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  1. Uranami Onsen Heavensturn Festival is in 30 minutes! Ring in the New Year of the Rat with us **ON LOCATION**! Drinks, Fare & Onsen fun (as well as a couple of Mogstation Raffles)! We will be renting out **Hermit's Hovel** for the the event!
  2. We'll be on location Thursday & Friday! check our latest post here!
  3. Uranami Onsen Heavensturn Festival! Ring in the New Year of the Rat with us at Hermit's Hovel for the the events! Social Hour Jan. 23rd (7:30pm Pacific) & NEW Host & Hostess Club starting Jan. 24th! (8pm Pacific) https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/post/190350060928/uranami-onsen-heavensturn-festival-jan-23rd
  4. Finishing up a #FFXIV half-body commission on stream! Come by, chat and join the fun. https://www.twitch.tv/kitsu_udon
  5. Uranami Onsen's Social Hour will be open in 30 minutes! Come by and enjoy a hot sake & soak! Mateus; Mist w15/p5!
  6. Working on some more commission stuff, link above!
  7. Streaming #FFXIV half-body commissions! Visit, join & chat! https://twitch.tv/kitsu_udon
  8. Streaming #FFXIV half-body commissions! Something something foxfire Visit, join & chat! https://twitch.tv/kitsu_udon
  9. Chibi-Commission for Batu Raizure on the Balmung server of FFXIV for catalystrp! Featuring Noise, Gan and Batu!
  10. Finishing up some FFXIV chibi commissions! Come by chat and enjoy a chill afternoon.
  11. Getting some more work done on the chibi comms! Link above.
  12. Streaming #FFXIV #Chibi #Commissions! Come watch and chat
  13. The Staff of Uranami Onsen [Mateus] wish to invite you and your’s to our Social Hour Jan. 9th (7:30pm Pacific) & *NEW* Host & Hostess Club starting Jan. 10th! (8pm Pacific) Mist: Ward 15 // Plot 5 https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/post/190093234758/uranami-onsen-social-hour-19-hostess-club-110
  14. Drawing FFXIV character commissions! Come watch and chat.
  15. The Staff of Uranami Onsen wish to invite you and your’s to our Social Hour Jan. 2nd & *NEW* Host & Hostess Club starting Jan. 3rd! Please come by and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and chat & mingle with our staff. Enjoy a hot soak & perhaps a nice bottle of Wineport Red with our lovely hosts & hostesses this winter season! SOCIAL HOUR Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 Server: Mateus Date: Thurs Jan. 2rd Time: 7:30 PM Pacific HOST & HOSTESS CLUB Happy Hour: Half off all of our amenities! Staff Meet & Greet! Date: Friday Jan. 3rd Time: 8PM Pacific *NEW* https://uranami-onsen.tumblr.com/post/189656411428/uranami-onsen-social-hour-12-hostess-club-13
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