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  1. I was actually thinking about making a Qestir myself, I personally enjoy the gestures and expressions more. I feel like it was make things more intersting and really make you think how people interact without words.
  2. I feel your pain. In the past I've had a hard time finding het romance, and questioned about it like it was rude for me to have a different/exclusive orientation for my character. With that said, I have rped girl/girl, male/male, poly, asexual, het love..I mean I'm very fluid and I love each one. But I do agree it's harder to find het but like previously stated above, I don't think it's advertised as much as lgbt+. Personally, I put it in my profile but I like action/adventure/open world RP way more and my romances have to make sense and with meaning, not flings. But yeah, reach out to other people, they could be feeling the same way as you.
  3. Altan: It would depends on how well they knew each other. Close friend or family member: Shed wrap her arms around them and kiss their cheek back. New friend: side eye, "Don't do that." Cute boy: elbow to the face and turn around blushing. Enemy: raaage
  4. Good luck! Sounds fun, I love world rp but alas I'm on Mateus.
  5. I haven't RPed yet but so far I love Mateus, the people are really friendly and welcoming.
  6. Drej that's my kind of RP that sounds amazing haha
  7. I love comedic relief in mine and other's rp. As intense as it can get, sometimes it's nice to release that pressure and be able to joke.
  8. I agree with the above ^ @Teadrinker racism is part of the game even if we oocly do not like it. I personally don't care, it makes it more dynamic.
  9. I'm female IRL and I play both genders in game. I know a lot of guys that play female characters and the same with women, I know tons that play males. I never assume the gender of whoever is playing behind the screen and either stick with 'they' because it's neutral or only go by the character's gender. I personally play more women just because I am one so it's easier but it's hella fun to play a guy and get out of my comfort zone. I've even done several different types of relationships because again, to me, gender etc. doesn't matter. Something about not restricting myself to my own gender or worrying about other peoples is really freeing. It's a game, I'm here to have fun. Not worry about silly things.
  10. Altann definitely, she tries to handle things on her own even if she's in over her head.
  11. Altann doesn't drink very often but when she does, all her normal reservations and level-headedness goes out the window. She's loud, and fun, and might even try to arm wrestle you. Of course, this is intoxication, with just a buzz she'd be a smiling lizard.
  12. Sounds good, I'll be in touch.
  13. Awesome, I'll send you a request soon (Chime#2381) I will be home in about...5 hours from work and then I'll be completely free.
  14. Hello So I've only been playing for about a week and I'm really interested in RP. I have years of experience in other games but none here. With the 24 hour downtime, I'd like to RP on discord if anyone would be willing? I play a Xaela female from the Tumet tribe. Is there anyone from that tribe or anyone for that matter who would want to RP and help me hash out my character and learn the what to do's and not to do's? You can message me on here or privately Thank you! -Altann
  15. I. Basic Info Characters: Altann Tumet (Mateus) Primary character: Altann Tumet Linkshells: Just a Bunch of Nuts, Wyrmguard Coalition Primary RP linkshell: Wyrmguard Coalition FC: Wyrmguard Coalition II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Light to medium. I'm definitely considered a 'casual' as I work a lot and play when I can. Views on RP combat and injuries: I enjoy emoting out combat rather than PvP or rolling because the RNG gods hate me. I do believe that injuries happen during combat, people aren't superheroes who can never get hurt. That said, if it's a questionable injury or even something that could leave a massive scar- I think it's polite to ask first. Killing is at the discretion of the player if I don't want my character to be killed. Then she won't be and I don't care how much you try if I haven't given permission. All in all, see you on the battlefield. Views on IC romance: I'm not against them, but I like them to have depth and fluid through roleplay. IC is IC, and does not go past that. I'll admit I'm a sap for ships and the 'build up' of crushes etc. It's just more fun during the chase IMO. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I love them. They are essential and needed for character development. I would personally love to have connections to help build character story. Views on lore: I am by no means a lore expert but I do try to abide by the lore of the game I am playing, I don't enjoy people breaking lore because it breaks the immersion of my RP. On that note, since I am new and if I do mess up, please feel free to privately message me and help me out. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): /say is can be either or depending on the "---" used /tell is can be either ooc or ic Linkshells I imagine go by whichever rule the LS is used for. III. Other Info Country: US Timezone: EST Contact info: You can message me on here or in game.
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