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  1. LiadansWhisper

    new New in town

    Well, there's the usual, "look through the FC and Linkshell sections to see if anything appeals to you." I've observed that there's often RP at the Drowning Wench on Mateus, as well as at the Quicksand. There is a Discord, if I'm not mistaken, but I don't know the link. I know it's somewhere on the boards tho...perhaps a Mateus person will chime in!
  2. LiadansWhisper

    new New in town

    Hi! Welcome! I think you're going to enjoy FFXIV quite a bit.
  3. LiadansWhisper

    balmung An Old Guard's Return to the Fray

    I really have trouble with walk-up RP, too, unless I know the people involved. Thankfully, I got involved with Roll Eorzea and have gotten to have a lot of fun participating in storylines there.
  4. LiadansWhisper

    Hello world!

    Hello and welcome! You didn't mention which server you are on, but given that we should be getting world visitation sometime next spring (hopefully), that's probably a moot point. I highly recommend checking out the lore section on this site. There's a lot written about Dragoons and whatnot. It might be worth it to take a look.
  5. LiadansWhisper

    balmung An Old Guard's Return to the Fray

    While I can't point you at a particular guild, given that my character operates out of Gridania, I could see the two having a run in at some point. I'm glad to see you back playing, Kylin.
  6. LiadansWhisper

    RPing WOL + FC question

    Except we know that people without the Echo have fought Primals before - both Ifrit and Titan were faced by companies of adventurers without the Echo. And yes, the attrition rate was very high, but they still did it. Because the Echo just plain isn't common enough (or, perhaps more accurately, not enough people realize they even have it, since it manifests in rather varying ways) for groups of just Echo-users to take on the job. We also know that the actual Warrior of Light can physically protect people without the Echo from being termpered (see Lakshmi). But, again, you still have people facing Primals who don't have the Echo - even with the Warrior of Light at times.
  7. LiadansWhisper

    Oh hai!

    Hello, welcome! Hope you get settled in quickly. There's usually plenty of people willing to RP, just have to poke them about it.
  8. LiadansWhisper

    RPing WOL + FC question

    I'm not entirely convinced that the only people who fight with the WoL are people with the Echo. It seems like Primals have to very deliberately set out to temper someone - Garuda never does it in combat, only afterwards. Lakshmi may or may not be doing it in the middle of the fight, but you're using the Vril to block it. She does, however, attempt to temper people before and after the fight itself. Shrinryu doesn't appear to try to temper anyone, unless I'm misremembering the fight, and neither does Bismark, Ravana, Susano, or Ramuh (Ramuh does temper some Sylphs, but only because they beg him to). So I think it's perfectly plausible for normal soldiers/warriors to fight Primals even without hte Echo. It's just, they run a much higher risk of never coming back.
  9. LiadansWhisper

    RPing WOL + FC question

    Insofar as the Warrior of Light that is referred to in quest after yest, yes, that person is the only Warrior of Light. Are there other Warriors of Light? Like I said, yes, there were and possibly are. Whether or not they came back from the Calamity, I couldn't tell you - it's not clear. Having the Echo seems to be a prerequisite of being the titular Warrior of Light, but there are plenty of people with the Echo who never directly interact with Hydaelyn (Ysayle comes to mind). They aren't Warriors of Light. Some of them have no idea where their powers come from, and they would disagree that they were "Chosen of Hydaelyn," if they even knew what "Hydaelyn" was. They were clearly people with the Echo, but I never got the impression that they were actually other Warriors of Light, as it were, since the meaning of that term seems to have morphed between the end of 1.0 and the beginning of 3.0. Or they're just adventurers? We've already seen people without the Echo take part in Primal battles. Hell, before the Warrior of Light showed up, normal folk were the only option for taking down Primals before they ravaged the land. I've never seen anything to indicate that the only people we take with us are other Warriors of Light. The quest texts are generally the same - go get your best "allies" and bring them to fight with you. Well, the Warrior of Light is perhaps surprisingly short on Echo-bearing allies, so it stands to reason that the vast majority of people helping us out don't actually have it. It is, after all, rare? I'll give you that the MSQ does a very poor job of communicating that the other Warriors of Light existed...but it's always come across to me as a deliberate choice on the part of the devs to emphasize that your character in particular is the Warrior of Light, in the singular. The super special main protagonist, if you will. I agree that you can probably pretty easily claim to be a Scion - hell, I know of at least one player character that is one, and no one bats an eyelid at it (although it's not like she has a banner she carries around with her advertising her status). I don't agree that it would be easy to get people to accept someone using the label "Warrior of Light," even if you were trying to indicate you were one of many. Which doesn't mean that you can't play it @gayprotagonist. You can absolutely play that angle if that's what you want to do. What you will need to do, though, is find a group of players willing to accept that story and play it with you. That is ultimately the main limitation. The idea you have isn't going to be accepted by every, or even most, players. It's kind of a niche thing, from what I've seen, anyway.
  10. LiadansWhisper

    RPing WOL + FC question

    The main issue you're going to run into is that the MSQ makes it clear that there is only one WoL. Now, as far as I remember, there were Warriors of Light in 1.0...they were the adventurers who remained on the fields of Carteneau to protect Louisoix. If I'm not mistaken, they vanished in the aftermath and no one remembers what they looked like. So, it would be possible to play one of those Warriors of Light. But the Warrior of Light is a singular person, the main character in the story. And...that would be a very hard sell, to say the least.
  11. LiadansWhisper

    Oh, hellooo

    Oh that sucks.
  12. LiadansWhisper

    Oh, hellooo

    Welcome! Hopefully the world visit feature will go in fairly quickly.
  13. LiadansWhisper

    Hello everyone!

    I honestly haven't ever RP'd on a trial account, so I don't have much advice there. But, I did want to say welcome and I hope you enjoy your RP here in FFXIV!
  14. LiadansWhisper

    Wanting to rp, yay!

    You can play anything with the right backstory. The limitation to White Mage is mainly that, lorewise, the only non-Padjal White Mage is the Warrior of Light...and that's it. However, the devs have suggested that there might be other ways to acquire knowledge of White Magic, and there's nothing to say that your character can't be an exception. Not to mention that you don't even really have to be a White Mage (or Scholar) to have powerful healing magic - almost all of the spells a White Mage uses to heal are actually Conjury spells, so you could conceivably be a Conjurer and have a lot of healing ability. As far as Scholar goes, the only issue there is that you have to come up with a decent backstory to explain how you got a hold of a Scholar Soul Stone, since that is what the fairies are apparently bound to. I feel like I should summon @Sounsyy in here to dump the lore. I'd offer more information, but it's after midnight and my brain is jelly.
  15. LiadansWhisper

    Starlight Celebration 2018

    Those outfits look adorable!