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  1. Paradigm Pixels

    [Mateus] ♥ looking for a longterm friends and partner ♥

    *waves* If you're interested in one of my first characters I have, we could RP sometime! I'm in the midst of making my 2nd and 3rd character as well.
  2. I. Character Info Name: Luna Stirling Gender: Female Race: Hyur Age: 24 Birthplace: The Holy See of Ishgard Sexual Orientation: Demisexual Personality: A rather shy and timid young woman, Luna hides her scarred childhood by being a mute. She harbors incredible social anxiety and often becomes clumsy when around people other than her brother. She feels much more confident while communicating her thoughts and intentions via paper and ink or with Aether. It's fairly easy to see the excitement in her eyes if one starts to poke her more intellectual side. She often loves to admire the stars, most likely due to her studies under Astrology in her childhood. Music is another easy way to her heart, and one that she had held dear to herself during childhood. She would practice and sing despite her parents never paying it much mind or encouraging it. History: Luna is the youngest of two from House Stirling of The Holy See of Ishgard. The Stirling House resided in The Pillars. While they were a minor Noble house, her family had always tried to advance their social status whether it be through business practices from her father, or monetary donations to the church. It seemed to be her parent's goal to be recognized and accepted within the ranks of the High Noble Houses. She hardly spent time with her mother and father as a result. Her own time was normally spent studying on her own with those at the Atheneum Arcaneum or honing her voice for singing songs she would hear or compose herself. Father was always running around, making sure the supplies were top quality and on time for the Skysteel Manufactory. It was the one ticket to getting in good with the High Houses of Ishgard if there was to be one made in the first place. Her brother, whom was older than her by four years, was not quite as reserved as she was. Their bond was always strong growing up in part due to their parents not being there often. She found the art of hand written letters to be one of the most sincere forms of communication and pursued it when Crowe would venture on business trips with their father. Being a studious young girl, Luna worked hard to impress her parents with her studies and singing. Often time she attempted to show them the fruits of her hard work or a small new step to harnessing the Aether, however most of the time it was met with a simple nod before they went back to work or talking with other nobles. It always felt like daggers in her heart. Crowe, on the other hand, was always receptive to her progress. The older brother was someone she could always confide in and be comforted by, despite his somewhat cold looking exterior. In reality, he was a very collected and caring family member whom she loved dearly. One of the coldest nights in The Pillars marked a dark day for Luna and Crowe. There were no words. No warnings. It simply happened in a blink of an eye. Hooded figures broke in to their home while Luna and Crowe were simply chatting in the study upstairs. The commotion had caused the two siblings to silence themselves. Being curious, Luna began to sneak by the stairs and peer down. Her eyes wide with horror as she couldn't even scream because of what she observed. Her father lay motionless on the ground while she could hear the screams of her mother as she was dragged out with a hooded cloth over her head. Two men continued to search the home downstairs, mentioning to each other than the second story needed to be searched. Crowe quickly came by and snatched Luna away before making an escape from one of the windows that the library had. Life had changed for the two siblings and they decided to stay in The Foundation for a day. One day turned in to a week. A week turned in to a month. A month turned to years. The two matured, hiding and living in The Foundation, always moving to a new inn or shelter, not knowing whom could be trusted. Luna was quite scarred from the situation, refusing to speak and becoming mute to everyone except her brother. While she did verbally communicate with Crowe from time to time, she would never engage in conversation with another person aside from him. Realizing that life wasn't meant to be lived in fear or on the run, the two siblings decided to venture out in the world to discover something better for themselves. With a promise made with a red ribbon tied to their wrists, the two Stirling siblings vowed to come back and uncover the truth of what had happened and why. In the mean while, the world was laid out for them to explore and do as they saw fit. Luna decided to continue her own studies and become a bit of a historian almost. She took interest in studying items that remained intact from The Calamity. Crowe, on the other hand, became a bit of a vigilante and mercenary, but always remained close when Luna requested him to stay away from work or whatever he did outside of her own observations. II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium I keep in Character when it's time to RP, but I don't typically RP my way through a dungeon run. I would be fine RP'ing something more simple in the world like a Hunt or FATE. Views on RP combat and injuries: I haven't really experienced or tried RP combat and not sure how that would work out. I would prefer minor injuries and nothing too major. Views on IC romance: Romance is not a primary focus that I'm actively looking for with Luna. If something were to develop over a longer period of time, I would play it out according to her character. Keep in mind it would take a lot for her to open up to someone given her history. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Luna has a brother named Crowe whom I play as an alternate RP character, but I'd prefer to not have other family ties with another character unless I know and trust the person well. Views on lore: I try to keep within the boundaries set up by the world, however my knowledge of the FF14 lore isn't super deep. I'd be happy to try and keep to it as much as possible and learn more though! Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): As long as we're not in a Dungeon/Raid, then I consider /Say and /Party chat to be IC. Linkshells usually have specific purposes, same with Free Company chats so those can vary depending on their purpose. III. Other Info Country: North America Timezone: EDT -5 Contact info: I'm good with messages here or through a Discord connection!
  3. I've done a bit of reading on the wiki, but couldn't really come up with the answer. Are the only people who reside in The Pillars of Ishgard the 4 High Houses or are there other Houses of a similar class that live there? I am under the other assumption that there is no "Middle" class in Ishgard. Either you're poor with no noble heritage, or you're rich and from nobility.
  4. Paradigm Pixels

    Looking for MSQ RP

    If I could get on to Balmung, I would totally have been down for this. >__<
  5. Paradigm Pixels

    Returning player, but new in the RP world.

    *waves* I actually just transferred to the Siren server. If you're looking for someone to play through the game and RP with, I would be up for it! I am kind of new too since I don't have much time on this game yet. Only a few months or so. Let me know if you're interested!
  6. Paradigm Pixels

    [Balmung] X'lantah Kett looking for it all!

    Hi there! I'd love to interact with your character at some point, unfortunately I'm not on Balmung or have the ability to transfer over to it. I'm currently in transitional period from my old server to find a new home somewhere since my FC disbanded on Lamia. I think my character who is a scholar of pre-calamity events/items and summoner arts would love to have someone fetch her some rare or forgotten items.
  7. Paradigm Pixels

    Siren RP! Open and ready for good stories.

    Hi there! I'm slightly interested in this, but not sure what to expect since I'm kinda new to FF14 and FF14 RP in general. I've been looking to transfer servers too, so I'd like to find a good home somewhere!
  8. Paradigm Pixels

    Looking for Discord/Forum/etc RP.

    Hi there! Hope you're still looking! I dropped you a message!
  9. Paradigm Pixels

    Kupocon 2018 - Toronto, Canada

    Just curious, but is anyone else planning on attending Kupocon in Toronto, Canada? I'm in the process of trying to put together a group to attend with. If you want to check it out, linky is below! On a side note, I'd probably be cosplaying for the convention as Prompto and bringing my vintage camera. http://kupocon.com/psr/
  10. Paradigm Pixels

    'Mute' character communication

    Hi there! One of my characters is a selective mute due to a prior trauma. She's a gifted magic user so the method I use for her to communicate things that require more than a yes/no/simple answer is to write her words in the air with magic particles that eventually fade away after she's done explaining. (I don't think this is really out of the realm of possibility since it is magic after all, but some people may not like it) Otherwise you could always have the character carry some parchment/writing tools.
  11. Paradigm Pixels

    [Balmung] Seeking Bonds of All Kinds!

    *wave* Hi there, I'm a newish/returning player and really looking to get more involved in the FF14 world/community. I'd like to start up a story line with a character or two of mine. I'm looking to find a home server as I've been pretty much figuring things out on my own for a few months. Let me know if you've got some room for your RP adventures! On a totally separate side note, I'm a cosplayer too and I've done a few Final Fantasy cosplays since it's been a mainstay in my life like you too!
  12. Paradigm Pixels

    *Wave* Newish/Returning Player

    Thank you! Yeah, it's a bit daunting, but I'm figuring things out slowly. It'll be better once I can settle somewhere I think. I haven't been super involved in an MMO community ever, and it's something I'd definitely like to experience since there's many things I hear that are good about them. I'll eventually figure out where to land after seeing where I can make connections. Transferring isn't too big of a roadblock. Mmmm, I'll have to check more in to what's cross-world then, it seemed like it was only the Duty Finder and Linkshells?
  13. Paradigm Pixels

    Konnichiha ~

    Hi hi! It's cool to see other players returning or that are new kinda like me. It seems most of us new/returning players are scattered on a lot of different servers.
  14. Paradigm Pixels

    A Lonely Soul Says Hello

    *waves* I'm new too and trying to find a place around the FF14 RP community. I'd be up to making character connections and talk if you'd like! I've been looking around to find a server to transfer to in order to be involved with some peeps. I haven't landed on one yet!
  15. Paradigm Pixels

    *Wave* Newish/Returning Player

    Helloooooo! I've been looking around, trying to find a place to fit in more permanently for this game. I'm a newish/returning player (Only have played 2 months). Currently I am on Lamia, but looking to transfer worlds to somewhere else that feels right. FF14 is probably my first more "Traditional" styled MMO. I had originally played Guild Wars 2 from launch and I only play that now when new content is released. It's definitely a different feel, but I think getting involved in a good community will help me ease in to the game more, especially if it is engaging to make stories/connections with new players. Poke me with mail because I'd like to make some connections out there!