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  1. Fernehalwes' Original Post Read the whole thing or just skip to the end.... My fellow RPers, we are getting our lore book. From the sound of it in October.
  2. Original Post I'm really curious what the emotes will be.
  3. Erik: [align=center] Talonflame, the Scorching Pokémon and the evolved form of Fletchinder. During an intense battle, Talonflame expels embers from gaps between its feathers. It reaches speeds of more than three-hundred miles per hour chasing prey.[/align]
  4. As I understand only certain people can see moogles unless the moogle wants to be seen or something like that. As it was explained to me its sort of mythic fairy rules. Most would honestly just pretend they cannot see you as it seems a bit off by most rpers standards.
  5. He follows the Halone cult, because: OOC: In beta she seemed best suited for a knight and I like my characters to be religious. IC: Because his mom was devout and raised him to be so. She even wanted him to become a priest instead of a soldier, classic mom.
  6. The nerdiest highlander FF-otaku to ever walk the face of the world..... eyeball fetish.
  7. [align=center][/align] I am so happy to hear this happened. The old ST Tanking I hated. I understood the necessity of it, but I have been a tank for decades and its always Health/Vitality/Constitution/exc. So it was more of a personal dislike to change. Yes I'm getting to be a cranky old man, sue me. I hoped for this so hard I have been saving Esos and capping and grinding, I got my VIT stuff ready to go.... BRING ON THE CHANGE!!!
  8. Saw that last night on reddit. I wonder what we will get in trade.
  9. Velkominn. Ég heiti Eirikir. Gaman að kynnast þér.
  10. Like the cookie-kitty said you can look up FCs here and also outside of here on tumblr, guild works and enjin. It really depends on your theme, the theme you are looking for, and the size you want. We can all maybe help give you some options if we knew more. We all sort of interact and know the reps of fcs here.
  11. Were goofing off last night and got some fun shots. Also never noticed how top heavy the Red Wings have gotten. We need more guys in here. Also our fc-buddy Captain Toff.
  12. My main's name is not thought out at all. Its the name on my driver's license. My name has such a "fantasy game" sound to it I have just used it in most of the games I play. That said its ic different from most highlanders as ic Mynhier IS his surname. The lore has instances of highlanders using what seem to be surnames rather then epithets, such as Aldynn.
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