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  1. Balmung Events

    Apple Festival

    https://goo.gl/Y9eNGr Coerthas Central Highlands (25, 28) A celebration of the autumn apple harvest, featuring a culinary contest and other amusements, hosted by the Institute for the Greening of Coerthasand Dravania. The main event is a competition to craft an exquisite dessert using apples of any kind. OOCly, you submit a short description of your character's entry before or at the festival; two winners will be chosen, one by the organizers and one by popular vote of the festival attendees.There are no entry fees, and the winners will each receive an OOC 1mil gil purse! Also at the festival, a free-to-enter raffle with a prize for every entrant, a market stall selling autumn produce from the Institute's two farms, and IC bounties offered for any interesting apples your character may have bred or found growing wild during their adventures. Full details at the event URL! Contacts: Rosaire Ledigne, RosieNFriends#2469
  2. Balmung Events

    Mujihigi: Fight Night

    https://goo.gl/XWLeMb Shirogane Ward 14 Hidden Shores Putyour bets from Hype night to the test! Watch the carnage! See who will become the Mujihigi’s next Yokozuna! Contacts: Bryte Darklyt
  3. Balmung Events

    Mujihigi: Hype Night

    https://goo.gl/XWLeMb Shirogane Ward 15, Plot 46 Entertainment! Gossip! IC Gil Betting! IC Gil Fighter Auctions! Get hyped for theFight Night event! Contacts: Bryte Darklyt
  4. Balmung Events

    The Dragon's Fang Forge

    https://goo.gl/Du1a41 Lavender Beds, Ward 6, Plot 33 The Dragon's Fang Forge & Armory is a forge, supplier and crafter's station based off of Shirogane and running through Lavender Beds. Run by the forgemaster Gareki Yukimura, you can come by and have new weapons crafted and commissioned, or even furnishings and more! Repairs of all kinds are available as well, and custom orders. Contacts: Gareki Yukimura (In-Game), Klair Gawain (In-Game), Kitsuno Ishida (In-game)
  5. Balmung Events

    The Drunkathon

    https://goo.gl/x7Wyg6 Lavender Beds Ward 12 Plot 33 Are you the best drunk in Eorzea? Many would lay claim to this. The Drunkathon has come to declare the what’s what once and for all! Participate in the initial rounds against your peers for your chance to emerge as the ultimate drunk in the grand slam of all drinking contest. Win bragging rights, and the prize pot, containing at least one million gil! Sign ups open at-location from 6pm EDT! Note: This event happens at the same venue as TheDrunken Moogle bar and as such the doors are open from 4pm EDT. Contacts: Thala'to Relahna or Maril Hawker
  6. Balmung Events

    Drunken Ventures Bar Night

    https://goo.gl/V6gsk5 Lavender Beds, Ward 3, Plot 16 Drinking, Socializing, and Drinking Games Contacts: Z'tera Rinn, E'yamiAmane, Nyscera Alarone
  7. Balmung Events

    Guzen Mizu Shobai Host Club

    https://goo.gl/ys2Gcc Goblet Ward 9 Plot 10 On Saturday September 15th at 3 EDT/20:00 GMT(BST), the Guzen Mizu Shobai Host Club for Gentlemen will be opening its doors to the public for the first time, giving gentlemen who enjoy the companionship of other gentlemen an opportunity to seek out the favour of one of its gentlemen-hosts. Broaden your palate bytasting the decadence of the Far East. Indulge your desires by partaking of delectable finger-foods, sumptuous smoking and the companionship of kindred souls. Irasshaimase! Contacts: Daijiro Satake
  8. Balmung Events

    The Saarmag Uulzakh

    https://goo.gl/8oA67j Mists Ward 18 Plot 28 Calling all Xaela! The Saarmag Uulzakh - The Neutral Meeting is holding it’s second gathering! Following a successful meet and greet, the Yurt pops up next inThe Steppes near Reunion. Here the floor will be opened to the sharing of tales of all sorts; traditional food and good company will be shared whilst we are regaled with tales of heroes of tribes, cautionary tales of wisdom and anecdotes. The Saarmag Uulzakh is a new monthly recurring event on Balmung which sees a traditional yurt pop up in various locations - alternating between Eorzea and the Steppes, inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of the Xaela. The Yurt is neutral grounds. OOCly, the location will always be the same. Some event nights will have themes- others will not. Date & Time: Friday the 14th of September - 7pm EDT - 2-3 hours runtime. Mists W13 P28 (IC: The Steppes), Balmung server. Questions can be sent to meandering-mind.tumblr.com or MeanderingMind#8375. Contacts: Meandering Mind
  9. Balmung Events

    Sticky Pickle Tavern

    Shirogane Ward 14 Plot 9 A small tavern owned by The Adventure League of Eorzea. Aveline Blue, the League’s leader hoped to get a better retail space but was thwarted by the crowds of Adventurers looking to stake their own claims in the newly opened Shirogane. Everyone has to start somewhere though, and all those Adventurers means plenty of gil to be made in the form of drink and food after a long day of adventuring! Contacts: In Game - Le Duke Discord - Selphie/The Duke#7705
  10. Balmung Events

    The Open Stage

    https://goo.gl/PZQAbn The Goblet Ward 2, Plot 18 Every Friday, we host an open stage night for the community's entertainers to show off their talent: music, bard performances, stand-up comedy, skits andmore! We don't serve food at this event; however, you may BYOB. (Use https://cytu.be/r/atf for out-of-game music!) Contacts: Alluring Artiste, Furtive Mongrel, Aiza Epocan
  11. Balmung Events

    Sinking Anchor - Viking Nights

    https://goo.gl/YBJ5Wc Goblet, ward 13, plot 6 "The Sinking Anchor Brewery is a traditional, medieval, viking-style tavern run bythe Lily of the Valley Inn. It offers an immersive viking-style dining experience with longtables, providing easier engagement and ways to meet other people. The tavern is a buffet and offers a variety of alcoholic drinks. Gather around the hearth to carve the roast boar and listen to tavern music! Food is already present on the tables and will be continuously replaced with different dishes once empty by our servers. Alcohol may be ordered from a server or at the bar. The event may run past 9:00 PM PDT depending on turnout and staff schedules! Staff will have a ""Looking for meld"" symbol by their names. All fees are IC-only. Weapons and minions are not allowed in the tavern. Buffet fees (3000 gil per person, IC) and weapons will be taken at the stairs. Alcohol menu: https://78.media.tumblr.com/cdc7a01a4cdc20f866273799b57242d8/tumblr_p8v1acclPp1u1zukyo3_r3_1280.png" Contacts: King Noxaelius/Caelia Salinas/Sakana Kawatou
  12. until
    https://goo.gl/WaJqou Lavender Beds Ward 2, Plot 35 The Bloody Knuckle: Bar and Brawl is a place to come with your friends and drink and watch fights! It is a bare knuckle fight and fights are chosen based on people who wish to participate. For complete description of rules and customs please check out the Tumblr! Contacts: Stampede Ruckus, Wondr Anland, Sulking Boar, Khutani Oronir
  13. Balmung Events

    The Cloak and Dagger

    https://goo.gl/NmxLzn The Goblet Ward 11 Plot 55 An atmospheric restaurant/bar venue with criminal undertones. Contact Into: ebonguardls@tumblr; Leonnaux Altoix (in-game); krahenlied@tumblr
  14. Balmung Events

    The Cloak and Dagger

    https://goo.gl/NmxLzn The Goblet Ward 11 Plot 55 An atmospheric restaurant/bar venue with criminal undertones. Contact Into: ebonguardls@tumblr; Leonnaux Altoix (in-game); krahenlied@tumblr
  15. until
    https://goo.gl/NmxLzn The Goblet Ward 11 Plot 55 An atmospheric restaurant/bar venue with criminal undertones. Contact Into: ebonguardls@tumblr; Leonnaux Altoix (in-game); krahenlied@tumblr