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  1. I have ENDLESS QUESTIONS about many things in this game. Don't get me started about religious belief and practice!
  2. There's an ENORMOUS gap in our knowledge of what exactly is going on in Ishgard, and even how the city-state functions at this point. I don't see why such things couldn't exist in RP. If it's not defined, it's honestly up for grabs, imo.
  3. I don't see why they wouldn't be able to hold territory in Coerthas after the Calamity, but I'm not sure the territory would be in any way useful at that point.
  4. You know, I think @Sounsyy probably has the best resources to answer this.
  5. *snorts* Y'all taking an Ascian's word as gospel truth. I can't even with y'all. SMH.
  6. It's locked until they unlock it. It was briefly unlocked at the start of Stormblood, but has been locked ever since. With world visit coming up, though, you might be able to get along with a character on another server in Crystal, just porting it over when you want to play on Balmung. That said, if you really just want to be on the server where all your RP is, I'd recommend Mateus if you're looking for a server with an activity level close to Balmung. I'm not sure what the situation is on the other servers that will be in Crystal, but I've been playing on Mateus and it's defini
  7. There's actually a whole group called Roll Eorzea who participate in DM'd storylines with character sheets and everything. If you're on Balmung, I highly recommend them. Realistically? Pretty careful. I say this because some people really enjoy tearing other people's concepts apart, while others freak out over the smallest thing. You have only to look at the Tomestone Cellphone Debacle to see that in action. lol
  8. Your other option is to transfer in. I was able to verify that it's possible to transfer in as recently as last week, so it should still be an option.
  9. Most people seem to acknowledge the MSQ one patch behind current. So, they wouldn't make mention of the most recent developments in the patch from last week, but might know about the events prior to that. I generally keep RPing, as my RP doesn't depend on what goes on with the MSQ. But, it depends. This time I may run straight through the MSQ because I have a raid character to get leveled.
  10. Mateus is only locked during peak hours. You can still make characters there during off hours. I would recommend Mateus over the other server options. Unfortunately, Balmung is not likely to be unlocked anytime soon.
  11. Welcome! Easiest way to tell is to check out the Linkshell Hall section and see if there are any listed for Ragnarok. However, you're most likely to have better luck on Mateus, as it's the largest RP server you can still make a character on/transfer in to.
  12. Hey, welcome back! I don't think I ever interacted with your character when you played before, but it's nice to see an old player return. I hope you find lots of RP this time around!
  13. Hey, welcome back! I think that the pending datacenter migrations may shake things up, as I know of several groups that are planning on leaving Balmung to transfer to more raid-friendly datacenters.
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