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  1. Dark Falcon

    [Malboro] Dark Falcon

    I. Basic Info Characters: Dark Falcon (Her self given name) Primary character: See above Linkshells: None yet Primary RP linkshell: See above II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): For me it is about Medium. I am quite ok with a about one paragraph though if I really get into an rp I do enjoy going further. I am not interested in single sentences for the most part though there are a few instances where it's ok. It really comes down to what my partner is looking for as I am extremely flexible in this regard. Views on RP combat and injuries: For this I think I'd prefer a lack of rolls with the exception of using them to determine whether or not an attack hits, but I always think it would be more fun to write combat instead of letting RNG decide the entire battle outcome. Temporary injuries are welcome though I won't allow my character to be permanently hurt outside of prior planned circumstances. This includes any new scars or handicaps. Character level won't be considered, nor PvP skill. Views on IC romance: Romance is accepted and encouraged. That and Smut. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Open to pretty much anything. Views on lore: This can be a touchy subject for a lot of people. This is something else I am flexible on as I take stuff on a case by case basis. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): "IC speech" is expected to be in quotes always. (Brackets) of any kind for OOC conversation. /say is IC only. III. Other Info I am looking for long term roleplay. It doesnt have to be long-term but that is what I am most interested in, if you just want smut that's fine too. Again I am extremely open to most things I just currently have no FFXIV rp partners and am looking for some to fill that gap Country: United States Timezone: EST Contact info: My Discord is Dark Falcon#1604.
  2. Dark Falcon

    mateus Grand Opening of Satu's!

    Tonight at 10 pm EST (about an hour and a half) I will be opening my house to the public. All are welcome to come and enjoy, there is some free food already placed but once it is gone you may order from my stocks (which i have on hand) which cost only a bit of gil (tiny). From this night forward my Restaurwant will be open 24/7 so that RPers may gather there to do as they like and have another place to hang out. Food of course will not be available from me until I show up. If enough people like Satu's and continue to come from time to time I have plans to expand the house and front yard so that it can be even more welcoming! Goblet Ward 12 Subdivison plot 38!