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    http://test.url/1 Lavendar Beds Ward 5 Plot 10 Hi I'm adescription, I go here. Contacts: Me, Myself, and I
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    http://test.url/3 Western Thanalan (10, 20) Hi I'm a description, I go here. Contacts: Me, Myself, and I
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    Halcyon Assembly: Reverie Library and Lounge Goblet Ward 10 Plot 49
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    Supra Horizontem Tavern Night & Costume Contest Goblet Ward 11 Plot 24
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    Supra Horizontem Spooky Night Goblet Ward 11 Plot 24
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    The Weary Hound Open Bar Night Mists Ward 4 Plot 14
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    The Weary Hound Costume Party Mists Ward 4 Plot 14
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    18+ Event || https://discord.gg/Z4PX2p
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    18+, adults only
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    18+, adults only
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    18+, adults only
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    Sisters of No Mercy: Heartland, and Corrosion Libraries Lavender Beds Ward 6 Plot 51
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    "For all those interested in live shows and “nude” girls I present to you the grand opening of Red Light District premier VIP suites! The hottest girls and guys are there standing by to fulfill your every wish. Join in on the fun this Saturday 21st!"
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    Wilted Orchid Co. Tea House Shirogane Ward 5 Plot 44
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    The Argentate Mists Ward 10 Plot 2
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    Come for a drink, stay for the company!
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    "Greetings everyone! A new priest is in town, and he's planning to guide the folks of Ishgard and any potential catechumens towards the truth of the Halonic faith. By nature, this is a very structured event, though numerous opportunities for crowd participation will be present so thatthe people of the parish can bring life into the cold halls of the cathedral."
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