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  1. The Garlean Empire is sorta the Big Bad Evil Empire of FFXIV who are trying to subjugate the Three Great Continents. You get your first look at them pretty early, so you'll see them before too long if you haven't already! "Pureblood" Garleans are the native race to Garlemald (capital of the Garlean Empire) and they are unique in that they have a third eye on their foreheads, and almost all of them lack the ability to manipulate aether to use magic. To make up for this they've turned to machines, called magitek.
  2. Hey there LordSqweb and welcome to the RPC and to Hydaelyn! I wanted to drop in and say that, while Lucius isn't incorrect that WHM, BLM, and DRG are probably some of the most looked askance jobs, it's not impossible or "taboo" to roleplay as them in all groups. The "RP Community" here is actually... well, it's many communities (with many more joining the mesh now thanks to World Visit) and no two seem to have exactly the same taboos, lore strictness, etiquette, etc. In lore, the base classes that you start off playing are disciplines of war, magic, hand, or land that are com
  3. I don't see anything wrong with this. Go for it!
  4. Balmung and Mateus are the two biggest RP servers. Balmung is almost always listed as congested these days, however, but I'm told you can still slip a new character onto Mateus during the early hours of the morning EST/PST (before NA players wake up). Alternatively, you can place your character on any of the smaller servers within the Crystal Data Center (like coeurl or goblin for example) and then use the new World Visit system to get onto Balmung or Mateus for RP. Hope this helps!
  5. Welcome to Eorzea and the RPC, Seda! (Yay battlehealers!) I can help you out with Miqo'te lore here! I'm still working on other race lore posts, but if you'd like to browse my notes on Hyur or Au Ra those can be found here (sorry for the formatting!). Hope this helps!
  6. Assuming your character is from/in Eorzea, "normal" tech would be Clockwork. This is the type of basic technology that's commonly used and available throughout Eorzea for the past couple centuries. It's simple gears and cogs (think steampunk) that are fueled by aether, usually from an aetherial core or "heart". The most commonly seen variety of clockwork tech in game are the Mammets and minion dolls, but a lot of the lifts, elevators, and mechanical tech that you see out in the regional areas of Eorzea all fall under the Clockwork umbrella (though they are slowly being modified with magitek te
  7. All of that looks good! That's pretty much the lore of the Silver Bazaar and Hammerlea, and it's pretty on point for someone who would've grown up there!
  8. Welcome to Hydaelyn and the RPC, Hakha! Sadly I haven't gotten around to a full Garlemald lore post yet, but I do have a Garlean timeline that should be helpful and answer a lot of questions! A Timeline of the Garlean Invasion Let me quickly answer some of your questions though! Garlemald began its invasion of northern Ilsabard (the northernmost of the Three Great Continents (map by Rommy)) in the year 1515 (62 years ago). Nhalmasque is the only other named Ilsabardian city that we know of so far, and it was conquered in 1517. By 1522, all of Ilsabard is
  9. All kinds of ways to swing this and race should never be a disqualifier for a job! Like Valence said there's several ways that this concept can be swung and all of them are perfectly viable. I'll add a few more. So first and foremost, the actual "Astrologian" job that we get to play is of Sharlayan origin and has been around for centuries. Sharlayan is situated in the seas north of Eorzea and is one of two archipelagos in the Northern Empty, the other being Aerslaent, the Sea Wolf homeland. Sharlayan's founder was even a Sea Wolf. So there's an easy shoe-in there! Sea Wolves are li
  10. Classes are modern professions that are common pretty much throughout Eorzea. They have at least one guild, which standardizes one way of teaching said class, however as Franz said, that doesn't mean the guild is the only place to learn that profession. The Lancers' Guild may be in Gridania, but Ala Mhigo and Ishgard are also just as famous for their lancers. The class guilds, in addition to teaching, also serve different roles in their respective cities. The thaumaturges of Ul'dah are lawmakers and priests of Ul'dah's organized religion, for example. Jobs, on the other hand, are p
  11. My first question is: does your Au Ra worship Halone because you RP them as worshiping Halone? Or do they "worship" Halone because their chosen deity in character creator is Halone? If they worship Halone because you want them to worship Halone, that's totally fine! If it's just a character creator thing, you can consider that irrelevant for most characters who were raised outside Eorzea, as they don't worship the Twelve. In the case of the Raen, they like most other Othardians, worship the kami. If you want your character to also worship the kami, that's totally cool too! The o
  12. So the RP community is not super strict on everyone following naming conventions. A lot do, some don't. Some go by aliases, some have a real name that fits conventions but go by a different name that they made up. Some characters were adopted and have more "Hyuran" sounding names. There's even a Lalafellin character in the MSQ who does not follow Lalafellin naming conventions because she was named by her adopted Hyur father. So go with Shelly Flashtrigger or Black Fox! Maybe she's a merc and Black Fox is just a lot easier to remember than her real name? Whatever your reasoning, mo
  13. Here are a few Ishgardian Hyur forenames and surnames. They seem to stick most closely with their own racial naming conventions. Alberic Bale Cyr Blyme Elaisse Poole Mathye Reede Redwald Younge Willmott Wyrke Hilda Ware Fray Myste* Stacia Myste* Leofard Myste* *Myste is a surname common among Brume orphans.
  14. So there's a necessary distinction to make between science and religion as far as death goes: Learned scholars believe that upon a creature's death, the soul leaves the body in an initial burst of aether. The more violent the death, the more burst of aether happens. The body left behind then slowly decomposes over time and "returns to the Lifestream." In those rare instances where we see a person dissolve entirely into aether right before our eyes, it is in cases where a person has consumed all of their aether at the time of their death. Moenbryda is an example of this. Anyroad...
  15. Fortunately, Hyur are everywhere! In Eorzea, Gyr Abania and Ala Mhigo are generally where we see the largest Highlander populations. But before Anshelm Cotter founded Ala Mhigo in 1135 (442 years ago), Gyr Abania was home to a mess of feuding clans, tribes, and peoples. Encyclopedia Eorzea - Litany For Survival: "The feuds continued for many long years. On occasion, one clan would win a string of victories, and grow larger by absorbing their defeated foes into their ranks - only to be encircled by a coalition of the remaining tribes, and hammered back down. Following its victory, t
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