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    Glamour help-any hoods for blms?

    Hoods: -Lv 50 : Flame Elite Hood (Immortal Flames only) -Lv 50 : Ironworks Hood of Casting -Lv 53 : Woad Skywicce's Hood -Lv 60 : Hood of the Black Griffin (PVP) -Lv 60 : Prototype Alexandrian Hood of Casting -Lv 60 : Star Velvet Hood of Casting -Lv 68 : Twinsilk Hood of Casting Cowls: -Lv 38 : Seer's Cowl -Lv 50 : Darklight Cowl of Casting -Lv 50 : Austere Cowl* *Austere Cowl is a personal fav, makes for a great Order of Nald'thal set. Hope this helps!
  2. The Scions of the Seventh Dawn were a "secret" society, supposedly only known to the upper echelons of the Eorzean city-state's leaderships, adventurers' guild heads, and Grand Companies, who they helped form before the Calamity. They remained "secret" because they were located in the sultanate and they did not wish to seem bias. After Operation Archon, however, the Scions abandoned the facade of secrecy, moved to the neutral frontier territory of Mor Dhona, and began openly helping to solve Eorzea's problems while writing academic treatise on their scholarly findings along the way. Before the Calamity, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn was two organizations: The Path of the Twelve, a true secret society founded by Minfilia and based out of Ul'dah that gathered and studied those who had been blessed with the Echo; and the Circle of Knowing, a Sharlayan organization of twelve archons founded by Louisoix that came to Eorzea in 1562 to save Eorzea from annihilation. The Circle of Knowing went on to advise the new leaders of the city-states and convinced them to form the Grand Companies. When the Circle of Knowing joined hands with the Path of the Twelve and became the Scions, they continued in the role of the Circle of Knowing, however with the added manpower of the many Walkers of the Path of the Twelve to aid their efforts. As the majority of the Scions were former Walkers with the Echo, the organization had to be kept secret. Also, as it was situated in Ul'dah, they wished to avoid favoritism, as well as the over influx of petitioners for their aid. And even though the Waking Sands was in a public setting, it was apparently heavily warded by the Sharlayans. Encyclopedia Eorzea - Scions of the Seventh Dawn: "A secret society devoted to serving the realm, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn gave sage counsel to the leaders of Eorzea through unofficial channels. After their desperate struggle against the XIVth Imperial Legion, they stepped out from the shadows, and continue to work for the betterment of Eorzea." Momodi: "First of all, if you're wonderin' whether you can trust these “Scions of the Seventh Dawn,” you can. They're good people who've made it their mission to solve some of Eorzea's most pressin' problems. 'Course, that ain't no small task, and so they're always lookin' for dependable individuals to join 'em─individuals like you, Sounsyy. Now, I've been given leave to tell you where to find the Scions, but you must promise to keep this information to yourself. As you can probably imagine, it's somethin' Eorzea's enemies would very much like to know. The Scions are headquartered in Vesper Bay, out in western Thanalan. The place you're lookin' for is called the Wakin' Sands. Give your name to whoever's at the entrance, and you'll be let in." Tataru: "Now, please be advised that this is private property. Unless you have pertinent business here, I must ask you to─" Minfilia: "Ever since we defeated Gaius van Baelsar and destroyed his ultimate weapon, the eyes of the world have followed our every move, scarce remembering to blink. Where once we worked in secret─with precious few friends and all too many enemies─we are now besieged by benefactors, each one more eager than the last to offer us his complete support." Papalymo: "Neutrality was ever a delicate matter. I've lost count of the times I've had to explain to people that our allegiances need not necessarily lie in the same place as our headquarters. Mind you, if we are to sell our services for gil, we might as well declare our fealty to Ul'dah now, and have done with it. I'm quite sure Yda would enjoy the bribes..." Alphinaud: "So long as we remain within Ul'dahn territory, we will never be free to act with impunity. Moving our headquarters to Vesper Bay only delayed the inevitable. We have demonstrated our capabilities, and the Syndicate has taken note. They will not suffer our organization to remain independent now. We are far too dangerous for that. They know full well how beneficial one would be to our cause... Which is why it and other favors will be denied us unless we cooperate." Tataru: "When we told him what had happened, he used his magicks to weave a glamour around the waking sands. From the outside, our old headquarters now looks like an abandoned storehouse!"
  3. The game and lore has always maintained that while Oboro and the NIN storyline NPCs were from an isolated village on the outskirts of Doma, that the art of Ninjutsu did not originate in Doma, but was instead brought from an island to the east of Othard several centuries ago by Sasuke during the Age of Strife. The first time it's mentioned is in Gerolt's first relic questline in ARR. The lore book and 60-70 questline later corroborate this and go more into the Hingan origins of ninjutsu and how a Doman version of the art came about. Gerolt: "It contains an account o' how a Far Eastern ninja named Sasuke brought ninjutsu to Doma. Seems ninjutsu was invented in a land far to the east of Othard's shores─same isle as where Sasuke grew up. The bloke was the best ninja about, so he gets secret orders or summat to cross the sea, an' makes his way to Doma. Life for the Doman commonfolk was shite back then, what with the starvin' an' the poverty. The worst, though, was the bleedin' tyrant what ruled the place! Well, bein' the charitable sort, what's Sasuke to do but teach the smallfolk ninjutsu so they can win back their freedom? So yer man trains some ninjas, an' together they boot the ruler's royal arse off the throne, an' put a dagger in his back for good measure. Well, with the dynasty dead, yer ninjas go lookin' for the spoils o' victory. After that, the lot o' them headed to the outlands o' Doma to build a hidden village, so's to live as ninjas away from pryin' eyes." Encyclopedia Eorzea - Ninjutsu History: “In the eastern seas beyond the continent of Othard can be found the remote island nation of Hingashi - a word that literally means ‘east.’ An age of strife perpetuated by factions both great and small has battered this isolated archipelago for years untold, giving rise to unique forms of warfare - as was the case with the mystical art of the shinobi. Due to the tumultuous nature of its inception, however, the roots of ninjutsu are difficult to trace to a single origin. Rather, it must be said that the raw techniques devised by the individual factions were adopted on the wider field of conflict, and honed through a process of bloody evolution. Many historians find it easier to focus upon the founding of the various ninja clans. In the mountainous regions where crops struggle to grow, people chose instead to nurture their martial skills. Children were raised into a warrior tradition, and entire families earned a living through their clandestine expertise. And when these shinobi eventually crossed the seas to Othard, the art of ninjutsu quickly found purchase upon its shores. The most famous account of this is the tale of Sasuke, a ninja who established his own clan on the continent before joining with the warlords of Doma to end a tyrant’s oppressive reign.” Maybe the shinobi village's exact location was a secret, but if its existence was supposed to be secret - it was Doma's worst kept one. Yomei's text seems to point towards the fact that the village used to be a secret, but over time as more and more people on mainland Othard became aware of the shinobi's talents and began employing them at large as retainers, assassins, etc. the secret was no more. In the 60-70 quests, especially, which go into Hingashi's history with ninjutsu, you learn that there are entire clans, smiths, and war heroes who're known by name as famous shinobi. So the only secretive part about the Far Eastern shinobi seems to be that they conduct their missions stealthily. Yomei: "My people are the descendants of an ancient clan that traces its origins back to an age of war and strife. My ancestors isolated themselves in a secluded village and devoted themselves to the martial arts, that they might defend themselves and their land from the chaos around them. At first, my ancestors lived solitary lives. In time, however, their martial abilities came to be recognized by mighty warlords, who enlisted their services. So it was that my ancestors came to serve from the shadows, performing assassinations, espionage, and other such disagreeable-yet-indispensable duties. In the early days, my ancestors were known by many names: the shadow, the grass, the silent ones, those who see but are not seen... In time, as our existence became widely known and accepted by the greater populace, the people came to call us by a single name: shinobi, the hidden. Our art - the art of ninjutsu - has been honed through the centuries, passed down from master to student, master to student." Princess Yatsurugi no Yuki: "Tch, you think me naive enough to trust shinobi!? When Doma fell, we all saw your daggers in its back! Come, Akagi─leave the traitors!" Encyclopedia Eorzea - Hozan Nagae: “Hozan’s father, Homei, fought loyally in the service of the Doman generals as a foot soldier, but understood well the limits of his own abilities. Not wishing the same disgrace to befall his only son, he encouraged Hozan at an early age to walk the path of the shinobi. During the Garlean invasion, Hozan’s shinobi masters forbade him from fighting, citing the boy’s youth." Ihanami: "We thought the matter closed, but she never forgot his words. She became convinced that the Garleans would one day come for us. And it was in search of the strength to defend us that she left, years later, to learn the ways of the shinobi..." While Ihanami's dialogue in SB is vague on where in Doma Yugiri went to learn ninjutsu, the lore book thankfully clarifies that she was taught in the same village as Oboro & co., but that she left the village to pledge fealty to Lord Kaien once she became a jonin. Encyclopedia Eorzea - Yugiri Mistwalker: “Having witnessed the terrors wrought by the Garlean Empire, a young Yugiri made the pilgrimage from her Raen home to the village of the shinobi, seeking tools with which she might fight the Empire. Through years of inhuman trails, she learned the ways of the shinobi - how to fight from the shadows - eventually earning the rank of ‘jonin.’ Having thus mastered ninjutsu and being given the epithet ‘Mistwalker,’ she pledged herself to the remnants of the Doman general’s clan." Hozan, Higiri, and even a few of the Doman refugee children apparently are trained to various extents in the art of Doman ninjutsu. Yugiri seemed to bring quite a few of her shinobi guard with her when she lead the refugees to Eorzea a year ago, as several of her spies show up during the Ivy quests. So Revenant's Toll might be the perfect place (in Eorzea) for an Adventurer to start picking up ninjutsu. And the camp has actually been an adventurer hub run by the Adventurers' Guild for about 14~15 years now, but only more recently grew into the town it is today thanks to the Doman refugees and Rowena's House of Splendors. Encyclopedia Eorzea - Revenant’s Toll: “The Adventurers’ Guild built this new settlement to replace Camp Revenant’s Toll which had long served as a base of operations for the guild in Mor Dhona." Encyclopedia Eorzea - Higiri Oshiga: “A kunoichi hailing from the eastern mountains of Doma, Higiri claims extensive knowledge of herbs. Since her arrival in Revenant’s Toll, she has abandoned the battlefield for the kitchens of the Rising Stones, where she often experiments with new admixtures while preparing meals for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Though she is but a genin - the lowest rank of ninja - she served under Yugiri in the rebellion..." Encyclopedia Eorzea - The Doman Adventurers’ Guild: “Having encountered adventurers for the first time after arriving in Eorzea, the Doman younglings established their own guild to ‘protect their friends and punish the wicked.’ Though most of their days are spent helping out around Revenant’s Toll, the children eargerly await the chance to set off on their own adventures. They evidently learned much in their homeland, for they can move with astounding agility and even know a smattering of shinobi techniques."
  4. Sounsyy

    Herbs list?

    I would highly recommend Tinolqa's Botanica Eorzea! It covers the known lore behind just about every known plant, mushroom, and Seedkin found across Hydaelyn so far. You can find more lore on magical and non-magical healing, as well as links to diseases and drugs in this post. Hope this helps!
  5. Most Doman and Hingan shinobi serve as retainers or as the personal guard to whatever lord, clan, or family they've sworn allegiance to. And they will serve that person or group until they are released from service or death takes them. There are also shinobi who've lost these masters and take on less noble pursuits of overqualified and expensive sellswords. Seeing as how your character isn't exactly a "traditional" shinobi of the Far East, simply defaulting to utilizing their ninjutsu for multiple paying customers shouldn't be a big issue. Oboro: "Shinobi are trained to put duty ahead of all else, including our lives. As you know, we are blades, and missions are as whetstones to us. Through duty and service, we sharpen our skills and our minds. This is the next step on your path." Oboro: "That would be cause for them to sell their blades. I imagine the demand for mercenaries with ninjutsu would be great among people with money enough to trade in Far Eastern treasures..." Redway: "So the thunder wasn't her doing, but a shinobi's? Huh. Most curious. Where did she find coin to pay you? Or does she command your loyalty with her regal blood?" If you wanted your character to be from Hingashi or Doma, or have been to those places, there are definitely ways for that to be plausible. If you did want your character to be more advanced in their ninjutsu training, this might be something worth considering as so far the biggest influx of Doma refugees (and shinobi) to Eorzea was roughly a year ago when Yugiri came to Eorzea following the razing of Doma by the Garlean Empire. That's not to say that Far Easterners haven't come to Eorzea before, they have, but usually in the capacity of merchants to the best of our knowledge. (Though maybe some merchants hired shinobi to accompany them for protection?) Genin = lowest rank, mastery of one-mudra techniques. Chunin = middle rank, mastery of two-mudra techniques. Jonin = high rank, mastery of three-mudra techniques. It's really up to you to decide how quickly she has picked up the mudra techniques and how she came across an instructor - whether here in Eorzea from a traveler or refugee, or in the Far East and how long ago that was. All in all I think the concept looks fine! But if you'd like to read more ninja lore, there's a few older posts on the topic here. Hope this helps!
  6. I think all of the lore on Tribal Seekers of the Sun can be found in the link. The assumption is that most Nunhs will not last in their position long enough that their only potential mates become their own children. For instance, U'odh Nunh has only been a Nunh of the U Tribe for 5 years. M'rahz is sort of a special case in that his tribe became stagnated by the Garlean occupation in the region and over those 20 years there were no other males to take up the mantle from him, as the other Nunh self exiled himself for the good of the tribe. So theoretically M'rahz took over mating both female populations. But the fact stands that after 20+ years, he does have children of child-bearing age, but there are no implications made in game that he is mates with his daughters or that there's any expectation there for him to do so. Assuming M'zhet Tia doesn't ever take over the mantle of Nunh, it's possible that that sect of the M tribe might actually die out or disperse to find other tribes when all potential partners are spent.
  7. You'll find that there's actually several Miqo'te RPers out there who don't follow Seeker of the Sun naming conventions or tribal lore. While in game, it's very uncommon to see a Seeker Miqo'te without a tribal designation (though there are some of mixed clan heritage who use Keeper of the Moon naming conventions and vise versa) or Nunh/Tia surname for males - it's quite common in the RP community. There's many reasons for this occurring, ranging from not knowing the lore beforehand to just not liking the lore. We've come to refer to these Miqo'te as "City Miqo'te" as opposed to traditional "Tribal Miqo'te", Miqo'te who have either been adopted by other races and have been raised outside a traditional Seeker lifestyle, or the character's parents abandoned tribal lifestyle for whatever reason, took up residence in one of Eorzea's city-states and led a more monogamous, nuclear-family lifestyle. There is evidence of Miqo'te who do this in lore. So if you want a Seeker of the Sun, without the tribal lore and naming conventions, you can make a backstory which skirts around why they or their parents/extended relatives/adopted family aren't part of a tribe. This can also lead to interesting character interactions between Miqo'te who are from a tribal background thinking your character's customs are weird ICly, and so on.
  8. Hey there Aevarra and welcome to the RPC and Eorzea! As far as Classes vs Jobs goes, its easiest to think of the "classes" as professions which are taught and standardized by their respective guilds throughout Eorzea. Everyone who learns from these guilds learns the same stuff, more or less. You can learn how to be a fistfighter/brawler outside of the Pugilists' Guild, obviously, but you won't be a Pugilist with a capital P, a debt collector and prizefighter of Ul'dah. Conjury is another good example. From the guild, you learn to become a mediator between man and elemental and use the power of nature to cleanse, heal, and protect - but you can also learn Conjury in places like Ishgard and Sharlayan, places which don't believe in the elementals, so the culture surrounding the conjury you learn is slightly different. Whereas "Jobs" are professions which are no longer actively taught in Eorzea at all, or are rarer professions which require some specific prerequisites to make sense. It's not to say that you can't RP as any of these jobs, it's just that each one usually requires more specific Backstory elements in order for it to make sense. And as you pile on more "jobs" that your character knows, it starts defying the realm of believable that such and such character has done all of these wondrous things. It's not that it can't be done, but it just requires a little more specifically structured backstory. Ninjutsu is a style of combat originally developed by the various warring clans of ancient Hingashi, an archipelago east of the continent of Othard. Ninjutsu later was brought to the nation of Doma on mainland Othard, where the ninjas you interact with in the Ninja Questline come from. So this sort of profession would most likely necessitate a history in the Far East. I did see though that you were looking at being a Rogue or normal knife wielder instead, which is focused around the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss in Limsa Lominsa. Knife fighting is relatively common in Limsa, even outside the guild, but the Rogues' Guild specifically is a sort of underground pirate police in the city-state. As for the other stuff, I've a couple links that might be helpful: Racial Lore can be found here (Miqo'te are towards the bottom of the post) Eorzean Aetherology Lore (for conjury, I recommend the Aetherology 201 and Conjury 402 links) Hope this helps! ^^
  9. Sounsyy

    Duskwight help

    I wanted to quickly comment on this and say that Koji gave us confirmation that Gelmorra did actually fall into disrepair and was abandoned over the course of many years because the dwindling population could no longer support it. Gridania might have at some point attacked Gelmorra, but it's not what caused Gelmorra to die, nor is such an attack confirmed in lore. I know there was that old unsourced post floating around on tumblr which made several claims regarding this topic, but most of those have seemed to be disproved by other lore sources since. PAX 2017 Lore Panel: Q: How did the Gelmorran civilization actually come to an end? Fernehalwes: This is a really good question and something that we haven't touched upon. In the lore book we pretty much say that here's what happened, here's when it ended, kind of, when people left, but we never talked about that process. Why did it end? If half of the Elezen are still down there, the ones who became the Duskwights, why didn't they just stay down there? So how did that civilization end? First off, Gelmorra worked. When the elementals first told the Elezen and the Hyur who resided in the Twelveswood "you need to get out now", they all went underground and created the Gelmorran civilization. That was created not just by the Elezen and not just by the Hyur, it was a combination of both of their knowledge. Because they worked together they were able to create this civilization and because they worked together it worked. Many many years later when the elementals had second thoughts, "okay you guys have shown us that you can live peacefully amongst nature you can come out now." The Hyur were the first to leave. Then the Elezen who were happy to go back out into nature where they used to live. But, by that time for a large population that had become their home, and the Elezen having a lot of pride said "no, this is our home. The elementals already kicked us out once, we made this, this is our home. We want to stay here." They felt betrayed by their Elezen brethren and the Hyur that had helped them create the city. Being very prideful of their city and their civilization, they stuck around and tried to keep things running. But you had a giant city underground that needed pretty much everyone in it to keep it running. But when 75% of the population leaves, things start to decay. They tried their hardest, but things started to break down. Things couldn't be fixed. They couldn't make new things. Not enough people were there to tend to the Mun-tuy farms so they started running low on food. Even though they wanted to stay, they were forced out. They still blame that on the Wildwood Elezen and the Hyur because if they hadn't left they still would've had their civilization. The loss of their civilization wasn't instant, it happened over many generations, and it was something that really drove the Duskwights to hate the Wildwoods. The Wildwoods couldn't understand why they were hated, and that's where all of the "subtle" conflict between those two clans within the same race comes from.
  10. Sounsyy

    Garlean Middle Names

    (Quick note, according to Fernehalwes "ban" was a typo in the Gubal library and has since been fixed, the correct term for Imperial citizens matches the lorebook and is "bas.") Imperial citizens will most likely have the title "Bas" until they enter a field of a higher ranking. "Bas" seems to cover all Imperial citizens, but is also used to denote workers of the economic sector. Civis Mercatus: Merchants and other citizens of the tertiary economic sector - services Civis Fundaminae: Farmers, fishers, hunters, miners, logcutters, and otehr citizens of the primary economic sector - raw materials Two examples of Imperial children from the Rabanastre raid are: Alma bas Lexentale and Ramza bas Lexentale. They also do not appear to inherit their father's title: Principal Jenomis cen Lexentale.
  11. Sounsyy

    Duskwight help

    Franz has already covered most everything, but I'll add a few things. First, should definitely check out this link to an older post on a very similar question: Like it says in the link, the people known as Duskwights originate in the Black Shroud roughly 500~1000 years ago during the time of Gelmorra, a subterranean city-state of Elezen and Hyur. When Gelmorra eventually fell into disrepair and was abandoned, many Duskwights scattered across Eorzea because they had nowhere else to go. Many stayed in the woods and either found other, smaller caves to dwell in in the wood or they attempted to acclimate to Gridanian life. Duskwights have faced heavy discrimination in the region ever since this clan divide. (Some incredibly rare but notable exceptions include: Amandine Dartancours and Mother Miounne) Because of this discrimination, many Duskwights continued to flee the Shroud and seek life elsewhere. And that's sort of where modern day Duskwights are at right now. Many live across Eorzea, assimilating into other regional cultures, or they were born in the Shroud and grew up discriminated against. Unfortunately, Duskwights don't get much more lore than that and its been a gripe of many an RPer for years. Hope this helps though!
  12. Sounsyy

    dark knight How rare are Dark Knights?

    Most of the Jobs are rare per the lore, some more so than others, but that doesn't mean that there aren't several ways to make it happen! Some lore on the Dark Knights found here. Dark Knights are essentially errant swordsmen who've become disenchanted with Ishgardian law and classism, and take the law into their own hands using the "dark arts". While there's never been a ton of these knights running around Ishgard at any given time, there's theoretically enough that you could say your character has met one. Perhaps, like Sidurgu in the DRK quests, your character was being unfairly persecuted or harassed by a Temple Knight and they came to your character's rescue. Maybe they died and your character took their soul crystal. Maybe they gave your character a spare one as a parting gift. Maybe your character parted ways and sought him out later in life to thank him for something he did in your backstory.
  13. Sounsyy

    Greetings, another introduction

    Welcome to Eorzea and to Balmung, Moya'to! ^^ You can find some lore compiled on Keepers (and all the races) in this archived post. The section on Miqo'te is towards the bottom of the post. Hope this helps!
  14. Sounsyy

    Namazu Lore Help

    Hey Amoonia, here's what I was able to dig up on the Namazu. Hope this helps! ^^ Lyse: "When I asked Kotokaze what 'Namazu' meant, she said it was Hingan for catfish. And there I was thinking she'd said 'fisherman'!" Namazu Card: "A beast tribe native to the Far East. Short and squat, the Namazu are nevertheless excellent swimmers, and subsist mainly on a diet of harpooned fish. Though proximity to the settlements of other races has done much to civilize these sociable creatures, a significant number of their clans yet remain wild and savage." Gyorin: "I am a Namazu of the city, not of the wild. To cast myself into a running river is tantamount to taking my own life!" Ochimi: "Tell me, have you met the Namazu that live in Yuzuka Manor? The manor can be found to the southwest of Namai. It was originally home to a wealthy family; however, they were murdered when the Empire attacked. These days a group of Namazu live there. They visit Namai every now and then, coming to trade fish with us. They had shown an interest in some of the trees around here, so I had thought to give them a few seedlings in return." Gyoku: "Long ago, this manor belonged to a magistrate of Doma. Back then, we Namazu served under him. But in truth we were more friends than servants. Among us are many Namazu who are greatly interested in the doings of man. They do as they see done. Aping, mimicking. And that is what brings us to our current bit of trouble. Some Namazu have taken to man's love of tea. But as harmless as it is for man, the stimulation is too great for us Namazu. Drinking it causes us to become drunk, much like your wines and ales do to you. Tea is a lovely drink. It tingles as it goes down, and then you feel your entire body relax. Such a remarkably good feeling. No Namazu can see to work when they drink it. That is why we sought to outlaw it. But as you can imagine, that only had the opposite effect. Yes, yes." Gyoen: "A looong time ago, longer now than it seems, Yanxia was a war-torn land. Much strife, much battle. In the midst of that conflict, one very special Namazu was approached by a great general. The general asked the Namazu to swim across the One River and deliver for him a letter of great import. The Namazu took to the water and swam his heart out. Arrows flew across the skies and fell into the river mere ilms from his barbels. Yet somehow he managed to elude death and arrive at the opposite shore. And the letter he delivered proved the key to victory for the general and his allies on the other side. With that, Yanxia was united and the nation of Doma was founded! That general was the great Ganen, the first king of Doma. But even from the throne, he did not forget his Namazu friends. To show his gratitude for our help in winning the war, he gifted our kind with a bell and named us his royal messengers. And that marked the first time any Namazu rose to such heights. That is why to this day we Namazu wear our bells with great pride and honor. See? So it is true, what I told you before. We Namazu here are quite civilized indeed." Gyoen: "There was a kind and good-hearted artisan who crafted these bells. He would make a gift of one to every newborn Namazu on its nameday. But it pains me to say, that dear, sweet old man has passed. But our tradition must live on─for him and for us." Gyoboku: "We are always with our bells, and we bear a strong connection with them. Indeed, if you ring a Namazu's bell near its owner, it will sound a most beautiful note." Namazu Master: "First, look upon my fine barbels. Within these whiskers lies unbound potential. Limitless, infinite. One among them houses the gift of heightened Namazu detection. It is an ancient art among our kind, and these disciples are undergoing the rigorous training needed to become keepers of its proud tradition. The history of the art of Namazu detection is a long and storied one. Our ancestors used their talents in service of the King of Doma and his prefects to find all manner of things─water beneath the soil, veins of mineral wealth, buried treasure. " Yagoro: "To the north of here, there lies a peculiar place called Prism Lake. There you'll find exposed deposits of high-purity crystals which, through some trick of the elements, have changed the waters into the colors of the rainbow. Well, whatever is responsible for this phenomenon seems to have also made the local Namazu uncommonly savage, making it quite impossible for me to do my job." Zukin: "In our dealings with the Namazu, we have discovered that one of their favorite foods is the meat of the fearsome gyuki. However, the Namazu struggle to acquire said meat by themselves. Shrewd in business they may be, but adept hunters they are not. Man and Kojin alike tend to be repulsed by such pungent, sinewy fodder, but the Namazu have no such aversions." Zukin: "The area is safe for harvesting shellfish, for the time being at least. Not only are they good for eating, but they are also used in the production of mother of pearl-inlaid pots. The Namazu gladly pay large sums for them, only to jump inside and stay there for hours on end. Why? Perhaps the kami know, but I do not." Mister Whiskers FATE: "Namazu bandits are the slipperiest of thieves, both literally and figuratively, and while for the most part they prove bumbling and incompetent, their sheer numbers make them a real threat for solitary travelers."
  15. Sounsyy

    Release the... hounds?

    At work so I can only do a short reply, but the two species that came to mind were Coeurl (native to the Near East but imported to Ul'dah and Limsa) and Hounds of varying classifications: Jackals (native to Vylbrand), Direwolves (Black Shroud), Hoarhounds (Coerthas). A bit more exotic, but there're also Tigers who're native to the Far East and newly imported to Vylbrand. I definitely recommend Anonymoose's Raimdelle Codex Alces if you're wanting more info on Eorzean creatures.