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  1. Wandering Healer Arisane Uzuka Made For; Slice of life Fluff Moderate BSDM Looking For; Long-term Rp partner Multi-para Plot > Erp Short Term Will Not; Allow severe harm without probable cause Torture just to torture etc Pansexual Day Dreamer Big Heart Goes for the Bad Boi Types Pairs well with anyone Healer by magic & practical skills Contact info is Evil_Vixxen#0693 in discord https://a-u.carrd.co/#
  2. Zaine Burwani Breedable & Half Feral Omega Homosexual Age Unknown Height 6ft Looking for long term & multi-para RP partner for my kitten. All details are found in the carrd, the nsfw section is a bit hidden but please give it a view as it holds some things I am for/against for my kitten. My discord is Evil_Vixxen#0693 , DM me there ot PM me here to contact and discuss RP options https://z-b.carrd.co/
  3. Name: Kohaku Shimizu Age: 19 (100) Height: 4ft 5in Race: Kitsune (servant of Inari 8 tails) Omega Romance: MxM Looking for someone interested in plot driven rp, multi-para and open to most rp being in discord with in game moments & screenshot sessions in game. I have a bit of a story arc planned for my Kitsune so friends and other people are welcome to dm me as well. For a long term partner though my focus will be plot, though erp is acceptable if romance or similar is achieved first. His background includes several mature themes so only those 18+ should m
  4. Server: Balmung FC Name: Crossroads Haven FC Tag: <CrHRP> FC Type: Medium-Heavy RP, Business, Adventuring, Crime Active Time: 6pm Est - 3am Est Recruitment: Open Contact: Evil_Vixxen#0693 (Altanii Tumet in game) Link: https://discord.gg/RGuNAdu IC A place for those who keep their true nature hidden, a place where you can find sanctuary but also a place to work. A place where you can belong to something ever growing and become something more. Crossroads haven is a place where all who find themselves lost and alone, can come and relax and enjoy some good comp
  5. Alias: Qaara Draconic Name: Syrvena Age: 200 Years old 4ft2in tall Petite but curvy body Nidhoggs youngest daughter Heterosexual Storm Caller Type Drake Assassin & Spy Master Actress & Charisma skill maxed out Looking for long term RP, plot driven. Open to most themes, she is a bratty baby type. Pairs well with many types of Doms. She is a develop through Rp and with others type of character. Dm for more info! At the moment she appears as a skittish, helpless little dragon girl trying to master her abilities and looking for someone to be with wh
  6. Zaine Burwani MxM preferred (be it sex or identifying gender) Age is yet to be determined (oldest would be around 25 though) 6ft tall, slender but toned physique Smaller jaguar-esque ears and slender sleek tail Elemental Type Summoner Crafter type Jack of All trades Kind of Feral at Times Zaine is a sort of soft spoken, nose in a book or head in the clouds kind of guy. He's not overly shy, just isn't so great at approaching others to spark conversations. He enjoys the peace and quiet and being alone but doesn't mind other's company or being in crowded o
  7. Male Kitsune Breedable Omega Male x Male 4ft 8in tall, soft dancer's physique Amnesia with deep plot to reveal 20 years old Thinks they are a miqo'te Open to anything and everything. Multi-ship/verse unless chemistry is amazing and an OOC conversation happens to solo-ship. Looking for ONE owner, clients to serve, friends with benefits, friends in general, Can work as escort, dancer, model and more!~ Would love to join an FC but not a requirement. I mostly rp in discord due to in game chat limitations. This doesn't mean I won't rp in game just that I
  8. LF RP for my Gentle Giant!~ Crystal DC Multi-Para (discord will be long posts, in game short posts) Discord Rp preference Story/Plot focus (erp ok later) All Themes welcome 18+ required OOC & IC Open to most anything and looking for someone who can type more than a few words or a single sentence per post. Really hoping to find Dagan a partner though I'd love for things to develop over time, no rush into things and really explore the characters rather than rush to pair them or have them erp. All my info can be found within his carrd, so be su
  9. I'm looking for long term, plot driven rp for my kitsune kit. All of his information can be found in his carrd, linked at the end. Some things to know: He is a 100 year old Kitsune kit disguised as a 19 year old keeper miqo'te. He has no memories of who or what he is, and fully believes he is nothing more than a young miqo lad. Yes he is an omega. Yes that type of omega. Re-located to Balmung, would love to join an RP FC if possible but not required. RELATIONSHIP INFO: I am sure your ladies are lovely but Kohaku is 100% homosexual....no he will not ever change.
  10. IC memory containing info, is hidden in his carrd but posting here so people can get a small feel for more about him (though the info in the memories is not something know IC to him or most anyone else) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s2w-YU7W69TpHJjq7F9qO6xzqpqofy3w2dIoCxrJGfs/edit?usp=sharing
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