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  1. LiadansWhisper

    Garlean Loyalist/Military RP

    I don't play a Garlean, but I wish you luck in your endeavor! I hope you find lots of people interested!
  2. LiadansWhisper

    Free Company and Personal Housing Listings

    I swear I'm going to get this updated. I'm trying to figure out how to un-clusterfuck the code in the original post.
  3. LiadansWhisper

    Master list of FC & LS themes

    Hi, this thread hasn't been used since January/February.
  4. LiadansWhisper

    How do people feel about un-universe characters?

    It's not really my cup of tea, OP, but realistically, it's your sub that you pay for. Play what you enjoy.
  5. LiadansWhisper

    Very new to roleplaying in this game - Weird situation

    People are weird. There's not really any explanation for why they did that - again, people are just weird. I wouldn't let it get to you. If someone is that odd, you're better off not RPing with them, tbh.
  6. LiadansWhisper

    Super newbie checking the place out!

    That's pretty much the definition of RP that I've seen, for the most part. However, realistically, you're going to encounter crazy every now and again. I try to avoid crazy, but we have a shiny Blacklist for the crazy that tries to crawl into our RP. Yes. The main story of the game affects everything that happens, even if you are not playing a character directly connected to the situation at hand. Most players at the very least acknowledge the events going on in the main story. Well, I am unfortunately on Balmung, which is locked at the moment because of population. But, my main group that I roll with is called Roll Eorzea, and they're basically a structured RP group where we all sign up to be tortured by Verad. I also have a few other friends I RP with from time to time. I think that, for most people, a ridiculously overpowered character would just be a huge turnoff. Most people accept injuries, and want to RP them out. Some people don't, but I don't really RP with those people. You get one free month of time with ARR, iirc. If you pick up the Complete Edition (which is honestly the most value for your money, as Stormblood alone is $39.99), you're looking at $59.99 USD. I don't know how that translates in your country's currency. If you are content with only having one character on your server, you can get a subscription for as low as $12.99 USD a month, but the standard subscription is $14.99 USD. I poked around Amazon and found this ARR/Heavensward Bundle for like, $15 bucks: https://www.amazon.com/Final-Fantasy-XIV-Online-playstation-4/dp/B00UO4NL9Y/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1528946690&sr=8-12&keywords=final%2Bfantasy%2Bxiv&th=1 (check the "see all buying options" and there's a list of different places, and a mix of new or used games). Those seem to all be physical games, however, which means there might be a delay in you getting them. You do not have to level to max level to be "viable" for RP. The last major storyline I was involved in, one of the main characters was level 33. The only thing that not being higher level does is prevent you from using certain gear (so you may not get the exactly look you want) and prevents you from going to certain areas. For instance, you cannot access the Heavensward zones until you've started the Heavensward main story quest, which requires you to complete the ARR main story quest past level 50. Stormblood is a bit less restrictive, as it doesn't require you to have completed the previous expansion's main story quest, but you cannot access places like Kugane and Ala Mhigo until you've started on that main storyline, and even then, they unlock at certain points (I didn't get to Kugane until level 63 I think?)
  7. LiadansWhisper

    Super newbie checking the place out!

    Hi. That's okay! FFXIV is set in a world separate from other Final Fantasy titles, though, to be fair, each Final Fantasy game is in a completely different, unconnected setting. Though, there are suggestions that there may be some kind of connection. Final Fantasy is a high-fantasy setting. It's very high magic. For some people, that doesn't mesh well with their desire for "realism," so I wanted to make sure I point that out! I'm not sure I completely understand this, but there are many roles available in the world of Hydaelyn. Even just questing, you will encounter everything from simple farmers to filthy rich nobles to literal temple knights to people who can literally talk to the spirits of the forest. There are pirates, and there are simple soldier grunts. There is technology (in the form of magitek), but the majority of people don't have any real access to it. Most of this is just going to depend on what groups you end up interacting with, but I have seen all of the scenarios you talk about in my time RPing in the game. I mean, realistically, we're all nerds. We are, after all, playing a video game where we pretend to be fantastical creatures! RP guilds work like any other guild, I suppose. They're just...guilds. In FFXIV, they're called "Free Companies." They're far more similar to a WoW guild than an ESO-style guild. Linkshells are a completely different kettle of fish - they're more akin to what you would have encountered in ESO as "guilds." You can be in up to 7 linkshells. If you're interested in looking at RP guilds and Linkshells that are recruiting, you can check out the Free Companies and Linkshells tabs up top. As to your question about races, I don't think any races are considered "gimmick" races, although there are a lot of Miqo'te and Au'ra these days. Eorzea is very high magic (as is Hydaelyn as a whole, really). In fact, magic is so strong in Eorzea that it posed a very strong threat to the Empire of Garlemald when they first encountered Eorzean magi. There are healers that can bring a person back from the brink of death, potions that can change your appearance (literally), an entire Class/Job that, in terms of the storyline behind it, were literally drawing power from a stolen dragon's eye (because dragon's eyes apparently have a lot of magical power). There are magi who can lay waste to entire areas with their spells. At the same time, most people aren't magical, and most people don't have access to things that the Warrior of Light (which is who you are in the quests themselves) has. It's completely possible to play a perfectly ordinary character, without any magic at all. Personally, I think Stormblood is absolutely worth a purchase. But it's a somewhat big investment, so I completely understand if you just want to buy the ARR/Heavensward bundle. Trust me, there are many more people here who are twice the trouble you've been so far! Anywho, welcome! I hope you have a lot of fun!
  8. LiadansWhisper

    General Lore Questions

    Her surname is Garlean. Rem is her rank, Lupis is her unit, if I'm not mistaken.
  9. LiadansWhisper

    Viera - Yey, Nay?

    Since they're referred to as a Beast Tribe in some quest text, I think it's very unlikely that we'll see them as player characters even if they do make an appearance.
  10. LiadansWhisper

    White Mages in Othard?

    Well, ah, no, not really, since they don't actually control the use of Succor. No one was left around to teach it (...that we know of...) and after that they only taught it to the Padjal, who haven't taught it to anyone else but the Warrior of Light. Probably. I mean, you can say you found one if you want. I maintain that a White Mage soulstone is not, however, required to actually learn White Magic. It just makes it easier. Still, as Franz pointed out, there are really heinous monsters in those ruins. Most people wouldn't survive the expedition. Sources in-game seem to suggest that both schools are forbidden, but also that they are both forgotten. At one point after the Calamity that ended the Fifth Astral Era, at least, people were actively hunting down both White and Black Mages. Then you haven't been looking very hard. https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=13072&pid=206088#pid206088 The speaker is Oha-Sok, the Elemental who gives you your White Mage vestments in 1.0.
  11. LiadansWhisper

    Venita Naeuri

    Guuuuuurl! Welcome to the RPC! I'm not on Mateus, but I am sure you'll find awesome RP there!
  12. LiadansWhisper

    Venita Naeuri

    Venita? Venita from my Facebook?
  13. LiadansWhisper

    Void-touched Characters - General Community Consensus?

    There's a difference between what we, as players, know and what our characters know. I know OOC that voidsent were once people who weren't that dissimilar to my character. My character, on the other hand, believes them to be demons that corrupt all they come into contact with. And this is a fairly widespread belief.
  14. LiadansWhisper

    A Pleasure to Make Your Acquaintance

    Welcome! Have fun on Mateus!