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  1. Hallo there! I'd love to give rp between one or even both of your OCs! I'm used to posting in length even in an MMO so dont worry about that. I come from a forum RP background and have found that even in MMORPG style games us multi-para types are well welcomed! It's also why I offer discord rp as sometimes it can be a bit tedious to send multiple paragraphs in game if you're not accustomed to breaking your posts into chatbox length ^^; At the moment my phone isnt finding your discord tag via the app but I'll try again when I get back to the PC in the morning and perhaps we can brainstorm some possible meetings between these miqo'te in the future ^^ Oh also a recent development that hasnt made it to his carrd yet is that Di'a is now covered in arcane mixed with tribal tattoos that glow a pulsing orangish red fading to black softly until he channels aether and then they glow vibrantly. I dont have any mapping of them yet as this is VERY new and I'm also broke atm so no commissions in the foreseeable future....such a commission I think would be pretty pricy as it's a full body deal more or less and I dont like to underpay the lovelies I commission. Wuuutttt basically they cover his back entirely, wrap about his shoulders and along his neck and collar bone, might go on his chest/ribs, go down over the backs of his hands, also go over his hips and wrap about his thighs and down over the tops of his feet. It's a lot ^^; and he doesnt cover them....because his style is sorta already set and if you've seen the screenshots I included in his carrd you can see he shows a lot of skin So uhm just wanted to include this ^^;
  2. Second OC on Light DC - Odin He is slated to be a lesser villain type and I'd love to find a group for him to hang about if possible. All his information can be found in the carrd below! Contact me here (discord doesn't always find my user name) or on discord Evil_Vixxen#0693 https://uq-t.carrd.co/
  3. Presenting Khadagan Geneq Looking for romance, friends, enemies and more. All information found within his carrd contact me here or through discord -> Evil_Vixxen#0693 https://k-g.carrd.co/
  4. Male X Male Mature Themes Long Term Multi Para Discord In Game Please contact me here or in discord for interest, if discord doesnt show my tag then PM me here with yours and I'll contact you asap. Evil_Vixxen#0693 All further information can be found within the character's carrd found below. https://z-x.carrd.co/
  5. Wall of text, thank you for taking the time to read through!~ Looking for long term rp contact for my main miqo'te lad. I do have a heavy plot line going for him that explores various ideas of SMN ability in reference to primals (ifrit focused) so there is some lore bending and whatnot but I do try not to break lore entirely. He is homosexual, so any romance or physical interactions would be with males only, no exceptions to this for this particular character. Please do NOT message if you're going to be ERP focused or want to ERP every time we meet for RP. While I do enjoy ERP plots, I do not wish for such a theme to take over the RP for this character, a little that makes sense for the story progression at times is fine though! Di'a is a miqo'te lad that appears in his late teens though his personality and actions sometimes hint at him being older than appearance lets on. He has bright crimson hair tipped in silver that lays messily about his face and often has a few braids or beads or feathers woven through it here or there as little accents to his appearance. He is of average height, at about 5fulms (feet) and his build is fit and lightly toned but not overly muscular. His skin is a soft cream color and he has freckles sprinkled over his nose, cheeks, shoulders, upper back and back of his neck, and over his stomach and upper inner thighs. His tail is long a sleek, crimson and silver tipped same as his hair and he has one deep emerald green eye while the other has a scar over it and is a milky white though it's always covered by his messy hair, he is blind in this eye. He has a spunky carefree personality most of the time, is a bit of a clutz and danger magnet and acts as he looks. Like a youth who has no clue what the heck he is doing and just bumbles through life all willy nilly like. He does however run a small Tribal Community Hub where he helps give work, home, refuge, and a place to be chaotic to weary tribal people trying to make their way into the public eye a bit more. He's got a talent for deciphering and reading many ancient texts and identifying the authenticity of old relics and artifacts from many a past civilization (training all his early life via his family's business ->more can be found out via rp<-). He's quite easy to befriend though getting closer than that takes some time and work as, while he'll openly tell you all his secrets he has a sort of...."keep your distance" feel to him that is a bit difficult to get past. He's an open book but has found that when you share information you tend to get information in exchange and so often knows more about the goings on about him than his foolish appearance lets on. He also has a tiny flaming carbuncle atop his head or shoulder nearly at all times. His faithful companion is usually harmless and friendly but remember it is a carbuncle and should not be taken lightly! (I use the lesser panda minion as an IC prop for this ^^) More can be found in his carrd along with screens of his appearance, glam choices, and recent art of him. If you've any questions or wish to start an RP (or even join in on the soon to be starting plot line -> or want more info on that<-) message me here via private message or DM me in discord (if discord doesn't work then poke me here. Sometimes my info doesn't pop up T.T) @ Evil_Vixxen#0693 and I'll get back to you asap! I do discord & in game RP however I'm looking for mainly in game RP with supplimental discord RP between posts or when schedules conflict. I have a thing for getting screenshots of this particular character and would love to include more of him with others. Be it friends, enemies, a mentor, a student, a lover or more please reach out to me! https://dia-v.carrd.co/
  6. My latest upcoming character!~ Name: Zukuru ??? Race: Miqo'te/Mystel Age: 20 Gender: Male Sexuality: Homosexual Height: 5'8" Build: well toned, farm hands body Hair: Dark brown, semi violet shimmer in the light, dark grey tips Eyes: Bright green Skin: Ashen grey Tail: Long, Sleek Markings: two stripes on each cheek coming from his jawline, usually has some sort of "cute" image face panted on his upper cheek(s) Zukuru is a typical mercenary, or hired hand accepting odd jobs and trying to earn some gil in any way he can (sometimes resorting to selling his body in the most desperate of times). He used to hang on the fringes of a Keeper tribe deep in The Black Shroud but a rival tribe attacked two years ago and killed everyone, as far as he knows. He escaped with one of the young kittens, a wild little boy he has since named Zaine and along the way in life found himself caring for another orphan, a young elezen girl he named Lizbeth. He is the rough around the edges type, quick tempered but his anger doesn't last long. Just enough for him to pop off, maybe punch or throw something and then he's calm again. He has a bit of a smart mouth, has a bit of a brooding look about him and doesn't really get along too well with others. He's kind of grumbly and keeps to himself only approaching others for work. You'll rarely see him with his kids as he is VERY protective of them, keeping them hidden at his home, wherever that may be, and the only time he speaks of them is if someone asks about his current face paint. I'm open to just about any rp you can think of, however I will never allow his kids to be harmed in any way so ya can take those ideas and keep em to yourself. I'm looking for long term RP, slow burn romance, anything that will allow a story to develop over time. You can contact me here in this thread, or via private message or via discord (discord likes to not allow people to friend me at odd times, if this happens send me a private message here) Evil_Vixxen#0693 I will warn that this is a new character so I'll be leveling him up here or there but will have the main cities available rather quickly. He's starting as a marauder and I have friends in goblet so Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah will be available first. I am working on a carrd for him and getting better screenshots but for now here's some starter images to get an idea of his looks. I might make some minor changes to him depending on how he looks in game but this is the general idea. https://zukuru.carrd.co/ <--WIP but had most details now!~
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