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  1. Our first formal gathering! A chance to meet the other FC members ICly and to learn a bit more about our goals and future plans. There will be food! Also will discuss ideas for finishing fleshing out our ranks and the starting discussions on launching our grand Opening day! After most of these things have died down our Peacekeepers will be invited into the brawler's pit to prove their mettle, possibly against our co-owner of the estate --Oktai of the Dotharl!
  2. Hello there! We are currently in desperate need of Officers! Namely we need a media and advertising Officer! Someone to be in charge of running and maintaining our tumbler and/or creating our FC event advertisements! We ask all applicants to submit previews of their work! This/These position(s) are some of the few that do not require you to be a RP member of our FC as well! Other Officer or Leader positions are as follows Discord manager (the person who helps maintain and manage discord. keeping things organized and assigning new members their roles.) Leaders (we are looking for those interested in the RP position of leader of each of the branches of staff in the FC. You would be in charge of setting up and DMing missions your staff undertake to supply or otherwise aid the FC operations)
  3. Evil Vixxen

    {Mateus} Looking for Friends or even Enemies!

    Timing shouldn't be too terrible of an issue as I am usually available most hours of the day/night! I'll send ya a friend request and we can talk more and see if we can work a meeting out.
  4. Hello there! Character Profile...or an attempt at one at the very least is here https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Altanii_Iriq I am looking to make some friends (or even enemies if that is your favor) rp wise more than anything! Long term or casual and in any category of rp! I am new to FFXIV but not new to rp, I grew up in rp forums and have in the past 3 years moved to MMORPG style games for my rp interests! However I still have a lot to learn and enjoy delving into new unknowns! ~~Altanii already has a romantic interest so please do not offer!~~ I am open to story line based rp in a group or one on one setting as well, and am open to any and all offers! If you are interested in limitations please feel free to comment below and I would be happy to discuss things! There are only a few things I would object to entirely and those tend to be the more extreme "taboos" so please feel free to ask about anything you wish! The best way to contact me is through comments here or my discord EvilVixxen#3140 (please comment here first before sending me a discord friend request so I have a heads up!) You can also /tell me in game should you see my toon about. She is usually found in the quicksand or through the east door and down the steps, across the path sitting perched upon some crates.