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  1. Ooh, thank you so much!! These links are wonderful I will definitely read through them. I have some vague knowledge of the world or history. A bunch of co-workers play and would gush at me about the lore and story which is what convinced me to join up (I usually don't play MMO's since I'm so shy, but I've really fallen in love with this one lol) And thank you for the welcome!! ;;v;; <33
  2. Ooh man, it's been probably a decade or more since I've joined a forum, so this is kind of an adventure. Hello, hi! Name's Jack. I'm both new to FFXIV and RPing in an MMO (I've done various types of RP for years outside of MMOs), so I'm a little .. I guess unsure of how that all works. I'm primarily on Sargatanas, but I have a character on Mateus as well (as I heard it was a good RP server, and Balmung is closed). My character's name is Atticus Knight, and he is an Au ra pugilist. He punches real good, but can only communicate using gestures and impressions (or emotes) as he is mute due to an injury to his throat. As for Me. Uh.. I like to do writing things and arty things, I'm shy with social anxiety all over the place. I may not be very good at being active on a forum, but I am happy to be here! Thank you for reading!
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