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  1. Current active Mateus player here. No, Mateus has not reached "closed indefinitely". It's not listed as Congested. I've never seen it hit congested. They close the server during peak times from Medium-Large servers (ie. Standard Worlds) for server stability. I created a new character rather recently, it does not lock off "new players" only "new characters"; and it is temporary. It closes generally Friday-Sunday from around 2pm PST to around 10pm PST. During the weekdays during non prime time is generally easier to make a character. Semi-related I don't think I've seen a queue either since they added more wards to housing-patch. As seen here Mateus is listed as a Standard World. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/80cd4583bf743600105b947d6906d0909189e479
  2. Fox

    Alternate Roleplay Servers?

    Mateus is indeed open, and frequently so. This happens with most Mid-sized to large servers anywhere. XIV often closes things during prime time as not to overweigh their servers. I've personally made characters recently even on more prime-time type hours during the weekdays with little issue. It's usually the weekends which are the issues, (friday-sunday 12noon-10pm pst)
  3. Fox


    6.25.18 -Officially have pretty much finished the redesign of the space \o/ -Catching up the last bits of rp to officially open in-character -Still looking for staff and folks On a more 'personal note'; reason why it's taken so long is due heavy Overtime at work. I think things are finally calming down and we should be scheduling our first open-night either on a Saturday or Sunday in the next couple of weeks.
  4. Yeah, sounds a bit odd. Folks seem to have the right of it here. Either a weird dc issue or perhaps something else entirely. I certainly wouldn't consider it common, and wouldn't worry too much about it. Mateus has a lot of rpers, and I'm sure you'll find folks who you mesh with. Good luck and enjoy your time!
  5. Fox

    New to FF RP in general, have questions.

    As a resident of Mateus; Friday-Sunday during prime time is difficult to get a character. The time this usually lifts is 10pm PST onward. However I don't often see this lockout myself. But it's usually there during high-populated times. Though this also tends to happen with most medium-large pop servers especially on the data center that shares with Balmung (I used to be a Balmung resident myself; but decided to move due to my commute and timezone). I can confirm that both Balmung and Mateus are quite good for RP. Just depends on what sort of culture you're looking for and if you can get on Balmung for example.
  6. Fox

    No Love for Straight Women

    I think that this is in partial to an attempt to push back against the dreaded 'Mary Sue'. I've seen it often where people say that they want to ensure that their character isn't perfect. They don't want their character to be seemingly perfect or have a perfect well adjusted home life. So they start throwing on hardships and difficulties. Which by all means; sure- have your character go through trials and tribulations but it starts to get really far reaching when pushed. I've been in conversations of people who do push their characters into incredibly dark aspects because "I don't want to be seen as a snowflake". Interestingly this ends up pushing the character into a different sort of trope which is the Woobie. People try very hard not to be seen as this trope or that trope, but end up getting themselves into <insert> trope regardless. I personally like giving characters obstacles; I love seeing the character rise above them; and I will admit when I was first starting out rp and a lot younger; I did participate in the 'edgy mcedgeson'-ness. t's really something people have to balance in their writing. I mean I've seen people say "I don't want any slice of life rp" but socializing for characters is important even if it's like socializing with just a small group or if you're writing in npcs between another friend. I do majority of my rp with my husband; we have multiple characters and we utilize npcs. And while we do involve ourselves with action based stuff we ensure that we have 'casual' and less hard edged roleplay because it's important for character building.
  7. Fox


    6.12.18 -Shower-heads installed! -House needs a new coat of paint. -Positions still open. Overall we're progressing very quickly and we should be looking at doing an open-public event soon! Please look forward to it.
  8. Fox

    Uranami Onsen Wide Angle

    Wide Angle images of the Onsen
  9. Fox

    Uranami Onsen Interior

    Uranami Onsen Interior
  10. Fox

    Uranami Onsen Exterior

    Establishment Images
  11. Fox


    6.8.18 -House is nearly completed, still in need of additional items. -Prices & Hours updated -Staff positions still open
  12. Fox


    6.7.18 -Updated Blog & Information. -Officially we have shifted our concept to an Onsen and Izakaya as due to both IC and IRL decisions. -We are currently looking for staff -House is currently under construction and will be for some time.
  13. Fox


    6.6.18 -Doing some restructuring and redesigning of concepts. Please look forward to it.
  14. Fox

    xaela Gold

    Oyuna Kagon (Mateus // BRD)

    © Rights reserved to SquareEnix/AdventurousFox

  15. Fox

    @Mateus - Where All the RP At?

    Can confirm, there is a lot of roleplay in the QS. I haven't been actively rping myself but every time I run through there, usually 7pm PST I see it. Fridays QS is packed. There's not a lot of roleplay being done in Limsa or Grid in comparison to QS; but Balmung never really focused heavily in those areas either. Like most games, you aren't going to see a -great- deal of world roleplay unless it's preplanned by guilds/companies. WoW has their focus mostly in three cities, SWTOR has/had the stations. XIV usually focuses in QS. Oh and there's events in housing too! Be sure to check that out on the discords and sometimes I do see it posted in the party finder.