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  1. Seeing as my bot has become redundant, and is no longer in use: I have decided to retire it. Have a wonderful day everyone.
  2. Time and day: 11pm EST Saturday Biweekly (Last game: 14th) I'm the dm for a group that has a DND 5e game themed around ffxiv and takes place in that world. Naturally these events are not cannon to FFXIV. But there are ascians/primals. There is no Warrior of Light. This takes place before they exist. Here's the pitch: Here's the more in depth game info (How the echo is handled, home rules, etc etc) Home Rules: Classes/Races/Jobs: FOR ROLLING STATS Languages in the ffxiv realm: Pm me if you are interested.
  3. Changelog Known Bugs: Using !day and !week or any commands at the same time causes the program to get confused. Wait for the 'end of post' message before requesting another. The code to separate words eg: 'lavender beds' is not working. I'll be doing it manually 1/day until I have time to fix it.
  4. The bot will be offline today while I work on it.
  5. Good news! I've found a provider for the bot. I just made my own AWS server. I'm still getting things set up but not only is this able to update the bot easily if I need to make modifications: it should be up 24/7! It took some finagling but since I know amazon AWS due to my university work I went for it. With this set up, and with my soon to be moved into my new home: I'll be able to make the discord bot truly what it can be. Update: Bot is now online and should never go offline now!
  6. That could work great actually. It's only a small bot. The issue is it currently requires a lot of manual management. I'm moving at the moment, but I will definitely contact you once I have the bot self sufficient.
  7. Developer diary Long time coming but attempts ended up nearly giving my phone a virus. Bot is still alive, for now I am looking into possible hosting servers.
  8. We're still alive and kicking. I have updated the information as well.
  9. Developer diary I have managed to get node working on my phone. If all goes well tomorrow, the bot will soon have 24/7 uptime. Additionally, I am planning on working on the !addevent command as well.
  10. Just a general update. The bot is functioning as per normal. I have some plans for the coming future, hopefully during the coming months.
  11. Developer diary As it's been some time, I thought I'd share my progress. Currently, I am trying to await messages when a user types !add. But all the asynchronous options don't work nestled in !add. I've tried making it a function, or a while, or even outside the message listener. 2.0 will have two key features when I iron out the bugs: 1: adding events 2: fortnightly events/monthly events I'm still working on things, but note.js doesn't have as much documentation on discord bots. Another downside to the language I chose over a year ago. For now, v1.2 will have the following updates: -Call a specific day with !day eg !monday. This change will be live tomorrow.
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