long. Despite whatever hardships she endured, she does have a rather playful personality, is energetic, doesn’t understand personal boundaries and wants to drink in the sights and sounds. She speaks fairly well, although can be considered odd at times- but then again, who isn’t a little strange these days? What connections am I looking for? Well… firstly, any will do as I am not all that picky. She might be considered a “darker” character, but I honestly welcome all kinds and walks. Here are some ideas thought in particular that I would love! Resistance Fighters/Adventurers/Misc: + Boom! I haven’t RPed Six’s escape from the Garleans yet, but I planned for it to be in link with the Ala Mhigan uprising. Perhaps your character was responsible for the blow up of the facility that Six was kept and helped save her or helped her escape? We can RP out what happened if you like or simply establish that connection in her background! + “No… you need gil for that!” She has no concept of money. Perhaps she ate too much at a tavern and then tried to run off. Did you help her? Hinder her? Chase her down and make her wash dishes? Any is fine! + “Sooo… how much?” Six isn’t down with the latest fashions. This can make a spectacle. + “I’ve got a job for you.” Due to her “upbringing,” she doesn’t have much of a moral compass at the moment. Perhaps your character took advantage that she seemed clueless but willing to help with an underground job (yay murder/theft) so she could get something she wanted. + ETC! Garleans: + “Let’s not talk about my past job.” Perhaps your character used to work at the facility she was in and had some interaction with her! They could have been nice to her and so she doesn’t hate their guts as much or a complete asshole! Antagonists are just as welcomed as friends. + “You don’t belong here.” Perhaps your Garlean is roped into trying to get her back. We’d have to work out something that’s fair for both of us, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard. + “Get out.” Maybe your Garlean helped her escape? :0 Those are my ideas! I would be happy to discuss or delve into more details if I still have your interest. I am extremely excited to play this character and already have art in the works for her, so please don’t let her newness scare you away! If you are curious to what I normally play, please feel free to check out my “normal” connections topic right here! Regardless, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and by all means, ask questions if you have them or what-not! You can contact me here and I’d be happy to chat through PMs or we can exchange Discord information. Otherwise have a wonderful day!
  6. Awww, thank you so much! : D
  7. Fantastic! I will definitely do so. Thank you!
  8. Edited a few things! Still looking for RP friends.
  9. Greetings! In between randomly pretending I can craft things and poking mobs in the face, I adore RPing and find myself in want of more connections for my hodgepodge of characters! I tend to poke about on FF throughout the day while I work and I have Discord up, so I can chat for planning! I also will do RPs over Discord after establishing an RP in-game or with someone I've come to know! Otherwise I'm available 8 PM onward throughout the week (sometimes earlier!) and available on the weekends! I dabble into almost everything in the game very casually too, so if you need a friend for an EX roulette, some housing stuff crafted or whatnot, always feel free to ask. You can find an abbreviated summary of all my characters here! Feel free to click on the tags to get a feel for each character as well, if you would like too! Each character has art done to better display their looks as well. At the moment, I am really interested in striking up connections for Kincaid Crowe. Whether they be friends, enemies, potential romantic interests, his favorite waitress/bartender, former one-night stands, someone he's swindled, a relative of someone he's killed, someone who's trying to track his bounty, etc... there are a ton of possibilities! I just want meaningful connections or the potential for them to become meaningful- and that goes for any of my characters. That being said, I am open to ANY of those kind of connections for any of my characters! Well, except a few of them haven't swindled or murdered anyone- but you catch my drift! Mana Mizu is considered my "main" so anyone is welcomed to add me to their friend's list on her to chat too! She also is in the market for more friends/bounty hunter enemies/etc as she has a plethora of business contacts now. (Unless said contacts wish to become friends/etc!) I myself generally RP in paragraphs, 1-2 normally and sometimes less for public events. I also love to go to events and all that jazz! I RP all genres, so they sky really is the limit with me so long as plots and character growth makes sense. I appreciate lore, but I am not a lore fanatic so if there is some interpretation or bending, I won't mind so long as it isn't too stretched. I also am willing to RP on Discord if we have periods where we can't get in the game, but predominantly I want RP in-game rather than pure Discord RP. Feel free to message me if any of my characters sparked your interest and we can chat more either here, in-game or on Discord. o/ [ Edit: Tidied things up with less pictures, more simple text with a link. ]
  10. I believe it was clarified or at least implied that players can use Perform however they'd like and the policy wouldn't be inforced with personal usage. What they want to avoid are people playing non-SE songs and streaming or uploading it where copyright becomes an issue. Anyway, I like this initiative and good idea. It'd be nice to see what others come up with for homebrew songs too.
  11. Mana Lily

    To everyone gunning for Shirogane

    Yea, even running around and having a chance would have been nicer than the lobby boss you can't control. My condolences to you too and who knows. Maybe in the future something will work out for either of us. I'm happy at least for the FCs that managed to get lucky and their potential new RP locales that will follow.
  12. Mana Lily

    To everyone gunning for Shirogane

    Lobby error took me and my FC out of the race. I knew not to expect anything but preggo hormones are making me too sad to play today because of it. Makes me feel ridiculous to be worked up (knowing my chances were slim as no one else in the FC had the means) but can't help the way I feel! My friend got a small house but they panicked and bought the wrong one and now have a plot facing a giant paissa house for a non-RP guild. >.>
  13. Keep in mind that in hubs or events, many people write less for the sake of being polite. When there are lots of people in a small area, to write a plethora of paragraphs can be considered rude. So there are people, such as myself, who in Skype/party RP write multiple paragraphs or as much as we feel is needed, but censor ourselves for the sake of others when in a busy setting. (Plus waiting for large paragraphs in dynamic settings can bottle the flow of RP!) This might not be exactly what you were referring too, but I just wanted to mention it in case it hadn't crossed your mind! It'd be a bummer to miss out on some potentially awesome RP due to surface glances in those areas. And if you are talking about experiences in a party setting or something more private, then I apologize if I overstep! In any case, I am dabbling more into open RP with one of my own characters as his personality becomes more fleshed out. So I will keep an eye out for your character sometime and maybe grump him your way, haha.
  14. Mana Lily

    Some confusing things

    Oh, no need to apologize! Sometimes we get so caught up in creating a fully fleshed-out character that we get tangled up in all the details. I think it's fantastic that you're open to advice and other ideas while you try to come up with a character and story that fits you. And of course, if you're really set on something (such as the horns and eyes) then go for it! In the grand scheme of things, it's a minor detail and if it was something that made you excited or you particularly liked, then go with what your gut tells you. After all, we create characters and RP to have fun! Also perhaps random, but if you're thinking of how your character's parents could have met or such, you could consider the Malaguld tribe. They're a Xaela tribe that accepts Raen into their ranks!
  15. Mana Lily

    Every FC is a front for something?

    I've seen plenty of FCs that embrace their business persona and do not use it for a front. I think though that sometimes a FC wants to involve all types of characters, so by branching out and offering multiple little facets, it gives everyone something to do. So for example, a FC really loves the idea of running a restaurant, but they also have characters that wouldn't be caught dead cooking food or serving meals. These characters are more adventurers who would rather go out and then come back to a base or home of sorts. So the FC decides to run a restaurant for the members who want it (and perhaps saying it is a supplemental income) and "behind the scenes" they also are an adventuring guild. Plus, it might be boring to some to always just be sitting in a business and they want to go out and do other things during the off hours too. Now why in particular perhaps do you find a lot of shady guilds with fronts? Maybe because some people left, you're a little more keen in spotting those things so they stand out. There -are- quite a few of those, but it's obviously a niche that people want filled so the quantity is there to meet the demand. It's hard to play a morally bad character if they're open and in the spotlight, so some discretion is needed most of the time I think. Anyway sorry for my ramblings! Those are just my two cents. ^^;