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  1. A green-haired Seeker has been spotted handing out a magazine in Ul'dah to whoever accepts it. Aside from that it can also be found at the Adventurer's guilds, book stores and libraries in the cities of Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, and Gridania. She has even sneakily tried hiding it between the pages of the Tonberry Times, if given the chance There is a note attached: Click here for the full magazine Google Drive Or Find us on Tumblr
  2. Moya'to Inyanga

    balmung The Grindstone


    Just joined this for the first time on my Seeker last Saturday, partly thanks to NA already being in Summertime while EU is still behind, and it was amazing fun! A big thank you to those organising this every week. I'll be sure to try and be there even if it means RPing till 7 in the morning
  3. Moya'to Inyanga

    Balmung is closed once again

    Ìs it true that you can't make alts even if you already have characters there?
  4. Moya'to Inyanga

    Meta-gaming, using OOC knowledge IC, how do you deal with it?

    As far as I understand it, love doesn't work with a "insert certain amount of points here to get a relationship" system IRL so I don't see why it would work that way in the game either. If your character isn't attracted to theirs then no amount of catering to her will change that. As for the OOC part: it seems to me that they don't respect a boundary you have set and the only way to 'fix' that is to have a talk with them. I know it can be daunting, especially if you like someone's RP style otherwise, but I'd they're truly your friend than they should be able to have this chat with you without it getting ugly. In the end, you'd be better off with one RP friend less than have someone around who's trying to push you to rewrite your character in a way that fits them and not you. You might also want to consider why they are be so pushy about it, is there some OOC bleed perhaps? In any case, I hope it works out. Maybe they don't even realise they're doing it and you can both move on from there.
  5. Moya'to Inyanga

    Greetings, another introduction

    Hello everyone! My name is Djill and I'm a new FF14 player, still on a trial account in fact but I'm planning to buy the game as I've been having a blast so far. I'm an EU player that has heard about the legend that is Balmung for several years now, but was never able to create a character there before. This is the reason I never started playing the game until now as I wasn't really interested into being on a non-RP realm. I'm hoping I'll meet some like-minded RPers and that the EU-NA time difference won't be too much trouble. RP experience and preference I started online RP about 10 or so years ago in WoW and have RP'd on and off (mostly on) since then in a lot of games, including WoW, Wildstar, GW2 and Conan Exiles. Before then I only RP'd in tabletop games like D&D. I prefer lore-heavy RP of all kinds, from relationship to bar to adventure RP, and I also like to host events or play characters that provide RP for others (like bartenders or priest-types). Lastly I enjoy DMing events for small groups of players when the inspiration hits me. Character idea I don't know enough about the world yet to have any definite ideas about the characters I want to play and I'm hoping to play through more of the story before I set anything in stone, but this is what I've got so far: Moya'to Moya'to Inyanga is a young male miqo'te Keeper of the Moon that has taken to wandering the world. He was raised to be somewhat subservient to female Keepers and he'll go out of his way to aid and be polite to them, but this has also resulted into him not acting very comfortable or natural around women of the race and in extend other races as well. He takes affront if males, specifically Keepers, blatantly disrespect Keeper women but he's otherwise a relaxed if somewhat quiet individual (at least on the surface). Other than that there's little known about him. He will not talk about why he started wandering even if a Keeper female orders him to, and pressing him on his past will make him uncomfortable at best, downright hostile at worst. It takes him awhile to get to know people and he'd fit best in a group of people that work together towards a common goal, not necessarily a social group. Other I want to play a female (either Hyur, Au Ra or Seeker) and play her as a barmaid of performer at some point in the future, preferably from a FC or personal plot (I can dream, can't I? :P) I just saw how long this post is becoming and if you're still here: you're awesome, thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll see you in-game. Any lore tips and suggestions on my miqo'te are welcome by the way, it's hard to find much lore on them.