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  1. I'm happy you think so! I'm actually in a very similar situation with an other LS and FC where I'm in their LS but joining the FC isn't mandatory. If I were to join an FC it would probably be them but I'd love to join your LS!
  2. The times I'm mostly going to be on have shifted and I'm not going to be quite as flexible in my schedule at this point. Due to gaining more RP contacts it's gotten to a point where it's no longer feasible for me to simply say "Screw timezones I'm really flexible with my RP schedules, your timezone doesn't matter!". So, I put in an other edit regarding when my available time for playing usually is now.
  3. We got in touch in-game a few days back actually! Though, coming back to this, I'm deciding to edit my discord info in my original post. You're right and it'll save us a lot of grief I'm sure :P. Also took the chance to edit in some clarifications of stuff that people have asked me upon adding me and all that ^^.
  4. LOL xD. Yeah probably. She's yet to master the art of brownie-throwing, pretty shit ninja tbh. Maybe with enough practice studying under Marsazio she'll get there ^^. For now she's content with just stuffing her face with them
  5. Yep! I had the exact same rationale and that moment in the story was a big reason why, actually. Pretty much as soon as I realized Miqo'te couldn't be from the Far East (Which I now realize was a misconception), I looked back on this exact part of the story and felt like I had my ticket. Keep in mind my original question was if her being open about her new martial art is something that would be scoffed at. The whole "Is it feasible for a miqo'te to learn it in the first place" thing came about due to someone else bringing it up. It was just a given to me that it was good enough of a reason after getting to that point in the story. It's just the "It's possible but you need really good reasons" crowd made me wonder if people just don't consider what happened with Yugiri to be sufficient. I see no reason to think it's not a sufficient explanation myself, but then I saw other people didn't share the sentiment, which can be important when it comes to a social activity like RP. Granted, thanks to their criticism, justified or not, I've got reasons a bit more well-suited to Aeva's character for that Doman refugee to have trained her beyond her just asking for it. As for her level of experience, I think it's at a justifiable level. Physically she already fought similarly but not identically to a shinobi, and has all of the athletics and acrobatics down-pat. Someone perceptive might notice her movements aren't quite as sharp or refined in the typical martial-artisty way that a shinobi usually is, she fights and moves a bit more wildly than that. Due to her having years of a headstart in the physical department even if it was a slightly different sort of fighting style, she would've insisted on focusing on mudra alone when she started learning. Due to that focused approach she's managed to very recently figure out her second mudra. Though her second mudra is still at times inconsistent and doesn't come as naturally yet, she might screw it up from time-to-time. I do plan on her learning her third mudra through some development via a character arc I haven't given too much thought to yet. Maybe when she becomes a retainer for someone like she's looking to do, after a long while of service she'll learn more about what it means to be what she's striving to be like the whole 50-60 ninja questline. It's not something I intend for her to experience anytime soon though.
  6. Ah damn They should really just let you add people offline! Strange though, I was on quite a bit yesterday. You must've just been on around the times I got off. I'm sure we'll get it eventually xD. Lately I tend to be getting on in the evenings (like 6pm EST) and stay on pretty late into the night. Hopefully we catch each other soon!
  7. Huh. Yeah I did typo that, not sure why I typed that. I guess Hingashi was in my head for some reason at the time . I know Doma is in Othard (and that Doma specifically was the place that got screwed over, hence the mass refuges from there), and Hingashi is the island to the East of that, yeah. What I meant more to say instead of "Hingan culture" was just Eastern culture in general, oops.
  8. God, either we never happen to be on at the same times or your in-game name isn't what I think it is. If you're ever on feel free to send me an add and we can set something up . It's just "Aeva Nyuko". (If anyone else is interested I'd be happy to hear from you too! ^^)
  9. Yeah I figured there might be some important context I'm missing, trying to rush through the story just for that reason. I'm sure you're right about Hingan society, it's a lot less nebulous/subjective than some of the other issues I've been hearing from people. I'm sure you've seen a ton of cutscenes and NPC dialogue that backs up what you're saying so I definitely believe it. You do make a great point at the bottom and I do think this is a lot more realistic than some of the ideas I've personally had to get around that. I'm not really sure why I didn't think of it. Aeva's pretty overgenerous with strangers and I could easily see her acting in that way towards a Doman refugee who's down on their luck and facing hard times. And if Eastern culture mirrors Japanese culture that closely then I can see it being likely that this refugee felt the urge to repay that debt back in some form, similar to Yugiri and her people she brought. I'll give some thought on who exactly this refugee would be, and what she did to get on their good side. I can think of a lot of possibilities already. Thanks for sharing your experience, maybe I'll keep her how she is, I don't know. It's really cool to hear that these people came and defended your character and I'm sure most people fall into that camp instead of the ones who judge and berate for it. Though, the fact you were even berated OOCly at all for it is something that gives me pause too. I can't help but think that a lot of these problems might be avoided if I made this character, say, an Au Ra from Othard though. Naturally she wouldn't be from Limsa anymore and her backstory is going to have to be really different. There are some aspects of her personality that would have to change because some traits I specifically put in due her upbringing, but a lot of the core could still remain the same. I'll stick with itthough, I do feel like I have good reasons to support her learning ninjutsu especially with Valence's latest suggestion. Though I'm sure there's going to be people who think it's insufficient. I'll just keep Aeva and at least gauge reactions. Maybe it'll work out ^^ Hah, I didn't know people RPed stuff like that in FFXIV too . I figured the lack of an in-game RP profile would dissuade that sort of thing. I've seen similar stuff in WoW though for sure
  10. Agreed with a lot of what you said Valence, and the stuff I agree with is stuff I've tried to give a lot of thought. Though the picture that I got from 30-60 content has been that people from the east are often eager to teach foreigners who actually know about them, though their existence is kept secret. So perhaps finding your teacher would be a big issue, but convincing them to train you, not so much. Maybe I've missed something really key, or maybe contradictions are shown in Stormblood which I've not been able to access quite yet. Regardless, a lot of my interactions with people on this subject (not solely in here) are just making me want to scrap the concept completely. Not that anyone's been rude to me about it, or unreasonable necessarily, even if some of the stuff I'm hearing in response is coming from sources I've not been able to see. I just get the vibe that whether I go into all of the necessary things to make it justified or not, an Eorzean ninja character is going to be looked at through a sort of critical lens that I don't want for my first character that I'm using to jump into the RP scene. I've RPed concepts similar in that regard in other games and I don't like what results from it. I don't like knowing that a good portion of peoples' first thoughts of my character are going to be "Oh that's really weird and potentially lore-bending, well she better have an explanation for X, Y, and Z" whether I have those explanations or not. Despite my strong attachment to the idea I'm probably going to just come up with an alternative.
  11. After spending time creating my character and getting feedback from various people, I've come to a pretty definitive conclusion in that when people say "Ninjas are SPECIFICALLY X, Y, and Z. If you aren't X, Y, and Z then you aren't a ninja", the issue isn't that either of us are wrong, it's just a semantics issue between me and the other person . When I originally made this thread, my definition of a ninja was "Someone who is sneaky, acrobatic, fights with knives, and can use ninjutsu". The people who say ninjas are all these other things just envision a more specific thing when they hear that word, that's all. All of the stereotypical aspects of what a ninja is, such as secrecy, serving someone as a retainer, loose morality, specifically trained in secret villages, etc. So when I first started asking this question, I used wording that caused a bit of an issue with people who interpreted the word differently than me. The question I had in my mind was different than the question people were reading. By your definition of ninja, my character concept was never a ninja at all. She was more of a sneaky Lominsan knife fighter who later learned ninjutsu from the Doman refugees. To word my intended question in a way that I think holds more true to what I was wanting to know; "Is it realistic for my character to have learned ninjutsu and be open about it?". After looking into it a lot more since I asked this, I certainly believe it is. Nothing as far as I can tell has stated that to properly channel these mudras, you need to be secretive about your art. Plus, nothing about ninjutsu inherently makes it something that should be hidden necessarily, but rather it's the things most traditional ninjas actually use it for (Though I could certainly be wrong! My ninja lore is still spotty compared to others I'd imagine) As long as the short time the Domans have been here is kept into consideration I've come to the line of thinking that Aeva has an okay concept . She has a lot of catching up to do as she's been exposed to this art for a relatively short time. It's going to be a long time or take a serious character arc for her to become a jonin, or just a sneaky knife fighter who has learned all 3 mudras, if you don't like the term jonin for her. My character concept is much more fleshed out now and I even have a fully completed wiki for her! . Went with the private investigator / sellsword labels OOC. She sticks with the private investigator title, but she personally likes to call herself a "Soldier of Fortune" when referring to mercenary work. A bit of a more epic-sounding euphemism and all . She stays away from the shinobi label just on the sole basis that most people are going to have no idea what she's talking about, and those that do will have the wrong impression. True to my character, she's open about what she does, just the words "ninja" or "shinobi" aren't going to be uttered unless the person has an already clear understanding of what Aeva does.
  12. I know it's a lame reason to be drawn into a game, but the housing is what drove me to FFXIV over other MMOs. Got my apartment a couple weeks ago, just started taking the furnishing seriously. (Cant wait to own an actual house though! On Balmung so that might be awhile but hey.) I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted my room to be like and a weapon stand, armor stand, AND target dummy were all involved, yeah. It was just a given in my head that it would be a thing, so I'm really surprised that none of them were . I'd like more wall-mounted pictures and posters that aren't just paintings of scenery or lore characters that MY character wouldn't care much about. I imagine Aeva's room being a ton of Far Eastern oriented stuff, a small kitchen, and a bunch of personal items that either have sentimental value or is just stuff she would enjoy. Making it have an oriental feel has been pretty easy and I think I can fit the mini-kitchen in when I get gil. (Oh my god I literally have 3k gil and my place isn't even half furnished, I'm broke lmao), but looking at all the available items online it's hard to find things that would fit what my character would consider personal. I've found pretty much 3 items that fit. A stuffed fish from a fishing trip, a painting of her home city, and a scroll with the doman character "jin", meaning "man". It's the mudra she's currently having trouble getting the hang of when it comes to her ninjutsu, and to be fair I was pleasantly surprised to find the scroll had the exact same character as the mudra she doesn't know yet ICly. Despite those three things though I have a feeling the walls are going to be rather empty. If I could fill them with posters of various things I'm sure it'd help a lot. The one poster I found that actually like, and one I think Aeva would keep just so happens to be seasonal.
  13. It does! I read a bit of his wiki and I think the two would get along really well. They have some differences in a couple values, but they're both the cheerful social sorts that put most other people first most of the time. I'd definitely like setting something up with them! .
  14. Hi! Decently experienced RPer who is completely new to doing it within the setting of Final Fantasy here. I've made a couple posts here in the past little while regarding questions about the character I've been working on. At this point however, I feel pretty prepared to jump into things now with a solid backstory, personality, and appearance all written and ready to use. I'll give a more brief summary of my character below. If you're genuinely interested in roleplaying with her though, I'd very strongly recommend taking a look at her wiki page as it contains a lot more info! The finishing of my character's wiki page is what prompted this post in the first place, in hopes I can get my now-prepared character into some RP. Specifically I'd like to do this in a non-hostile, non-judgmental environment if possible, my knowledge of the game's setting is pretty poor relatively speaking. If you're intolerant of mistakes being made, or even if they just internally bother you a lot, then it'd likely be better for both of us if you spent your time with someone better suited to you . That being said, I'm totally open to constructive criticism of my character if something is done that contradicts the lore in some way. I'm eager to learn and would love to be more thoroughly acquainted with FFXIV's setting! Aeva Nyuko: A city miqo'te who has mostly Seeker of the Sun traits from the wandering Tia father she's never met (He left his tribe to create a new one and become a Nunh, which didn't work out). She was raised by her single Keeper of the Moon mother from Limsa Lominsa, and grew up in poverty. While many of the finer details of her past are a mystery that she's vague about, more is known about her present. She's climbed her way into the upper middle-class and now works as both a private investigator and a sellsword. Aeva is usually cheerful and almost always in the mood to be social. Outside of her work she adores meeting new people and listening to them talk about themselves, something she prefers over speaking about herself. She takes a genuine interest in whoever she speaks with, but can be persuaded to talk about herself and some of the stories she has about herself or her work. Most seem to be mostly interested in the private investigator thing. She's really comfortable around others, though this comfort can border on the extreme, which causes its own set of issues for her sometimes. She has a habit of doing things others would consider too informal, eating messily, kicking her feet up onto tables, asking questions that are too personal, etc. Despite this, she likes to believe she's great company. A little overgenerous, Aeva will go very far out of her way to do things for even new acquaintances, and will do so with energy and enthusiasm. Though combined with her profound gullibility, this trait of hers can be easily abused or manipulated without her knowing. Her favorite thing she likes to do for people she's fond of is cook for them. Cooking is her main hobby outside of her jobs and she loves preparing favorite dishes for friends. Strangely, despite seeming just as accepting and willing to talk with men, her generosity specifically is mostly reserved for other women. Men may also find themselves showered with gifts and favors after knowing Aeva and growing close with her, though this is a large contrast to the rather immediate displays of generosity that women receive. The difference comes off as pretty obvious to a lot of people she knows, and she often is asked why she's like this, thankfully she's fully conscious of the inconsistency and is open to sharing her reasons. Annnnnyyyyway. That's about it, don't want to write a whole book on my post here. The wiki is there if you'd like more! If you're interested or have questions you can either drop something here, add my discord I've put at the bottom of the post, or PM me, any of those will work! I'm looking for new RP opportunities in general for her. Thinking a new friend, but more business-oriented relationships are fine too. If after reading my description you think Aeva might not like your character, you're probably wrong. She would more easily become close with a woman with attitudes more like hers, but she enjoys the company of both men and women who are her complete opposites as well. Since posting I've had someone ask me about my style of roleplay too. I'm good with pretty much any theme you could think of, with the exclusion of full-on ERP. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to post-length too, and tend to adapt to who I'm RPing with. That being said I will naturally default to medium-length posts at first, hitting the character limit on them decently often but not always. If your posts are consistently and significantly longer than that then I personally don't mind reading it, but I may have trouble maintaining such lengthy posts in return if that's your expectation. As for time-zone, I'm in EST. You'll most likely find me on in the afternoons spanning until late at night (Think 3-4am EST). Thanks for reading, hope to eventually hear from some more people EDIT: Just adding some details that have come up through questions from interested people in-game, figure they'd be best clarified in my earlier paragraphs in case other readers have the same questions! Also dumping my discord here, I learned the hard way that relying solely on in-game adds isn't the wisest thing. I would prefer to be added in-game. BUT, if you try adding me and I happen not to be on, you're totally welcome to add my discord and we can chat on there while we get our in-game adding sorted. Natty#5120 is my discord! Private messages on here are absolutely fine too if you'd prefer that.
  15. o/ Hi there! Like the guy above me, I'm also on Balmung. If you are too, then I'd definitely be interested! I'm not at all new to RP but I AM new to FFXIV RP specifically. Actually in the process of leveling and working on a wiki page for her profile before I hop into my first sessions. As long as that level of inexperience doesn't bother you then we'd be set. If you're on Balmung, here's just a little bit about my new character ^^. Aeva's a very cheerful, social, and outgoing person. She has the capacity to be a selfless sweetheart who's very pleasant to be around, but her informal comfort around others can border on the extreme, leading her to behave in impolite ways without really thinking about it. Maybe she kicks her feet up onto a table, talks too much, or asks a question that's too personal. Aeva tends to take a huge interest in the hobbies and interests of new friends too, and is a big fan of swapping stories with them. If she gets to hear about life as a florist, she's more than happy to discuss her work as a private investigator, or some of her mercenary jobs. Maybe in exchange she'd tell Rhen about the time a rich merchant in Ul'dah paid her and an other investigator to unknowingly track each other just for the hell of it.
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