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  1. Looking for potential friends or contacts, maybe a love interest or traveling partner. I'm more into long term RP, and will supplement in game sessions with discord to accommodate time zones and IRL chaos! My miqo is made to grow alongside another person, or a small group possibly, over time and so his information is quite brief and filled with plot holes as those I like to fill in as the character develops through RP. There's endless possibilities for all genres and I love dipping into everything from laid back slice of life to more dramatic gory dark themes depending on how the RP plays out and who he might end up with. Feel free to message me here, if ya see me in game send me a /tell, or shoot me a DM via Evil_Vixxen#0693 (sometimes my discord doesn't play nice so if you can't find me just message me in this forum or via private message here on the site and I'll get to ya asap!) https://xrhivi.carrd.co/# Name: X'rhivi Tia - Rhivi Race: Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun Age: 18-20?? Gender: Male - he/him Sexuality: Homosexual - Demisexual Relationship status: Single Hair Color: Medium violet with pale blue tips Skin Color: Sun kissed tan Eye Color(s): Right - Deep Teal, Left - Medium Green Height: 4'8" (142cm) Build: Slender, Fit, Semi-toned (swimmer's/dancer's body) Distinguishing marks: Seeker facial tattoos, odd colored eyes
  2. Just gonna drop this here https://vadia.carrd.co/
  3. Re-Written OC A miqo with a troubled past and trying to move onto a better future. Gentle heart and feeble hopes Am open to in game and discord RP, available most times of the day and night and willing to RP just about any theme you can think of!~ Discord = Evil_Vixxen#0693 https://z-x.carrd.co/
  4. Romance found, just looking for friends now ^^ Contact me here or in discord -> Evil_Vixxen#0693 (if discord doesn't wanna let ya friend me then poke me here and I'll add you asap) Khadagan Qestir A storyteller who spins tales but never speaks a single word! https://qnq.carrd.co/ Leveling Report: I can get to all three main cities and their regions now!
  5. found RP for my cat boi thanks guys!
  6. found the rp, please no more spam for my catte!
  7. I'm looking for a person willing to poke at some extreme/dark mature RP. Please take a look through Jakha's history and you'll get an idea of what I might be looking for. Looking to poke at a person returning from his past or even someone new to cause some trouble. This person would possibly get away with said trouble for an extended amount of time depending on the OOC agreement we come to, however the end game would be them possibly being found out and things ended between them and Jakha -- however there is possibility for Jakha to end up with said person in the end. It all depends on how things play out and I'm really open to things going in either direction. I'm open to traveling to other worlds within Crystal datacenter for RP. (contact here or via Discord Evil_Vixxen#0693 ->sometimes discord doesn't like to connect to my user name. if this happens contact me here and I'll get your info and try to contact you instead<) https://jakha.carrd.co/
  8. updated look to bump
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