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  1. Sounsyy

    General Lore Questions

    Nan - Senior Officers - Primus Architectus Magiteci - Chief imperial magitek engineer and Lord Provost of the Garlean Magitek Academy. - Architectus Magiteci - Engineer specializing in magitek. Encyclopedia Eorzea - Cid Garlond: "Cid was born heir to Midas nan Garlond, chief imperial magitek engineer of the Garlean Empire. Following in his father's footsteps, the young pure-blooded Garlean studied magitek technology intently, and secured entry to the prestigious Magitek Academy. During his tenure there, he devised countless inventions, his rivalry with Nero Scaeva accelerating his overall development. However, all was not well at home. Buried in his own research, Midas grew increasingly distant from his son. Cid became a ward of Gaius van Baelsar, a friend of his father's, and when Midas perished suddenly during an experiment gone awry, Cid was named Primus Architectus Magiteci. Yet, he could not agree with Garlemald's indiscretionary use of warmachina, and fled to Eorzea rather than accept the assignment. Now aged thirty-four, he works to ensure freedom through technology." Cid entered the Magitek Academy at age 12 in 1555, he graduated top of his class six years later in 1561, a year before his father Midas was killed in the Bozja Incident. In that year - thanks to his genius, his accolades, his contributions to the quick siege of Ala Mhigo, and who his father and god-father were - Cid was able to rise through the social hierarchy into the position of Nan (Architectus Magiteci), and next in line to Primus Architectus Magiteci when Midas nan Garlond was killed. Afterall, who better to replace one of the most brilliant technological minds in the Empire than that man's son, who had proven himself to be every bit as brilliant.
  2. Sounsyy

    General Lore Questions

    Overall, the difference between Bas and Cen has less to do with respect and more to do with the profession itself, however, that's not to say that coming from a family with better social standing and having that respect wouldn't help secure a better position in their field. Cen - Upper Citizens - Civis Fabrilis - Artisans and other citizens of the secondary economic sector: manufacturing. Bas - Lower Citizens - Civis Mercatus - Merchants and other citizens of the tertiary economic sector: services. - Civis Fundaminae - Farmers, fishers, hunters, miners, logcutters, and other citizens of the primary economic sector: raw materials As an artist, or artisan, your character would fall into the Cen category by default. Now, perhaps if your character had "failed as an artist" or went against the Imperial censor, then maybe your character would lose their position or commissions as an artist and have to take up a "lower citizens" job in another economic sector, thus falling back down to Bas. As far as skin tone and hair color for a pureblooded Garlean go... most we see are at least fair-skinned, even on the Prima Vista, and many have blond or light brown hair. There are also examples of pureblooded Garleans who are not! So take that as you will and make a character that suits your aesthetic preference.
  3. Sounsyy

    RP Noob - Nameday Question

    The IRL date the 1.0 servers shut down (the Calamity) was 11th of November, or the "12th Sun of the Sixth Astral Moon" translating that to the Eorzean calendar. In lore, the Calamity occurred 5~6 years ago from the present time.
  4. Sounsyy

    Gridanian Officer's Set (the missing pants)

    Twin Adders with the Overcoats are all actually wearing Hempen Underpants (Undyed) for men and Hempen Pantalettes (Undyed) for women, which you can buy from a vendor near each city-state's aetheryte plaza for 39g. That said, you can't really see what you're wearing under the Overcoat unless you're really craning your neck up someone's coat so you can wear pretty much anything so long as it doesn't show below the coat. Hope this helps! ^^
  5. Sounsyy

    Portal from Vana'Diel?

    The two examples we have of visitors from Vana'diel are Shantotto and Iroha. Shantotto of Windurst is a master of arcane magicks and apparently developed a spell that allowed her to travel to different dimensions. Iroha, on the other hand, is less sure how she got to Hydaelyn, though she believes it was the divine intervention of the Goddess, Altana who plucked her from the dying world of Vana'diel and brought her here. Shantotto: "The Federation of Windurst in Vana'diel is my demesne, where I preside as supreme mistress of all matters arcane. Let us just say that my powers allow for interdimensional travel. Sadly, I had to seal away this most marvelous spell, for reasons upon which I'd rather not dwell. Anyhow, I recently revisited the incantation, for the purpose of making some ameliorations. You know how the saying goes: the mind of a genius is never at repose. ...Testing the spell, I found myself by chance in your land─and quickly observed that things have gotten out of hand." Iroha: "The last thing I remember is a fierce battle and a strange light. When next I awoke, I was here. I realize how ridiculous this seems. Anyone in their right mind would think it some fanciful dream. But for me, this world is the dream, and now it is time to awaken. When next I open my eyes I will be home, in Vana'diel, once more at Master's side. This may be just a dream, but it is one I shall never forget. Thank you, for everything. ...It would seem...I am not yet ready to return. Is this, perhaps, the will of the Goddess? If it is by Her will, then so it shall be. I vow to work hard every day, to become a warrior worthy of your teachings. Then, when the time comes, we shall meet again. Here, in Eorzea, or perhaps in the waking world." So I leave that up to your personal preference. Is your character able to perform inter-dimensional travel or are they important enough that the Goddess might see fit to transport them to another realm? If that's the kind of story that you're wanting to tell with this character then go for it! That said, often times the more fantastical you make your character, the less broad of an audience you'll attract in terms of general RP. If you've got an FC or a group of RP friends already who're cool with this sort of concept then that shouldn't matter at all though. TL;DR: Can it happen? Yes, it's just unlikely. Will the vast majority of RPers go for it? Ehhh, you're probably gonna get similar responses to what Shantotto and Iroha both received: Vorsaile: "Inter...dimensional travel, did you say? I cannot begin to comprehend what our visitor is trying to convey." Remumu: "<sigh> There goes the greatest story I'll never get to write. An adventurer from another world, traveling back in time to save her people. Who's going to believe such a silly tale? I'll leave the flights of fancy to Petyr. But for her sake, I hope she finds her way home, wherever that may be."
  6. Sounsyy

    Question on Miqo’te backstory

    Though not a huge population, there are Keepers who live in/around Limsa Lominsa if you wanted to just cut out the Found In Gridania, Brought to Limsa Immediately step of the backstory? Kobold or Sahagin attack on one of the hamlets works pretty well for orphans. Pirates, too. And there're orphanages in Limsa, plenty of mercenaries, and Limsa is where the Adventurers' Guild was founded 20ish years ago for the Adventurer parents bit. Tons of options, but the backstory looks pretty solid now! Hope this helped!
  7. Sounsyy

    Question on Miqo’te backstory

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with playing your Miqo'te as "non-tribal." It's fairly common both in lore and in the RP community, especially. So no worries there! The only part that caught my eye was this. I'm not sure if you intended to play a character that is only 7~ish years old at most? The Calamity only canonically happened 5~6 years ago,, so your character would still be quite young. But there's plenty of things in Gridanian history that could account for missing parents, if you still wanted to lose your character's parents at a young age: Greenwrath, Wailer skirmish, Garlean skirmishes, Keeper refugee from Ala Mhigo, etc.
  8. Sounsyy

    New to Just About Everything!

    Welcome to Mateus and the RPC! /slides information towards. <Allag Lore>
  9. Sounsyy

    Avagnar Lore

    Unfortunately, like many of the Xaela tribes, the Avagnar's only tidbit of lore comes from the Naming Conventions thread: Avagnar: "Though defeated and absorbed by the Adarkim, several of the proud tribe's members still secretly use its ancestral name, knowing that it could mean death if they are discovered." They don't show up as NPCs and are never mentioned in any of the Steppe quests as far as I can tell. There's a possibility that new information will become available in the new, upcoming lore book 2, but until then, unfortunately there's nothing more to be had.
  10. Welcome to Hydaelyn and the RPC! Since you're on Mateus, I'd recommend checking out their big RP Hub Discord for finding RP contacts, as well as shuffling through the Linkshells and Free Companies tabs above. > https://discord.gg/HPbYNFU As far as lore goes, I'd recommend starting with the link below! The Lore Index has several large compilations on various general subjects and is always growing! > Lore Index Hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on the forums!
  11. Sounsyy

    Gyr Abania Highlander Tribes?

    According to lore on Ala Mhigo's founding, there were once countless warring clans who made their home in the Gyr Abanian highlands. But all of these tribes were unified under Anshelm Cotter roughly 440 years ago. Encyclopedia Eorzea: "...life among the high peaks proved unforgiving. The survivors were of different races and nations, and soon, they fractured into factions, fighting bitterly over what little resources there were to be had. The feuds continued for many long years. On occasion, one clan would win a string of victories, and grow larger by absorbing their defeated foes into their ranks - only to be encircled by a coalition of the remaining tribes, and hammered back down. Following its victory, the loose alliance would then dissolve for lack of a common enemy. This pattern repeated time and again, and the fray showed no signs of abetting. Change was to come, however. After year 1100 of the Sixth Astral Era, Anshelm Cotter, a man of powerful lineage, set out to subjugate the other clans once and for all. Naturally, they united against him. Yet, Anshelm possessed an incomparable tactical genius, and his enemies were scattered before the march of his forces. For the first time in history, Gyr Abania’s clans were unified." That said, it's possible a Highlander clan didn't engage with Anshelm and wasn't unified, or they had migrated to Coerthas or another place along Abalathia's Spine during this time period and later returned. Or maybe in the four centuries since clans slowly broke away to once again become nomads across the highlands. In the current day, after 20 years of Imperial annexation, we see plenty of examples of disparate tribes, resistance factions, etc scattered across Gyr Abania. That could be because of Ala Mhigo's fall, but it's also a possibility that some of these tribes were less unified before the fall. The Shadow Sect of the Fists of Rhalgr is a good example of one such splinter group, or the Fists of Rhalgr themselves, before they became Ala Mhigo's state religion about a century ago. Hope this helps! ^^
  12. Valence and Caldera already explained things pretty well, so I'll just add an older Compilation of Aether and Magic Lore. What separates the various Disciples of Magic is less what they cast and more how they cast it, how they manipulate aether. As Valence said, Conjurers have full control over the elemental wheel in lore, despite only using three elements in gameplay. Ultimately, the difference between a conjurer's fire spell and a thaumaturge's fire spell comes down to the mechanics of how each disciple casts magic: conjurers drawing external aether internally to cast a spell vs thaumaturges polarizing internal aether to cast. Also, playing as one of the base classes makes a magical character a little simpler to roleplay. Not that you can't play as one of the Jobs, but doing so usually requires more specific hoops to jump through in one's backstory. And just because the game funnels you from the starter Class to its respective Job, doesn't mean the two are related lore-wise. Hope this helps!
  13. Sounsyy

    Beast Tribe and PCs

    ...I really need to buckle down and do beast tribe lore posts. Aegir and Valence already made good posts, I'll see what I can add to that. GRIDANIA: Moogles ▲ | Sylphs ▲ | Goblins ~ | Qiqirn ~ | Ixal ▼ Moogles- In the Black Shroud, moogles are the messengers of the elementals - beings the Gridanians consider embodiments of Nophica. Moogles are highly sensitive to aether, which allows them to hear/feel elementals far better than people. It was the moogles who taught the first conjurers and though they are rarely seen, they are greatly respected, and many in the city-state endeavor to learn mooglespeak. Adding to what Aegir mentioned, moogles are very timid creatures and rarely show themselves to people, using a form of invisibility magic that does not work on us because we have the Echo. Until the recent Calamity destroyed communications between the city-states, the only time moogles were seen outside the Twelveswood was in one of Ul'dah's black market sales. After the Calamity, the seedseers employed them as messengers. Even so, they try to remain invisible while doing this. Cecilia: "Saved by moogles? To even see a moogle in one’s lifetime is rare enough, but to be saved by a pack of them? Not many can make such a boast." Sylphs- Gridania and the Sylphs have had good relations for many centuries, however, the last decade or so has seen relations diminish somewhat with the Sylphs ever growing distrust of people. There was a time when you could find Sylphs in every city-state, supposedly, but now they even limit their presence in the city of Gridania. Valence already linked my post about the Ashcrown Consortium, but that was founded by the Sylphs in order to make peace between the various tribes and the city-states through the crystal trade. Shanga Meshanga: "While many know of the Ashcrown Consortium, very few realize that it was the Sylphs who founded the business, many, many years ago. Now, the network they so painstakingly built encompasses all the city-states in Eorzea. If it were not for the Sylphs’ pioneering efforts, the free peoples of Eorzea may never have succeeded in establishing trade relationships with the other beast tribes." Goblins- Gridanians seem to be on the fence with goblins since their return from their Great Pilgrimage. They're allowed in the Twelveswood and even Gridania, but there's a few Gridanians who don't seem to care for their presence. Qiqirn- Much like the Goblins, Gridania doesn't seem to have any particularly positive or negative opinion of the beast race. They're seen as a nuisance at best according to one Wailer. Ixal- Gridania's most hated enemy. Ixal once claimed dominion over the Twelveswood, or Tinolqa, as it was called when they roosted there. However, the elementals cast them out, which forced them to flee north to Xelphatol and Coerthas where they began losing their feathers and ability to fly. They hold this against the Gridanians who live there now and repeated acts of barbarism against the Wood have soured Gridanians' opinions of the beast tribe to the point that merely associating with the Ixal is grounds for exile from Gridania. O’dhinek: “The beast tribes are as different from us as night from day─plain and simple. There’s no sense trying to understand them, much less live side by side. And a swift exile from Gridania awaits any who hold otherwise. Aye, we had a healer years ago who found that out to his cost. Seemed a good enough sort… until the day he tended to the wounds of an injured bloody Ixal, citing ‘the healers’ oath’ or some such nonsense. What could possibly bring a man to take pity on that filth?” LIMSA LOMINSA: Qiqirn ▲ | Goblins ▲ | Mamool Ja ~ | kobolds ▼ | Sahagin ▼ Qiqirn- Qiqirn, having no unified tribal identity or beliefs, fit in well with Lominsan seafarers who likewise are more loyal to their crew than a unified national identity. In Limsa, Qiqirn can be found as merchants, pirates, black marketeers, gourmands, etc. Ighii Moui: “I seen the way you been glarin’ at the ratboys on deck. Well, let me warn you: lay a hand on ‘em, and their prickly hide’ll be the last thing your meaty digits ever touch. Qiqirn have their place on a ship, as does a helmsman or a cook. Them sniffers they got can tell when trouble’s brewin’, and them claws o’ theirs’ll rip clean through a fishback’s fins. That, and they make for decent fare when a ship’s larder’s spent. Heheheh.” Goblins- Similar to the Qiqirn, Goblins are welcome as merchants in the city-state. P’tahjha Stah: “Where is Sweetnix with those import records? Without the proper documentation, I am afraid we shall have to expel him from the city… Why, these are Sweetnix’s records! Glad I am to see they were submitted in time. Honestly, you would think that goblin would have lost his fear of our offices by now. Every month he is to submit these papers, and every month his tardiness forces me to consider his removal. As long as one follows proper procedure, Limsa Lominsa is quite welcoming of foreign traders. Pray convey these words to Sweetnix─perhaps it will aid in soothing the poor goblin’s fears.” Mamool Ja- A newer race from Mamook, the New World. Since its discovery by Ketenramm about 80 years ago, relations between the Mamool Ja and Limsa have been amicable. They've only started migrating to Limsa since the Calamity and have been hired as mercenaries. Though they've also caused various problems for the city-states which is why they get the ~ rating. Kobolds- Complicated. Skirmishes and bloody territorial disputes have occurred on and off since the city-state's founding. Limsa will push for land here, the kobold push back. The kobolds push for land there, the Lominsan push back. Despite this, kobolds were actually welcome in Limsa Lominsa (often found as metallurgists or shopkeeps) and relations with the tribe were fair until relatively recently (15 years ago ish). This changed after the first summoning of Titan in 1562. In order to mine more crystals for their god, the kobolds increased their presence in La Noscea, which caused tensions with the sporadic farmer and settlement. In 1563 with Merlwyb's rise to power, the new Admiral began pushing back, taking more and more kobold land for new frontier settlements and farming, in violation of their treaty. By the time Titan was summoned again, tensions with the kobolds forced the rest of the beast tribe out of the city proper and the exodus to U'Ghamaro began. Bango Zango: “My name is Bango Zango, junior archivist with the world-renown Brugaire Consortium. When I was littl- Er, when I was young, I dreamed of opening a store which employed only kobolds. Kobolds are quick and they have sharp minds, and they used to be friendly to us here in Limsa. I say ‘used to’ because in the past few years they’ve changed… It seems my dream will never come true.” Sahagin- Limsa's most hated enemy. The Sahagin have been attacking Lominsan ships since nearly the city's founding, though until the rise of the Scarlet Sea Devil 15 years ago, they mostly kept to their own territory, the Indigo Deep. After the first summoning of Leviathan, the Sahagin, specifically the Coral Tridents faction, grew more fanatical, even by Sahagin standards. It was in order to better wage war against the Sahagin that the treaty with the kobolds was originally struck. After the Calamity, relations with the Sahagin hit rock bottom. The Calamity washed away one of the Sahagin's main spawning grounds, and seeking suitable ground to lay their clutch, the Sahagin invaded western La Noscea and razed several settlements. Captives of Sahagin raids are tempered and join the ranks of Serpent Reavers, men who've sold their souls to Leviathan. Novv isn't really an exception to this, he still worships Leviathan and believes his god is owed its due, but he also knows from firsthand experience that a few tempered souls isn't worth the retribution that's sure to come from the Maelstrom or Barracuda. Encyclopedia Eorzea - Year 1517: “Limsa Lominsa petitions the kobold tribes for a peace accord in order to focus their strength on the campaign against the Sahagin, and avoid fighting a war on two fronts. At the conclusion of negotiations with the 1st Order Patriarch, the two parties sign a pact of non-aggression which states ‘to man goes the bounties of the sea, and to the kobolds the bounties of the land.’ The ambiguity of the agreement, however, will eventually invite further conflict.” UL'DAH: Goblins ~ | Qiqirn ▼ | Sylphs ▼ | Amalj'aa ▼ Goblins- I'll start with the beastmen the Ul'dahns despise the least. In 1559, the Syndicate enacts a law banning all beastmen from the city proper. One reason for this is to eliminate competition between Ul'dahn merchants and beastmen peddlers, such as the goblins, who had but recently returned from their Great Pilgrimage. The other reason because of the Imperial threat following the fall of Ala Mhigo. Given Ul'dah's and Garlemald's trade relations, the Syndicate didn't want to invite the Empire's ire over allowing "lesser races" into the city. However, this move garnered mixed reviews - some merchants believing it was an untapped market that was being wasted, while others applauded it and further believed that the beast tribes should be purged from the sultanate altogether. Havak Alvak: “Faced with an impending imperial invasion, the Syndicate passed a policy to purge the sultanate of all beastmen, who found themselves unceremoniously banished by the bevy. Overnight, the sight of sylvan crystal merchants and goblin junk dealers alike up and vanished from the Sapphire Avenue Exchange. Despite the decree’s dubiousness, it was warmly welcomed by the majority of merchants, who regarded reduced rivalry with relish.” Qiqirn- While the Qiqirn find themselves in similar circumstances as the goblins, Ul'dahns have taken a keen disliking to the beast race after many of them turned to banditry following their exile from the city. That said, there are some exceptions where Qiqirn were permitted to remain in Ul'dah. Apparently Frondale's Phrontistery employs a few to manage their books and guinea pig new medicines. Charlys: “In Ul’dah, you will find there are many sympathetic to the Empire. As a result, the Garleans’ hatred of the beast tribes is not as frowned upon as it is in other city-states…" Sylphs- Sylphs were banished along with the Goblins and Qiqirn. Some remained with the Ashcrown Consortium's branch in Ul'dah in secret, but most left for good. Shanga Meshanga: "It goes without saying that few in the Sultanate share my fondness for beastmen… and so I keep up appearances as a common trader. I would ask that you keep all that I have told you in the closest of confidence." Amalj'aa- Ul'dah's most hated enemy. Once allies during the War of the Sisters several centuries ago, repeated offenses eventually formed an irreparable rift between the beast tribe and the sultanate. Though trade was likely once possible, now the Syndicate edict and further laws make any trade with beast races deemed hostile illegal, namely the Amalj'aa. Tensions came to a head when the Amalj'aa first summoned Ifrit in 1564. Tempered by the Lord of the Inferno and determined to expunge 'slave races' from their holy lands, the Amalj'aa have renounced all crystal trade and have begun kidnapping travelers en mass to temper and strengthen their primal god. Havak Alvak: “Recent years have seen the Amalj’aa threat grow gradually to pose a perennial problem for Ul’dah alongside the advancing Garlean Empire. Bad blood has boiled between us and the lizardmen for generations, born of an ongoing dispute over demesne. Hostility on the Amalj’aa’s part would peak pronouncedly in the wake of the tragedy at Mythril Pit T-3, a trend academics ascribe to the appearance of Ifrit.” ISHGARD: Moogles ~ | Vanu Vanu ~ | (Vath) ▲ | Gnath ▼ | Goblins ▼ | Ixal ▼ Moogles- Recently discovered in the Churning Mists within the last year, the end of the Dragonsong War has prompted a small Ishgardian presence in the floating islands surrounding Sohm Al, Eorzea's highest peak. According to the Moogle beast tribe quests, most Ishgardians view the moogle tribe as insufferable due to their constant mischievousness. Vanu Vanu- Another recently discovered tribe, dating back only a few years. Initial contacts between the Ishgardians and the Vanu were peaceful, though some Vanu tribes have become increasingly territorial. The Vanu are used to isolation, but have made the effort to learn the common tongue to trade with the Ishgardians. Encyclopedia Eorzea - The Vanu Vanu: "These avian beastmen dwell upon the floating islands of the Sea of Clouds, the tribe's existence unknown to the world below until the airships of Ishgard first rose to explore the sky's domain. Initial encounters with the races of man were peaceful, but in recent years the Vanu Vanu have grown hostile towards those who would encroach upon their homeland." Gnath/Vath- Gnath are keen hunters and skilled alchemists, and are viewed by the hunters of the Chocobo Forest as "violently territorial." The Vath - Gnath who have been disconnected from the Overmind and become individuals - on the other hand, have recently formed a new Hive and the Vath Adventurers' Guild actively seeks amicable relations with its surrounding peoples, including the Ishgardians and Goblins. Goblins- Mentions of interactions between the beastmen and Ishgard are scarce, however, the majority of them are negative like the quote below. Not sure what exactly the goblins did to win the ire of the Ishgardians, but the two don't get on well. Goblin Up Sharlayan (L): "The goblins have taken what remained in the rubble of Sharlayan, and gangs of the lawless beastmen have proliferated where dignity once stood. The unbelievers grow bolder every day, flaunting the laws of the Holy See with aggressive gestures. I rarely give order beyond the walls of Ishgard, yet they tempt me so in their profane behavior, spitting out expletives that tarnish Halone and thus beckon the rulings for heresy. I will pay good coin to the adventurer who can protect the integrity of Sharlayan by offering the goblins the chance of exile from the place. Should they rather choose the sword, show them no mercy." Ixal- In the Year 1562, the Ixal summoned their goddess Garuda with the fervent desire to imbue them once more with the power of flight. Garuda gifted to them airstones, allowing the race to power their warballoons against the wind. With this new blessing, the Ixal expanded from Xelphatol into Coerthas, building Natalan. With Xelphatol being mostly devoid of trees and resources, the Ixal used this forward base of operation to begin deforesting eastern Coerthas and northern Tinolqa to build strongholds, airships, and perform their rituals to Garuda. Fortunately, the Ixal have been little more than a thorn in Ishgard's side, while Gridania has been made to endure the full focus of Ixali attacks. Liflin Gulin: "If Garuda has power to spare turnin' airstones to eyes… Come to think, that stronghold went up quicker than any thought possible. Mayhap the might o' the Ixal's greater than any thought, too… Bugger those bloody birds! They're the last thing we need to be worryin' about, what with the Garleans marchin' on the realm." ALA MHIGO: Qiqirn ▲ | Ananta ~ Qiqirn- As Aegir mentioned already, there are groups of Qiqirn who are respected peoples of Gyr Abania and were invited to participate in Ala Mhigan affairs of government. There are also Qiqirn who, in the twenty years of harsh Garlean dominion over the region, have turned to cannibalism/man-eating to survive. This seems largely isolated to the Qiqirn who've built their nest at the Ziggurat. Ananta- This is another complicated one. According to some quests, there are a lot of Gyr Abanians who don't know what an Ananta is, much less that some are friendly beastmen. The Ananta have inhabited Gyr Abania since long before the Ala Mhigans, but mostly keep to themselves. Some of the Vira faction of Ananta have joined with the Resistance, while the Qalyana are more aggressively territorial and zealous to their goddess, Lakshmi, preventing peaceful negotiations between them and the Ala Mhigans. Lyse: "There's even some beastmen─well, beastwomen, I suppose─like that one over there. She's an Ananta. They've been with us for a while now. Well, one of the smaller factions has. The rest won't have anything to do with us. We're no different from the Garleans to them. They keep to themselves, spending all their time crafting. Ananta make the most amazing jewelry, by the way. They use magicks to twist metals and crystal into shapes you wouldn't believe. It's a pity people hardly ever get to see their work. But then most don't even know they exist." HINGASHI & DOMA: Namazu ▲ | Kojin (Blue) ~ | Kojin (Red) ▼ Namazu- Friendly to both Hingan and Doman peoples, the Namazu are mainly merchants, artisans, and fisherfolk with somewhat amicable relations with the peoples of the Far East. Their greatest claim to fame was their role in the unification of Yanxia and the birth of Doma under King Ganen, who later employed their people as royal messengers. In the recent Namazu beast tribe quests, the Namazu have expanded their trades into the Azim Steppe and endeavor to make lasting friendships with the Xaela tribes there. That said, the Namazu are very often seen as nuisances at best and a plump meal at worst. Kojin- Once respected traders to both Hingashi and Doma, these denizens of the Ruby Sea suffered under the Empire's 25-year rule over the region. The Kojin of the Red, skilled warriors, turned mercenary for Garlemald, while the Kojin of the Blue retreated to their underwater village to live in relative isolation. Now, the Kojin of the Blue seek to breath life back into trade in the region and are generally held in high regard by those their trade once benefited. Hope this helps, Panini! ^^ Also, Though Lalafell are certainly a minority race in Gridania (part of that 10% Other races statistic along with Sea Wolves), Gridania has its fair share of notable Lalafellin citizens, such as Fufucha the Botanist guildmaster, and Figaga. Don't let ARR's limited NPC race distribution discourage you!
  14. Sounsyy

    Returning player, very new to RP

    Welcome to the RPC Miku and welcome back to Eorzea! Your story seems fine, though there was one little bit that doesn't line up, but it's an easy enough fix! <Full Size> Kugane is a very long boat ride across the seas to the island nation of Hingashi, so there wouldn't be any forests along the way, and not a journey one could take on foot. The easy fix, however, is that you said your character winds up in Limsa Lominsa after losing her mother. Limsa Lominsa is a nation of pirates and seafarers. Maybe your Lalafells took a boat from Ul'dah's docks towards Kugane but the boat sank - maybe in a storm, maybe sunk by pirates. Then it's just a matter of your character getting picked up. Maybe she's clinging to the flotsam of the sunken ship and a passing navy vessel sees her and brings her aboard and back to Limsa Lominsa. Maybe the pirates keep her until they get back to Limsa. Hope this helps! ^^ If you're ever curious about some of the lore of the game, the Lore Index is a good place to start, or feel free to ask questions!
  15. Sounsyy

    Social Classes within The Pillars of Ishgard

    Quick reply because I'm still at work, but other noble houses also have their manor in the Pillars, such as House Borel - Aymeric's house. Also Ishgard doesn't seem to have a true "middle" class, but a small one might exist in the form of merchants and clergy who didn't already come from noble standing.