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  1. <IC Letter just for fun> Ahoy, Name's Zeeg'tahn and ya may be wonderin' "Oh...hmm, I wonder, how did this fella get my location, how did he send a letter to me, Well, That's a good question person... I got sources... I've been huntin' your company down for a while now and you peaked my curiosity, I'll bite... I want in on whatever operation it is that you are runnin'... I got skills you never seen from the likes of a thief... I've been livin' a gritty life since i was young, I know what i'm doin and i ain't afraid to do it... Feel free to put a bounty on my head, I will gladly take it as a sign yer interested in me... But be warned... This ain't the last ya heard from me, Hope we meet face to face soon...


    From... Cap'n

    1. Zeeg'tahn


      (( I sent you a friend request on discord :) ))