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  1. IC memory containing info, is hidden in his carrd but posting here so people can get a small feel for more about him (though the info in the memories is not something know IC to him or most anyone else) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s2w-YU7W69TpHJjq7F9qO6xzqpqofy3w2dIoCxrJGfs/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Reviving and Re-writing this boi Dancing with lore a bit with him on various themes DM me if interested Looking for; Long Term Mature Plot Based Multi-Para (posts need be a minimum of 2-3 lines of text. I'm sorry I just really can't do every posting being one line or 1-2 words) https://dia-v.carrd.co/
  3. I'm sort of putting a feel out for interest in this OC. He will be Raen, around 6ft 5in(195cm), as short as the in game model allows. Have a chonky long tail, and be rather soft spoken. This doesn't mean he will be weak, per say, just that he will be focusing on other things rather than fighting. He is planned to be pan-sexual with a male lean, undecided on monogamous or not, undecided on multi ship or not. (basically leave this up to whomever becomes his rp partner - what they are comfortable with) Planning on a more romance based RP plot perhaps ather than fighting or battle, not that these themes can't be interwoven into the RP just I'm tired of ERP & Battle focused RP. I'd really like to develop and write with someone and flow from theme to theme and have some substance to the RP rather than just ERP and fighting. I also am interested more in paragraph form and long term RP, mixing discord and in game interactions/meet ups equally as much as possible. I am good to write with EU people as my availability is fully open. I'm still developing him and haven't decided where to put him, datacenter wise, but want to see if anyone would be interested in such a character. Following are character creation shots of my soft raen boy. Please poke me here or on my discord -> Evil_Vixxen#0693
  4. Dropping some screens of my catboi I'm reviving/re-writing. Vadi'a Voxhumi He will be around 19/20 years old around 4ft7in (140cm) in height Any romance would be male X male will wield summoning magics, focused on fire element type beings is a total clutz, timid and stutters a lot is a prodigy in reading, writing, deciphering and otherwise studying/discovering/translating ancient Nhymian texts and a prodigy when it comes to languages --due to his line of echo, he just tends to be able to learn languages REALLY quickly....he also has a huge aether pool...tha's pretty much it for his echo though NO he is NOT a WoL/WoD YES I am open to plots involving travel to the first and back (c'mon those places are too beautiful NOT to RP in) He is single, and homosexual I'm open to dark/mature/erotic/gore/hardcore/slice of life/adventure/ALL themes I do hope to write with someone who can provide a paragraph style. at least 3 lines per post if not more, to better match my own pace. https://dia-v.carrd.co/ He is level 70 SCH atm and I'll level DNC through ShB (third time completing ShB, will take me some time)
  5. Looking for; In game and/or Discord RP. Long Term/Plot based Para/Multi-Para All Themes All the information is found in the cards below! Send me a message here or at my discord Evil_Vixxen#0693 or even at twitter https://twitter.com/_Evil_Vixxen_ I'll be sure to respond asap! Dadcatte, Zukuru Burwani (Crystal - Brynhildr) Romance not available! https://zukuru.carrd.co/ Gentle Giant, Khadagan Geneq (Returning to Crystal DC soon - Discord Only atm) https://kd-gq.carrd.co/ Dark Shaman, Nakhu Geneq (Returning to Crystal DC soon - Discord Only atm) https://n-g.carrd.co/ Escaped Slave, Exi'a Vunoxo (Primal, Leviathan) https://ex-vu.carrd.co/ order of images: Zukuru x2-> Khadagan x2-> Nakhu x2-> Exi'a x2
  6. Hallo there! I'd love to give rp between one or even both of your OCs! I'm used to posting in length even in an MMO so dont worry about that. I come from a forum RP background and have found that even in MMORPG style games us multi-para types are well welcomed! It's also why I offer discord rp as sometimes it can be a bit tedious to send multiple paragraphs in game if you're not accustomed to breaking your posts into chatbox length ^^; At the moment my phone isnt finding your discord tag via the app but I'll try again when I get back to the PC in the morning and perhaps we can brainstorm some possible meetings between these miqo'te in the future ^^ Oh also a recent development that hasnt made it to his carrd yet is that Di'a is now covered in arcane mixed with tribal tattoos that glow a pulsing orangish red fading to black softly until he channels aether and then they glow vibrantly. I dont have any mapping of them yet as this is VERY new and I'm also broke atm so no commissions in the foreseeable future....such a commission I think would be pretty pricy as it's a full body deal more or less and I dont like to underpay the lovelies I commission. Wuuutttt basically they cover his back entirely, wrap about his shoulders and along his neck and collar bone, might go on his chest/ribs, go down over the backs of his hands, also go over his hips and wrap about his thighs and down over the tops of his feet. It's a lot ^^; and he doesnt cover them....because his style is sorta already set and if you've seen the screenshots I included in his carrd you can see he shows a lot of skin So uhm just wanted to include this ^^;
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